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I figured since I gave my last transfer advice to Arsenal that I would be fair and give a little advice to their eternal North London rivals. Clearly Spurs are once again battling for a Champions League spot so the question for Harry Redknapp is who to buy/sell in order to secure (or retain, if they reach it this year) the elusive fourth place finish Spurs fans so desperately want. So, with that in mind, here are my top five suggestions and advice for Harry Redknapp during the summer transfer window.

Author’s note: Yes, some of these are completely unrealistic at this point but one can hope!

5. Sell Robbie Keane: Yes, I said it and I’m sorry. I love Robbie Keane; I really do. Robbie Keane was one of my favorite players to watch before he switched to Liverpool. But he has just never settled back in at White Hart Lane and he really isn’t fitting in too well on loan at Celtic either. So what gives? Beats me. But what I do know is that Harry needs to find a way for him to get back to his prior form or he needs to sell him fast before his situation gets worse. I hate even suggesting this because Keane is such a wonderful part of Spurs but as long as he stays in his current form, he is better off somewhere else.

4. Seal the deal with Gudjohnsen: He is on loan from Monaco and he clearly needs to stay on a permanent basis. He provides a deadly attacking option along with Pavlyuchenko and Defoe and he’s just the kind of player who is hungry enough to help Spurs to fourth place come May. He’s a great buy and would fit right in at White Hart Lane.

3. Sign Joe Cole: In my last post I suggested that Arsene Wenger sign him and I think Harry should go for him as well. He’s a hard worker and would probably fit in better at Spurs than he would at Arsenal. Cole has often been linked with Spurs due to the fact that he and Redknapp were together at West Ham and he would be an excellent addition to a dangerous midfield (well, at least when Aaron Lennon is healthy).

2. Go for Joe Hart: Why not? Yes, it would be next to impossible to lure him away from Manchester City and/or Birmingham but he’s young, talented and hungry. Gomes has greatly improved this season but having a potential England Number One competing against you will elevate the talent in goal…no matter who ends up being the starter. I like Joe Hart and I think he would fit in well with Harry and Company. Another plus to this potential deal is that Joe Hart is exactly the kind of young, talented keeper that can make an excellent career at one club. Really, every club except Liverpool, Villa, Everton, and Stoke (IMO, the teams with the best keepers) would love to have Hart on their side.

1. Figure out Pavlyuchenko: He has been up and down this season and Harry needs to figure out how to keep the fire lit under Roman if they want to finish fourth. Obviously when he plays well (and often), Spurs are better off but Harry needs to get sustained consistency out of Pav if he wants the ball in the back of the net on a regular basis. He and Arshavin were the players du jour after Euro 2008 and Pav should has something to prove in North London since Arshavin has arguably had the better run since then. If Pav isn’t going to work out, then I think Spurs should sell him for a bundle of cash and use it to buy a better fit up top at White Hart Lane.

Well, those are my thoughts. What are yours? Spurs fans, who do you want to see next season? Thanks!

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  1. Some nice points, but I don’t understand what you’re trying to say about Keane at Celtic. Have you been following him at all? 12 goals in 12 games! There’s an article today (I think in the Guardian) about how Celtic is ready to talk with Spurs at the end of the year about the sale.

    I think it will happen. Makes the argument to sign Eidur much more convincing, and I bet even Keane realizes he can extend his prime by stepping down a bit in leagues. SPL is a good fit for him.

    1. You are certainly correct about Robbie Keane fitting in better in the SPL. I’d like to see him at Rangers and eventually in the Champions League but it looks like Celtic will certainly keep him. When I was writing this piece I guess I was just thinking about his enormous transfer fee to go to Liverpool and how far we are from that Robbie Keane now! Thanks!!

    2. 12 goals yes but only against the 2 bottom clubs or by the penalty spot

      He’s useless and Harry Redknapp must be killing himself laughing,
      that Celtic are saving Spurs half his wages

  2. I think it would be a big mistake selling Keane it would rank along side the selling of Pat Jennings to Arsenal. Keane is a top player! watch his movement off the ball his probem at Spurs is that his skill tends to be used in the wrong positions ie wide left or right midfield to accomodate less talented players namely Crouch & Defoe who at best are just squad players. Harry seems to have a blind spot regarding these two players although their attitude is right they are both limited players and frankley not good enough. Martin Jol used to do the same thing with Keane as Harry has until he played Keane in his true position which is striker and linked him with Berbatov, what a result! we should get Keane back and link him with Pav it was unfair and poor judgement to keep Pav on the bench for so long, who would not become dispirited? I think with Keane and Pav linked together we would have made 4th position now I have my doubts their is no substitute for class, Modric would certainly have enjoyed playing with Keane & Pav up front for the options he would have.

  3. This is all very well, but I am worried that Harry is very irresponsible and could bankrupt Spurs like West Ham, Bournemouth, Southampton and Portsmouth

    1. yeah really gonna bankrupt them…..we get it, you hate harry. i don’t see how taking us from relegation zone to champions or europa league football with a few bargain buys and increasing revenue is going to bankrupt spurs. besides, levy is too prudent to make a major mistake in the transfer market. spurs are almost certainly going to sell a good player this summer and i think its likely that they will take in more money than they spend.

