Fox Soccer Plus Gets Liverpool v Chelsea on US TV

Chelsea v Liverpool

The schedule for the remaining Premier League fixtures on US television has been updated, except for the last day of the season, and the big news is that you better start making your plans to prepare for the May 2nd match between Liverpool and Chelsea if you want to watch it live. That’s because it will be shown on Fox Soccer Plus and

For a match which may have huge ramifications for both Chelsea and Liverpool, for different reasons, it’s going to be a true test of the patience of soccer fans in the States, many of whom don’t have access to Fox Soccer Plus and may or may not have much faith in after the problems the online service had handling Manchester United versus Liverpool and Arsenal against Barcelona.

So far, the only TV providers showing Fox Soccer Plus are DISH Network, DirecTV, Verizon FiOS and some regional Time Warner Cable companies.

In other interesting news, ESPN2 has picked up several matches between now and the end of the season to fulfill it’s agreement to show 48 matches. It means in the last week of the season, the channel will show three games within three days including the highly anticipated Manchester City against Spurs, Blackburn versus Arsenal and Wigan v Hull. View the most recently updated version of the Premier League schedule for US television to see all of the listings, which are subject to change.


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