Remembering the 96 Who Lost Their Lives At Hillsborough

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On this date 21 years ago, the Hillsborough Stadium Disaster happened in Sheffield when 96 fans were crushed to death as a result of failure of police control.

The city of Liverpool will today stop and pay tribute to those who died on Leppings Lane. The Lord Mayor of Liverpool and other civic leaders will meet for a two minute silence and prayers at 11.45am GMT at the Town Hall. And families of those who died on the Leppings Lane, survivors, Liverpool fans and former and current players and club staff will attend the annual memorial service at Anfield.

In the meantime, the independent review of the previously sealed police documents from the Hillsborough Stadium Disaster continue to be scrutinized. For excellent insight about the Bishop who chairs the independent panel, read David Conn’s article in The Guardian.

On behalf of EPL Talk, our thoughts and prayers go out to the families and friends of the 96 Liverpool supporters who lost their lives 21 years ago during one of the darkest days in football.

27 thoughts on “Remembering the 96 Who Lost Their Lives At Hillsborough”

  1. Do any of you consider yourself Iraqis given the innocent lives lost there? Feel for the people who died and the families effected. The club, last time I checked, lived on.

    1. Jason, the Liverpool supporters who died 21 years ago have something in common with us all — we’re all soccer fans. We feel for innocent lives that are lost around the world, but this is a soccer blog and we’re all soccer fans.

      The Gaffer

  2. Largely for the better, that day changed football forever. But at the cost of 96 innocent lives – RIP the victims of the Hillsborough Disaster.

  3. Be careful fsquid you may offend poor Jason…..what a plonker. Jason, if one of your family members died that day I imagine you may feel differently. But who knows….

  4. It was just such a terrible thing to happen it makes you sick thinking about somebody going to see their favourite club and dying in such circumstances.


  5. Good point. What about the other football tragedies that have happened in the past then? Why do they not get any mention?

  6. Gaz, to answer your question… Yes!

    96 people is a tragedy, but its next to nothing when compared to the more than 4390 US service people that have dies in Iraq and Afghanistan. Those 96 people 21 years ago might not all have been heroes, nor laid their lives on the line day in and day out during deployment.

    10 years after, 20 years after… but not every year do we need to be reminded of them. Will we be reminded of the luge guy that died at the Olympics every year? No. We might not even hear about him again until 2014. He was a national hero, a specialist, not a punter in the stands.

    1. This is a football website not a political debate.

      Hillsborough changed the face of English football forever. It was the darkest day in the history of English football, how in the hell can you not understand the anniversary of such an event is news worthy on an English football website.

      Absolutely insensitive morons.

      1. Find a blog about service people and they will commemorate those that lost their lives.

        Find a blog about luge and they will commemorate the athlete you are referring to.

        This, however, is a English football blog and will, therefore, not focus on those things but football related stories.

        As far as other footballing tragedies, they all do get attention (maybe not at this site but in other parts of the media).

        The reason Hillsborough is widely covered in the media and gets picked up by just about every blog is that is has been hugely important in many of the changes that make modern football just that. Plus, it is the worst tragedy in English football to date (again, this is a blog about English football).

  7. This is an anniversary to the game of football not just LFC. 96 people lost their lives attending a match to watch the team that they love and support. Everyone visits this website is a football supporter. Were these people any different from you and I? NO…the only difference is they gave their lives for the safety of the rest of the football world. In no way should they be compared to soldiers, but they have made a difference to the way we watch the game. Stadiums across the world are now designed to prevent things like this from happening and every sport has taken some benefit. This is why it needs to be mentioned every year, so we can be reminded that without them losing their lives even more tragedies could have occurred. It could have happened to any club and any supporter. You people need to quit questioning why this was written and if you disagree with honoring the 96 then save yourself the time and keep your comments to yourself.



    1. This is kind of a strange commemoration for Americans since this sort of thing (multiple fans killed at sporting events) is so rare. It’s obviously a lot more important to Europeans since it led to changes in the stadiums to keep the same thing from happening again.

    2. Yes, quit questioning things, smart idea. I love how only your opinions matter Mac.
      No one says what happened was a horrible event and it has helped change football. Just saying, this isn’t the only tragedy that has occurred in football and if we insist on mentioning this EVERY year, maybe we should start reflecting on each tragedy that has occurred. Seems only fair, since as you yourself stated, these people are no different than us, and also no different for the others before this grave and unforgettable incident.

        1. Those are the 2 I can remember off the top of my head. If there is more, then why not them as well? It’s always a sad day when someone dies, especially when it’s during a football match, something that should just be entertainment.

  8. A year ago, I did a report on soccer hooliganism in my public policy class. The day our group presented the report to our professor (who couldn’t have told me what a hooligan was if her life depended on it), was the 20th anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster. She, along with our class, were pretty shocked that something like that could happen. It’s incredibly sad.

    Hopefully the legacy of this will be that nothing similar EVER happens again.

  9. JFT96

    OH and for all you insensitive pricks (probably closet Manyoo fans), can go f*ck yourselves if you don’t like a thread paying tribute to 96 football fans who tragically died at a football match!

    1. It’s not often, if ever, that I agree with “The Ultimate ABU”. But this is one time we are in total agreement, and I am a Man Utd supporter. This is something that transcends club football.

  10. I do think the Bradford City fire should also be remembered (25 years ago in May). 56 fans lost their lives because of trash below the stands and some exits not being open at the top of the stand. I guess it doesn’t get much play because it was a lower league side and there wasn’t a call for justice or anything like that afterwards (although they could have since the club was cited for code violations many times below).

    The FA banned wooden stands after the fire.

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