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Portsmouth's Special One-Off Kit For FA Cup Semi-Final Revealed

portsmouth 2010 kappa home kit 1 Portsmouth's Special One Off Kit For FA Cup Semi Final Revealed

Portsmouth will wear a special one-off football kit for this Sunday’s FA Cup semi-final against Tottenham Hotspur. In what is definitely their biggest game of the season, plus it’s at Wembley, Pompey will wear a new kit designed and manufactured by Kappa — the company that will be Portsmouth’s kit supplier next season.

Goalkeeper David James will also be wearing a special shirt — which is hot pink. Bloomin’ hell!

Portsmouth’s deal with Kappa is a five-year deal.

Share your opinions about the new kit in the comments section below.

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14 Responses to Portsmouth's Special One-Off Kit For FA Cup Semi-Final Revealed

  1. AtlantaPompey says:

    It’s a decent kit, and next year’s kit will probably look very similar if not exactly like the one they wear Sunday. The original color for the club was salmon pink, which the goalkeeper has worn a few times this season. When we played in Europe (no really, we played in Europe!) there was talk of a special third kit for European away matches that would be pink. It never happened, thank goodness.

  2. OhioPompey says:

    It’s a nice look! Very traditional PFC! I’m sad to see Canterbury kits go, as they had a nice wearability to them. I’d give it 10/10 if they lost the giant Kappa logo on the shoulders!

    Jamo in Salmon just looks natural now. PUP!

  3. 2tix4Chelsea says:

    Its hard not to have an American viewpoint on this jersey and ask… who is really going to buy it? I wouldnt run out to the nearest sporting goods store and buy a “special” jersey everytime they try a marketing campaign to raise cash.

    Nice colors, but everytime I see pink these days I think of breast cancer. Well perhaps not the “cancer” part, but just the same, what are they trying to cure?

    • AtlantaPompey says:

      Every club in England has a special third kit. American sports teams all do it: alternate road jersey, Sunday home jersey, Sunday away jersey, spring training jersey, throwback jersey, etc etc ad nauseum. Most people don’t run out and buy some special jersey each time they trot one out, but enough do to convince them that they should keep doing it.

      Why is questioning who is going to buy it an American viewpoint? No offense meant, or taken, but I just don’t understand. We, meaning Americans, will do just about anything to make a buck.

      • Mike-in-Somerville says:

        It does seem to me that EPL fans are more interested in team jerseys than American fans are of their US sports teams’ shirts. I don’t think a serious, high-quality blog such as but devoted to US sports would offer multiple articles about various team jerseys.
        I also must admit that I think that grown men and women look very silly wearing their favorite players jersey as has been the case in the US for a decade or more. And don’t get me started on the ubiquity of baseball hats.

  4. Great looking shirt, nice vintage look with the thick trim on the sleeves and neck.

    And the pink suits David James very well. Might help him stand out in Capello’s eyes….

  5. Mr afolabi luqman says:

    2morrow is another day. About the fa against astonvilla

  6. pmarachi says:

    I love the “its american” shot. Like we Americans are ruining things because teams have third jerseys.

    I mean, football jerseys actually sell ad space on the front of the jersey….


  7. brn442 says:

    Nice shirt, I agree, it would have been a classic if not for the over-sized shoulder logo. The gold doesn’t help. So is it really a “one-off” or a pre-view of next season’s shirt?

  8. barveypompey10 says:

    I think it looks really cool its much better than the old one

  9. barveypompey10 says:


  10. attaturk says:

    Now that I see it live, the gold “stripper profile” on the shoulders has to go. It is bad enough seeing it on semis on the interstate.

  11. Blakey boy says:

    love the kit,how the hell do i buy here in new zealand

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