Fox Soccer Plus: Open Thread

Fox Soccer Plus launched Monday, March 1, 2010 to lucky subscribers of DirecTV, DISH Network and Verizon FiOS. For the rest of us, it’s an anxious wait until the powers that be decide that there’s a spot on the programming dial for us.

But for those of you fortunate to have Fox Soccer Plus, what are your impressions thus far? Please use this open thread to post your observations, ask questions and provide us feedback on what we’re missing out on (such as the Premier League games that Setanta US used to show in addition to Coca-Cola Championship, FA Cup, Champions League, Serie A and more).

You can view the TV schedule for Fox Soccer Plus here. And you can see the list of live games featuring Premier League teams on Fox Soccer Plus here.

The first program aired on Fox Soccer Plus was the classic Premier League game between Arsenal and Manchester United from the 2009/2010 season. And the first big live game will be the England against Egypt friendly, which will be shown live on Fox Soccer Plus on Wednesday, March 3 at 3pm ET.

What’s your opinion about Fox Soccer Plus? Click the comments link below and share it with us.

73 thoughts on “Fox Soccer Plus: Open Thread”

  1. Same here in Rhode Island. I’d watch the Dodger preview on Primeticket but there is no Audio, only the ads have audio.

  2. Currently watching it on Fios (MD region) . They showing the inter – chelsea game. It has the fox soccer plus logo on the top right and also has the ‘HD’ logo, well i wonder when we will actually be able to see it in HD, i guess i’ll take what we have for now

  3. DirecTV currently has up:

    “Beginning at 6AM, Setanta’s programming will be available on Fox Soccer Plus”. DIRECTV is proividing a seamless transition to all of the great content including rugby, cricket, and soccer matches that you enjoyed with Setanta Sports, right here on this channel.”

    umm DirecTV? Setanta never had cricket..

  4. The England-Egypt friendly on Wednesday is pretty much the first live or delayed game at all on the new channel (except for the England U-21 match right before it). Everything else is best-of-the-season.

    The first live league matches of any kind are not until Friday when there’s a live Super 14 match and a live Magners league rugby match.

    To be fair, it’s a weekday start, so I can’t be too hard on them. The filler ratio should go down eventually.

  5. Some good news for ex Setanta-i subscribers; the service has been improved. They will be showing England/Egypt live plus Arsenal/Burnley and Aston Villa/Sunderland live next Saturday. Also they have added rugby; have two Magniers League games scheduled for live coverage next weekend. Sadly the “tape delay” on the third EPL game West Ham/Bolton is still the midnight hour. Also scheduled live coverage of a couple of FA Cup games – Portsmouth/Birmingham and Fulham/Tottenham (this one is hidden under the FIFA tag). All in all good news for us web-bites and defintely an alternate for you satellite/cable subscribers who are waiting on Fox Soccer Plus

    1. Thanks jmf I noticed that too so thought I would repost here. I enjoy having the online access and was on setanta-I for a few years.

      Wow, do my eyes deceive me or does live linueup look great! If that is accurate, showing six live prem league, two live champ league, four live fa cup, and more in the next two weeks then I am VERY happy. I will have to subscribe! Any word on it’s quality? I have been a setanta-I subscriber for some time so wondering if it is better or comparable. Good move fsc I must say since fsc+ so limited now.

  6. Watching the Inter-AC Milan replay On Dish Network. The first thing I notice is much improved picture quality. Was never happy with Setanta’s poor PQ on Dish.

  7. If you were thinking about picking up the channel, save your money for now. I have Dish and FS Plus is a real let down.

    Only one live match for the entire week. What kind of way to launch a new channel is this? This is why monopolies are bad and competition is good. We got a lot more programming from Setanta. They had Ligue 1 which it looks like FSC felt was not worth picking up and more international matches (especially the South American qualifiers). And FS Plus is NOT in high definition which is what they flashed over football matches on FSC every 15 mins.

    I’m going to keep the channel for 1 month. if things don’t improve, I”m dropping it.

    1. That’s silly.

      Should they have delayed broadcasting the channel (and thus having no smooth transition from Setanta) because this week just happened to be a slow week for programming? Maybe we could have just waited two weeks until there was a nice, full week with lots of live games (but then missed a few games in that time). And I don’t think the FA or FIFA were willing to move games in order to make the first week of the Setanta to FSC+ an exciting one.

