Why Soccer Fans Should Use Foursquare, Gowalla and Miso

One of the hottest trends on the Internet right now is location-based social networking services such as Foursquare, Gowalla, Google Latitude and others. They allow you to “check in” whenever you visit a public place such as a coffee shop, restaurant or anywhere else, and your friends can see where you are.

It sounds simple. Yet when you use the services, it becomes quite addictive. For example, with Foursquare, you can become the “Mayor” of each public place if you check in more often than anyone else. You can earn badges and other virtual gifts.

For soccer fans who are tech-savvy, location-based social networking services are definitely worth checking out. Here are the three main location-based tools I recommend as well as reasons why soccer fans should use Foursquare, Gowalla and a new location-based site called Miso:

  1. Miso. With Miso, you don’t check into public places. Instead you check into TV shows and movies. You can use the Miso iPhone app to “check in” whenever you’re watching a soccer game, a TV show or when you’re watching a movie. And you can let your friends know on Foursquare, Facebook, Twitter and Gowalla. It’s a great way to brag to your friends when you’re watching some of the best soccer games.
  2. Gowalla. This is my favorite location-based tool because of two reasons: (1) they have created a tour of soccer stadiums in the Premier League to “check in” to (see above picture), and (2) their tool is the most beautifully designed and easy to use out of all of them. If you don’t have a chance to visit a Premier League ground soon, you can still let your friends know where you are and check in to places if/when you go see a match at your local pub. Sign up for Gowalla today for free. And download the beautifully designed Gowalla iPhone app from a company that definitely has some soccer fans onboard!
  3. Foursquare. While Gowalla is my favorite, Foursquare is currently the most popular in the industry. I end up using both Gowalla and Foursquare, but the concept of Foursquare is basically the same with Gowalla. Sign up for Foursquare for free. And be sure to download the Foursquare iPhone app to make it easier to check in on the go.

Another benefit of using location-based tools is that you may be surprised who lives on your doorstep. You may end up finding new soccer friends who live in your area or frequent the same establishments as you do.

You can follow EPL Talk on Gowalla and Foursquare today. And be sure to add me as a friend, and I’ll do the same.

Location-based social networking services are a lot of fun and pretty addictive. If you don’t believe me, give it a try and you’ll see what I mean.

6 thoughts on “Why Soccer Fans Should Use Foursquare, Gowalla and Miso”

  1. uhh, why do I need to do this?
    To tell people what I am doing?
    That is presuming that people have nothing better to do…

    ok. w/e

    my 2p

    1. F1Mikal, it’s a valid question, but just as a lot of people dismissed Twitter at first because they would say why would people care what a person is doing, the reality is that most people do care. And some care where that person is. If they’re at their local watering hole watching Barcelona against Arsenal, at a MLS stadium, etc.

      I was dubious at first but Foursquare and Gowalla definitely make it fun. And Miso adds a whole new angle to the niche.

      The Gaffer

  2. How about links to the WebOS versions? the Android versions? and webkit browser versions? Blackberry versions?

    God dammit you f*cking sheep think the iPhone is the “only” device out there. Get your head out of Steve Jobs’ a$$ already!

    (PS – the iPhone without multitasking is a step back in technology, not a step forward. Their locked down system forces you into their ecosystem and you’re stuck for life once you’ve invested so much in your precious Apps)

    1. Phenoum, there’s an Android version of Gowalla. More info at http://www.intomobile.com/2010/02/21/gowalla-brings-location-aware-social-networking-to-android.html There may be Android versions of Foursquare and Miso available, too, not sure.

      As for the iPhone and multi-tasking, more info about the 4.0 version of the iPhone OS will be released soon at an upcoming developer’s conference and that version of the OS is rumored to include multitasking.

      The Gaffer

  3. Gaffer (and friends),

    Thanks for checking out Miso. I’m one of the developers behind the app. We’re excited to see and hear about all the various movies, shows, and sports events that our users are checking into and sharing with friends.

    We have a lot more features coming soon, including some specifically oriented towards sports. We look forward to seeing all the Premiership fans checking in and earning badges.

    Phenoum, I’m sorry that we’re iPhone-only at the moment, but we’re developing rapidly and look forward to supporting other mobile platforms. Look out for us in the Android store and on the web soon.



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