Jeff Kassouf Interview: MLS Talk Podcast


The mystery surrounding New York Red Bulls’ hot start is one of the highlights of the your Major League Soccer season. To talk about that, Jeff Kassouf – who covers MLS for Set Piece Analysts and Red Bull New York for – joins me to talk about what’s gone right for RBNY and whether this start is sustainable.

In the second half of the show, Jeff and I talk about this weekend’s opening of the Women’s Professional Soccer season.

3 thoughts on “Jeff Kassouf Interview: MLS Talk Podcast”

  1. Krishnaiyer tired to turn this site into USL/Yanks Abroad talk. We fought back and drove him away to his piddly minor league. Now, we get WPS talk. Get it through your heads…..WOMANS SOCCER WON’T WORK AS AN INDEPENDENT LEAGUE!

    It also threatens MLS. Haters like Krishnaiyer start talking about how much more technical and skilled the WPS is.

    MLS is our league. We need to protect and support it at all costs. I’m not against MLS teams having woman’s teams and USL/NASL teams becoming direct MLS affiliate clubs like Triple A baseball but I am against any product that dilutes the support or viewing audience for MLS. Having games in non MLS cities during MLS games nights HURTS MLS. WPS playing at the same time in the same cities HURTS MLS.

    You either support MLS or you don’t. If you don’t go all in supporting MLS, you are undermining American soccer.

    I am in Florida, but you won’t find me anywhere near Krishnaiyer’s stadiums when MLS is playing.

    1. YH, sorry mate but MLS Talk covers MLS, USMNT, college soccer, USL, NASL and women’s soccer. Most of the readers on this site, myself included, support MLS. But to “ban” discussions of any other league other than MLS is ridiculous. There’s plenty of room for MLS, USL, NASL, WPS and other soccer leagues in this country.

      The Gaffer

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