      1. there’s plenty of programming they could be showing that they aren’t. There’s other international friendlies besides england vs. egypt. there will be 35 of them played on wednesday. FS plus is only going to show ONE. and i’m not supposed to feel cheated? …….setanta always had a substantial line up of international games.

        maybe the EPL is all you need but i for one kept setanta because of all the diverse programming it had besides the EPL.

        no more ligue 1 highlights show. no more ligue 1 “premiere” broadcasts. They don’t even have a replay of the carling cup final and that’s one of the competitions they advertised. What if I missed the game? At least I know with Setanta I’d be able to see it again.

  8. I was trying to unsubscribe to the channel, but Setanta nor Fox Soccer Plus was listed anywhere online to get rid of it.

    1. Did the chat thing and the issue was taken care of. I hope FS+ turns out for the better, but I’m willing to give it time.

  9. An AT&T U-verse spokeswoman only said the telco had not reached a deal by press time.
    hopefully that means they are working towards it.

    1. Might be a bit of good news out there for U-verse homes. The U-connect site list FS+ as channel 653 and has removed Setanta (channel 657). It hasn’t show up on the guide yet (either via STB or remote DVR access), but this may be a precursor to an announcement of FS+ availability.

  10. I will be keeping FSC+. Just the EPL matches they will carry are worth the money to me. As far as I can tell, these are the live or delayed games that are exclusive to FSC+ this week and weekend (all times are ET):
    Mar 03 England U-21 v Greece U-21 (12:50pm) 12:30 PM Live
    Mar 03 England v Egypt 3:00 PM Live
    Mar 06 FA Cup: Portsmouth v Birmingham City 7:30 AM Live
    Mar 06 EPL: Arsenal v Burnley (9:55am) 10:00 AM Live
    Mar 06 Serie A: Fiorentina v Juventus (11:55am) 12:00 PM Live
    Mar 07 FA Cup: Chelsea v Stoke City (10:55am) 11:00 AM Live
    Mar 05 Super14: Chiefs v Reds 1:30 AM Live
    Mar 05 Magners League: Scarlets v Ulster 2:00 PM Live
    Mar 05 Magners League: Connacht v Warriors 4:00 PM Delayed
    Mar 06 Super14: Crusaders v Blues 1:30 AM Live
    Mar 06 Super14: Waratahs v Sharks 3:30 AM Live
    Mar 06 Magners League: Dragons v Munster 2:00 PM Delayed
    Mar 06 Guinness Premiership: Leicester v London Irish 6:00 PM Del
    Mar 07 Magners League: Cardiff Blues v Leinster 1:00 PM Delayed
    Mar 07 Magners League: Edinburgh v Ospreys 3:00 PM Delayed
    Mar 07 Guinness Premiership: Sale Sharks v Northampton 5:00 PM Del

      1. Go to this page – and then go to the pull down menu in the upper right and change it to “Fox Soccer Plus”. Advance the calendar ahead to Friday, March 5 at 1:30 am and you will see the first Super 14 listing (Chiefs vs. Reds).

        The problem is you will also see programming at 2:00 am for Fox Soccer Report and 3:00 am for Sky Sports News on this schedule that would conflict with the time that this match is supposed to be on.

        2 lies of thinking here, 1) they jumped the gun somewhere and may not have finalized any Super 14 deal yet or 2) they finalized a deal very recently but have not updated their programming schedule fully yet. My FiOS guide has the 2:00 and 3:00 programming scheduled, not the Super 14 match.

        1. Thanks, actually found the web guide a few minutes ago and noticed the conflicting overlapping programming. Sent a comment into Fox Sports via their website noting the conflicting programming and the isues with their online guide not matching their printable guide. I’m assuming that the Super 14 matches a misprint, but a man can hope. Southern Hemisphere rugby would make the difference between subscribing and not subscribing to FS+.

          1. The online guide has options for viewing by day, by week, or by show. If you view by ‘show’, Super 14 is there and lists lots of matches for March and April. Hope you get your wish for S. Hemisphere rugby.

            I hope they get Tri-Nations as I enjoy that competition. I would like to see as much diversity of programming on FSC+ as possible, and not so much repeats of stuff coming over from FSC.

  11. It seems to me that FSC+ is more rugby than football so to me is not worth it. Won’t pay 15/month to see rugby mostly.

  12. Fios here in DC area, channel 1009 – black screen saying its not available and to call up a phone number – anyone got it working on Fios, i see Terry above looks like he is in a similar boat to me.

