Fox Soccer Plus Gets Liverpool v Chelsea on US TV

Chelsea v Liverpool

The schedule for the remaining Premier League fixtures on US television has been updated, except for the last day of the season, and the big news is that you better start making your plans to prepare for the May 2nd match between Liverpool and Chelsea if you want to watch it live. That’s because it will be shown on Fox Soccer Plus and

For a match which may have huge ramifications for both Chelsea and Liverpool, for different reasons, it’s going to be a true test of the patience of soccer fans in the States, many of whom don’t have access to Fox Soccer Plus and may or may not have much faith in after the problems the online service had handling Manchester United versus Liverpool and Arsenal against Barcelona.

So far, the only TV providers showing Fox Soccer Plus are DISH Network, DirecTV, Verizon FiOS and some regional Time Warner Cable companies.

In other interesting news, ESPN2 has picked up several matches between now and the end of the season to fulfill it’s agreement to show 48 matches. It means in the last week of the season, the channel will show three games within three days including the highly anticipated Manchester City against Spurs, Blackburn versus Arsenal and Wigan v Hull. View the most recently updated version of the Premier League schedule for US television to see all of the listings, which are subject to change.

21 thoughts on “Fox Soccer Plus Gets Liverpool v Chelsea on US TV”

  1. I’m not sure how the whole rights things goes after Fox’s acquisition of Setanta but since FS+ launched is has consistently shown only the PL games Setanta had rights to. Setanta always had the 8:30 Sunday game and FS+ has always carried that game too so I’m not sure Fox is trying to push FS+ as much as maybe they are obligated by how the rights are worked out (they can’t help that Sky set the game time at 8:30 instead of the later kick off that would be shown on FS). Now I’m sure they’re not complaining if this drives more people to sign up for FS+ or over the web but I’m really not sure it’s intentional. I’m interested to see what happens next season with ESPN supposedly picking up a couple more games if Fox will look at all their games together instead of as 2 packages as they appear to be doing now.

    1. Fox never acquired Setanta, Setanta went bust. Fox bought ALL the rights to broadcast PL matches in the US. Because they had just one channel (kinda hard to show 6+ live matches when you do), they sub licensed part of their rights to Setanta. Now that Setanta US is gone, they sub licensed some to ESPN, and the rest they have on FS+.

      After that debacle with Man U v Liverpool, I will probably hit the pub. Although by the end of the month – this game may not even matter for Liverpool.

      Now that Liverpool is up for sale AGAIN, I’m more interested about that.

    1. Best bet is to check with your local Time Warner cable office. Different Time Warner’s around the country have it. NYC being one of many, I believe.

      The Gaffer

    2. TWC in Columbus OH added FS+ a few weeks ago as part of the digitial sports package(SD only–TWC told me they have no plans to add FS+ or FSC in HD).

  2. by the way i just today made the switch to dish network from directv because of the fsc in hd option. maybe if anybody from directv is paying attention to this or similar sites they will take this as motivation to add fsc in hd to their lineup. wasn’t there something about them launching a new satellite in april or something?

    i am moving and i was potentially going to have to give up the dish in a new apartment so i gave a try one weekend to see if it could be an adequate substitute for fs plus but as you have documented quite well it has been nothing of the sort. pathetic quality, interface, etc. no surprise from the people at fox. because of this i had to find a different apartment that would allow the dish

  3. I can’t understand what Fox is thinking. If Chelsea win out, that stands as the game they can clinch the title. It would be watched by a lot of people. I can’t imagine them being stupid enough to leave a title clinching game on a channel very few people get.

    1. since when did FOX care about what’s good for the people…we as consumers can fight back by finding a free stream.

  4. don’t have one and won’t pay for the other. is free and is in HD. I’ll live, but please ESPN buy the lot next time it’s availible.

  5. I must agree with Mike. Fox are a bunch of pillocks that seem to have forgotten the supporters. All things remaing as they are, this could grab bigger ratings than Man Utd v Chelsea. But not if it remains on Setanta Lite…Move the infomericals to an earlier hour and move the match to FSC. Will it happen? Of course not. Totally gobsmacked? Nope, business as usual at Fox.

  6. Go watch the game at a pub and quit complaining. Every weekend all 10 EPL games are available to watch whether live or on tape delay, so what if you can’t watch Liverpool v Chelsea on your couch. If I could watch Ajax on tv live or on delay week in week out, whether it be at home or at a pub, I wouldn’t complain about it.

    1. ajaxusa, to be fair, not all soccer fans who read this blog have a local pub that shows matches. I know I don’t and I live in a major metropolitan city. There are no pubs showing the Liverpool v Chelsea match on an early Sunday morning near me — at least not within an hour drive from my home.

      The Gaffer

  7. Agree Gaffer,

    I would have to drive an hour and a half to get to a pub that shows the match. And there’s no way I’m waking up that early on a weekend when I work 9 to 5, Mon-Fri. Can anybody who posts on here help a brother out? Was wondering if is just not an option. Is it so bad it’s just unwatchable? Are there any other options to watch it that are fool proof?

    I’ve tried the streaming thing with Setanta and never had any big problems. All the free streaming sites I’ve tried have been horrendous. Especially SOP cast. More than 75% of the time it’s buffering and barely ever got to see more than 5 minutes of uninterrupted action.

    Being that this is the biggest prem game to date I need to find answers soon and hope you good lads at EPL talk can help me out. Thanks in advance for your response.

    1. T Blue, I would recommend using to watch the match. I just hope that they’re equipped to handle the huge amount of traffic that will be hitting the site all at once to watch this game.

      I can’t promise anything, but that’s your best bet.

      The Gaffer

  8. I’m from London and am travelling to San Francisco tomorrow (28/04) I am a Chelsea season ticket holder and am obviously looking to watch the match. I’m going to call my hotel to find out if they have the channel to watch the game. Failing that, will a pub in San Fancisco really be showing a game that kicks off at 05.30am local time.? Thanks for your help.. Nick

  9. Thanks Gaffer for the prompt response. Looks like that’ll be my best route. Nick Q, good luck in your search to watch the match and KTBFFH.

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