11 thoughts on “Feuerstein’s Fire Show #4”

  1. Hey Feuerstein,

    I listened to one of your MP3s and I think you’re a complete douchebag. I’m aware that New Yorkers like you exist but that doesn’t mean I want to spent two hours listening to one of you. You seem to think you have a lot to say– you don’t. Nor do you have any talent. I’d tell you not to quit your day job, but I doubt you’ve ever had one. Cheers.

  2. To albiceleste_10_maradroga: As George Carlin once said. There are two knobs on the radio. One turns it on & off and the other one changes the station. The point is this, don’t listen. I can care less what you think of me or what you think of my fellow New Yorkers. What was the point of listening to one of the episodes if your going to insult me and my fellow New Yorkers anyway.

    The only complete douchebag sir is you.

  3. To EPLNFL: It’s not a problem at all sir. I’m very happy to help you out. If you want more Ben Burton, let me know and I will try to accomodate.

    1. Ben was great and informative. It’s hard for a lot of fans to get out to practice and some of the other special events that the Fire have. So, any way we can updated on the Fire helps. Section 8 as you heard is special it is a supporters umbrella group that truly stands and deliveries at every home game.

      Wondering if any one knows if the Fire have the local tv coverage set?

  4. eplnfl: This is what I don’t understand, why doesn’t anyone in Chicago want to broadcast the matches for the Fire. I mean when it was FSN Chicago they were on, now CSN Chicago they had some of it on and you My 50 had them the last two years I believe, now no one wants them? Terrible.

    1. It is still not fixed but Comcast Chicago seems to indicate they will broadcast 10 Fire games. A lot are picked up nationally but I have seen no complete broadcast schedule.

      The more Fire talk here the better. I will attend the opener and may send off a blog post.

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