    1. Simon, I’m at work so can’t confirm what it is showing now but sometime after 0100 EST it flipped between a choppy FS+ and a muted PrimeTicket. I never got an unavailable message or number to call, do you mean it looked like it was an unsubscribed channel? Looking online in FIOS TV Central, the guide still says Setanta but the channel scroll window lists 1009 as FoxSoccerPlus. My subscriptions also list FoxSoccerPlus. Someone changed the wikipedia FIOS channel list already, but the FIOS channel lineup (the promo site) does not list either FS+ or Setanta. And still no listing at channel 584 in the online guide, yet I still check everyday.

      1. Good news, its working now – I had a “Call to subscribe” type message – after 2 reboots of cable box and shifting its position slightly (Something I occasionally had to do with Setanta) i now have it working….on 1009.

  13. I hate the fact that I have to sit through commercials for a channel that I am paying $15 a month for. But at least I have the channel and will be keeping, despite what my wife says :)

    1. Listen carefully to their commercial…they say they have the “capacity” (or something like that) for 200 full-time HD channels…not that they specifically are broadcasting 200 HD channels. Just like politicians, they are skilled at lying without lying.

  14. Att Uverse Setanta channel 657 currently reads-
    Fox has acquired setantas programming blah blah blah
    New channel will be Fox Soccer Plus
    as soon as this new channel is available on uverse we will provide an update

  15. FS+ began today with no trouble for me. First impressions are that it’s very similar to Setanta. Almost the exact same thing, to be honest.

    BIGGEST IMPROVEMENT: The Fox Soccer Plus logo in the top right hand corner is much less of an eyesore than the Setanta logo was.

  16. i dont know who to trust now on those tc ads dish directv comcast said they have more hd channel than anyone else,hmm which provider is right and who is a liar,plus this rugby on fox plus just make my day WOW just WOW super 14 still showing WOW hope tri nation to follow too,im a soccer fan and rugby fan,this is the best of both world thank you thank you thank you

  17. Gaffer,

    Has there been any word if FS+ will carry MUTV or Chelsea TV? I loved watching replays of games with totally homer announcers. Thanks

    1. M Sparks, no word yet. It looks likely that no one will pick those two channels up. GolTV used to carry Arsenal TV and Liverpool TV a few years ago, but I’m not sure they have the finances now to afford those two channels. If MUTV and ChelseaTV bite the dust, no Premier League club TV channels will be shown on US television.

      The Gaffer

      1. more setanta programming that bites the dust with the arrival of FS+. they should either bring the programming back or lower the price. chelsea tv’s “paper view” show had some great discussions on the john terry story. now that (among other shows) is gone with the wind.

        i really hope that i’m jumping the gun and things will improve but i doubt it.

      2. Not entirely true. The obscure over the air network “America One” has Bolton Wanderers TV, for whatever that’s worth.

  18. More detail than non-DirecTV subscribers will want, but… DTV has this feature, I think it’s called QuickTune, where you can save nine channels as favorites. You press the up arrow, then the box of 9 channels appears and you select the channel you want to jump to. I have always had FSC (ch 619) and Setanta (ch 621) loaded on QuickTune since they added this feature. I have gotten so used to this, that all day I have been choosing ch 621 off the QT menu, and I kept being taken to a big blank gray screen – implying to me that there has been some problem with the FS+ transition on DirecTV. Turns out that if you just punch in the numbers 6-2-1, FS+ (or FSP as they’re abbreviating it) loads just fine. Odd that QT was linked with the broadcaster and not the channel number, but I didn’t even think of trouble shooting until I read comments here saying the transition went fine for other DirecTV subscribers.

    I watched Setanta last night until midnight to see them go off air. Though, to be fair, I didn’t mind seeing a 9-man Chelsea side go town to City again. Somewhere they’re playing that “We will be there” commercial right now. I always thought they were justified continuing to play that spot, since their target audience was probably Ireland, and they WILL be there for them, even after Feb 28th. But I read recently that that spot was created for the US market. NOW, it’s hilarious.

    1. I have to admit Setanta did have some very good promo spots. I recorded one for memories sake. I’ll miss the guy who did all the voice-overs for those Setanta spots – he had a good way of getting me pumped up for all the upcoming matches.

  19. I am not impressed with the channel at the moment. Setanta was very much better and better quality.

    Commericals? On a channel I consider a premium channel? Setanta did only show a few but foxs are annoying.