      1. I think this is the real point; too often we see weak boards attempting to appease mob rule… Levy has more nous than that, but with Portsmouth turning us over in the cup an fourth place slipping away, I hope he holds his nerve. There is just a chance we could find ourselves repeating the folly of so many and trying to buy success at any price. I understand you want to show loyalty to Harry, but to bankrupt a club and then rape them, a la Pompey, is not what we want to see at The Lane

  4. Robbie Keane is a likeable enough guy, but he’s a flat-track bully, how much more proof do you need? Failed utterly at Liverpool, failed utterly at Spurs; dazzled them in the SPL… get rid and buy some real quality.
    As for Pavlyuchenko… He’s class, but must be difficult learning the English Premier League game, learning the English language, and having to take advice from a coach that doesn’t speak either Russian or English.

  5. Fletch,
    Come on mate.
    Do you watch Spurs play?
    We dont need Joe Cole and his 100 pound weekly pay packet, and Gomes has been one of our better players all year. What we do need is
    1. A Reliable center back- sorting out the Ledley/Woody situation? both need to be on a pay as you play contract. Which also means either way we need to bring in an experienced center back.
    2. Yes , sell Keano but only if we get good dosh. I would say 10M+.
    3. Go out and buy a top quality striker, goal scorer with pace and power. I dont mind keeping Eidur if its not going to cost us much $. but he’s not the answer to us pushing on to a top 4 spot. you need 4 quality strikers.
    4. Midfielder power, we have enough fancy footballers in modric, krancjar, bentley and lennon. We need to add power and pace to the midfield. Hopefully Sandro will help here but he’s going to take a while to adapt.
    5. Winger- we need someone to play opposite lennon or when AL goes out injured, with him out of the line up we lack pace. We need to add a winger who can take people on.
    As you can see Fletch, I have a theme here.
    Spurs need to add only players with skill, pace and power. Its the current way of the Prem. We have loads of nice footballers,too many of them a little too slow, we need a few more up for the battle.
    With the return of Lennon soon and the way Bale has been playing lately we could have a threat up both wings but if one goes down there goes our pace. Im not saying pace and power is everything.
    But watch the other top sides, most play 5 midfielders when needed and are fast and strong all over the pitch. And were not quite there yet.

    1. Agree with a lot of what you say, but… who on earth is going to spend ten mil on Robbie Keane? People make money because they’re smart, not stupid, and the Jocks are too tight. Harry can only put his arm around the shoulder and get results for so long; somewhere along the line he has to spend wisely or we’re gonna be playing Europa League for the next ten years.

      1. MB-
        your probably right, no one will pay 10M for Keano at this stage of his career. I just dont want us giving players away, when we cant find a decent footballer for under 10M.
        I can see JJ, Bentley, Keano etc.. all going and Im fine with that.
        None of the 3 can get a spot in our first 11 when all is fit.
        The question is what is the cost to replace them? We need depth going forward as we are finding out right now.

  6. 1. back up for Gomes
    2. Replacement for King to partner Dawson
    3. Competition for Huddlestone at CM — sell Jenas
    4. Sell Keane, sign Gud

  7. 1. sell keane for sure. he still has decent value and he doesn’t have pace or size which are the two things we like up front.
    2. sign eidur, but if the asking price is too high then im not sure he is worth it. not that much upside really. a good footballer but not a major addition. if we cant get him i would like to see a move for a very young striker that we can develop.
    3. possibly sell BAE and get another LB. adding a LB or RB in general would be wise since it seems inevitable that we will sell alan hutton.
    4. find a CM that is versatile. wilson is all about defense. huddlestone doesn’t have the pace to be that much of an attacking threat although he has a powerful shot. jenas is an attaker but useless all around and should be sold if anyone will give us a dime for him. modric is tiny and can’t do much defensively, he will just be out muscled.
    5. at CB im not sure we need someone just yet. we have dawson, king, woodgate, bassong, and kaboul to play there. if it looks like king and woodgate are done then it would be an okay move.

  8. my ideas for strikers
    luis suarez- gamble I know, but I think we would fine, he has pace and power and is clearly beeter than tje eredivisie, could be a huntelkaar which still isnt bad or we could get a van nistelrooy(god I hope so)
    amauri from juve- I know he hasnt produced a lot in turin this year but he fits the english game perfectly, hes big, string and quick(way more so than suarez, minus the quick)
    if liverpool have to sell try to get torres
    kevin kuryani- I like him
    clint dempsey- little american bias here but he is a game changer that we sorely lack and I think he would make te jump; he plays very with fulham
    cb options IIm not sure on really; shawcross, onweyu(hes big force and has proved he can shut down top strikers(torres villa confed cup)
    I think sandro will be very good boys, especially after a year under palacios, and well get o’hara back and hes been lights out for portsmouth

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