    I don’t see the point of them showing stuff again thats already been on FSC? Some original programming please?

    Setanta had more and better TV rights then FSC?+.

    Setanta shown more delayed games then FSC+ will be showing.

    Today is sad day for soccer in the US.

  20. Today is a great day for rugby fans in the states,look like tri nation and more rugby will be on fox soccer/rugby channel plus

    they should just name this fox sport world instead fox plus

  21. I will subscribe on March 13 so that I can watch that last two months of the EPL. If it were in HD, I would subscribe now. I hate watching anything in SD. (I’m an HD snob…I admit it!!)

    I will only subscribe during the EPL season–all season if it is in HD–only the last two months if it is in SD. I have done this the past few seasons.

    I don’t care for MLS. I can watch that quality for free at a local park on Saturday’s.

  22. I have Cox Cable in Northern Virginia. They turned Setanta channel 298 into Fox Soccer Plus. Same channel, same cost (12.99/mo). I’m happy! I agree, I hope they have more live coverage, and can’t wait to see it in HD, and really wished they’d pick up Chelsea TV – I loved that… but definitely can’t judge yet when the channel’s been on for not quite 24 hours yet…

  23. FS+ is disappointing, called DirecTV today to unsubscribe from the channel. Not worth paying $15.00 to watch Sky Sports News and Fox Soccer Report that are on FSC also. Just plain rubbish, no French League or UEFA 2012 qualifiers. If I want to watch the EPL, I wll watch FSC and don’t need FS+ at a $15.00 premium.

  24. I also think fsc+ is a joke looking at ther schedule not much on ther i will keep it becuse the epl season is so exting this season that i do not warnt to miss a game but if this is wart it is going to be like next season i will unsubscribe fox needs the French League just so they can fill some open time on ther schedule if they think that that this chanl will sell with the kind of stuff they have now then fox has no barns becuse it will not sell

  25. First of all, I’m going to wait until Fox Soccer Plus is available in HD on my provider, DirecTV. Once that’s done, I’m going to see if their programming schedule has improved and stabilized. Right now it still seems very beta-ish and in the early stages. It’ll get better eventually, they’ll figure it out and provide a more attractive schedule. I hope so anyway. At that point I’ll consider subscribing. :)

    I’m still hoping that this is just a temporary agreement until the end of the season(s) and that they change the terms with the various carriers later on. All of that might be in place already but then again, they may have just backed down to ensure coverage while the leagues are ongoing and continue negotiations to change to a different model sometime this year. I can’t imagine that FOX wanted to continue the same way Setanta was run.

  26. did anyone else have fox soccer plus go off the air on directv? it was working fine last night, and this morning it says i have not purchased this channel…i purchased the channel on monday afternoon, and i wanted to see the england game and now it won’t work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. The loss of Six Nations Rugby, along with Super 14, Air New Zeland and who knows which others is ridiculous. I subscribed for rugby alone. If more rugby isn,t added I will discontinue my subscription along with many fellow rugby viewing mates.

    1. First FS+ Super 14 broadcast was this morning at 1:30 am. Two more matches early tomorrow (Saturday morning 1:30 am EST and 3:30 am EST). Check the schedule on the website.

      Air New Zealand, Currie Cup and Tri-nations will supposedly be added as well during the summer.

  28. Fox is so busy runng ads about the European Rugby, that they are totally forgetting to run ads about the super 14. How should people know? They are forgetting to run ads about soccer!

  29. I was a little disappointed that doesn’t work on linux which means I can’t watch at work. I thought it would because the test signal works just fine, but when I log in and go to watch it says I am viewing from the wrong country (presuambly just the OS as I am in the US).

    Otherwise from what I’ve seen at home I’m happy. Obviously next season is the key. For me, they need to show the games that we can’t access through our TV providers – i.e. the games that are on FSC+. Those are the ones I and many others can’t watch. If that continues then great. If they change it then obviously I will ditch it.

  30. I just cancelled Fox Soccer Plus due to the lack of rugby compared to Setanta. The guide shows only repeat matches from Magners and Premiereship from this past weekend for the next 2 weeks. Six Nations, Super 14, Air New Zeland are all lost . It’s a truly sad time for rugby fans in the states. There is no comparison between what Setanta offered compared Fox Soccer.If they bring it back I will surly subscribe again, but until then I will save my moiney.

  31. This is suck big time they just remove super14 rugby im done too i guess ill stick with justin tv,this is sad sad sad for rugby viewers in the states

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