Fox Soccer Launches Redesigned Broadband Service

Fox Sports International launched the redesigned today to coincide with the launch of Fox Soccer Plus. is the broadband portal that previously offered delayed broadcasts of Premier League matches. But with the acquisition of many of the rights from the defunct Setanta Sports, is now able to show some Premier League matches live – as well as plenty of other content from other leagues including rugby.

“ was redesigned to manage an influx of new live and on demand rights,” said Bhavesh Patel, Vice President of Interactive Media for Fox Sports International. “The enhanced site will offer up to eight live soccer and rugby competitions at once and provide for the ultimate broadband viewing experience.”

Fans can enjoy live matches and unlimited access to on-demand viewing through one of two subscription packs: Championship Pass, offering all matches through May 31, 2010, is available for $44.95 and Monthly Pass is available for $14.95. So viewers can experience, for a limited time the site will offer a Day Pass, offering access for 24 hours, for only $4.95.

Here’s the schedule for all live streaming soccer matches on this week (all times eastern):

  • Tues., March 2, Velez Sarsfield v Boca Juniors, 5pm
  • Wed., March 3, England u-21 v Greece u-21, 12:50pm
  • Wed., March 3, England v Egypt, 3pm
  • Sat., March 6, Portsmouth v Birmingham [FA Cup], 7:25am
  • Sat., March 6, Arsenal v Burnley, 10am
  • Sat., March 6, Fiorentina v Juventus, 11:55am
  • Sat., March 6, Fulham v Spurs [FA Cup], 12:20pm
  • Sat., March 6, Roma v AC Milan, 2:45pm
  • Sun., March 7, Reading v Aston Villa [FA Cup]. 8:45am
  • Sun., March 7, Bologna v Napoli, 9am
  • Sun., March 7, Chelsea v Stoke [FA Cup], 10:55am
  • Sun., March 7, Inter Milan v Genoa, 2:45pm
  • Sun., March 7, Independiente v River Plate, 3pm

Later this week, EPL Talk will speaking with a Fox Soccer Channel executive to learn more about the redesigned broadband portal, so if you have any specific questions you’d like me to ask, please post them in the comments section below.

Sat., March 6

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  1. Just surfing through the schedule and saw this listed on Fox Soccer
    Portsmouth vs. Binghamton LIVE 02:45 PM, Tuesday, March 09

    for fuchs sake!!!

    1. As someone who has spent considerable time in Binghamton, I can tell you the university side there will give Big Eck and his side a tough time. Dont know if there pitch is up to code to host this match though, lol.

  2. I have one question to ask Fox, why can’t Fox Soccer Plus subscribers get access to the for free, we are already paying a premium for the channel and I’d feel much better spending $14.99 a month on the channel if it had access, I’m currently a FSC+ subscriber but have really been considering canceling my subscription and buy games through on a one off basis as needed or go to the bar, as the added cost (FSC+) is pretty significant without much added benefit.

    1. I think the answer is that they are showing FSC and FS+ material. So if they give you the site for free is you subscribe to FS+, you would be getting FSC coverage for “free” if you didn’t get that channel via cable/sat. I wonder what the full season bill would be for the site. Oddly enough, you actually save 10 cents if you do monthly instead of the 3 month package.

      1. “Oddly enough, you actually save 10 cents if you do monthly instead of the 3 month package.”

        Yeah, but then you are “Subscribed”….which is OK if you’re certain you want to continue with the service. The Championship Pass is, in effect, a 3 month sampler with no further commitment.

  3. Completed an order this morning, but nothing yet. The big red letters “INVALID ACCOUNT” while the order is supposedly being processed is a bit disconcerting. Not sure if there’s an inside to the site or not…

  4. Will this redesigned site feature silverlight? What will they be using to stream? WIll the matches be archived immediately for watching after the live event has occurred? In essence, how much better/worse will it be than Setanta-i?

  5. I would say that I enjoyed the recording feature of Setanta-i, so would question if that will be available, as well as any plans for the iPhone/iPad and the site.

          1. I went to college in Binghamton and can tell you they have a state university there whose football claim to fame is a trip to the NCAA tournament once a few years ago. They recently built a football only park which seats maybe 2,000 at most and always have at least 2-3 students from the UK in the team, and the occasional south american.

  6. Well, as a “dual fan” the rugby coverage is probably going to push me over the edge. It’s a great time of the year to be able to get those competitions and I see some more soccer I would watch.

    Additionally, the Championship Pass is a chance to try the service without further commitment. If you go with “Monthly”, then you are “Subscribed”. Of course, I expect the line-up is going to evolve by the fall.

    As someone who doubts he will ever see FS+ this is a godsend. Take me….I’m yours!!! 😀 ……..but don’t drop the rugby.

  7. Gaffer,

    I’d be interested in answers to the following:
    1/ There are now 3 levels of online rights to EPL: Level 1 = live (looks like Setanta’s allotment), Level 2 = midnight delay, Level 3 = none (ESPN2). Will this be the state of play for the rest of this season and will it carry over to next season?
    2/ How soon will archived games stream? e.g. if I cannot watch a 10am game live can I start watching it at 12pm or 1pm?
    3/ Rugby question if you don’t mind; will they have Heineken Cup, Six Nations, Tri Nations and/or World Cup?

    1. Online rugby rights are very fragmented. Rugbyzone/Mediazone have full rights to Super 14, Tri Nations, Currie Cup. They have only partial rights to Heineken Cup (not for N. Hemi). Premium Sports has Six Nations

      This is a perfect example of where the whole “rights” issue has gotten out of hand. At this point it has nothing to do with the fans. Rugby is already a niche, niche sport and the various ruling bodies seem to have no clue that their distribution policies are making matters worse in terms of gaining popularity around the world. **sigh**

  8. Anyone know if the United Liverpool match will be streamed live? I think that is one of the most watched sports fixtures in the world. Would be a shame if only those with access to FSC+ can watch it.

    I really hope this level of live broadcasts from carries on into next season. It would be a real shame if they don’t. Ir else I’ll have to move house just so I can ditch TWC.

    1. Joe, I haven’t received confirmation in terms of seeing an official schedule for that day, but it looks 99.99% likely that the Man United v Liverpool game will be shown on both Fox Soccer Plus and on Sunday, March 21 at 9:30am ET.

      The Gaffer

  9. It would make more sense for to show the same matches as FSC+ since many of us on cable have FSC but not FSC+. Gaffer, do you know if FSC+ programming will be the same as programming. I hope so since that is what would make me subscribe to .

    1. Cricketlover, any matches that are on will be aired on Fox Soccer Plus. And I believe that most (if not all) live games shown on Fox Soccer Plus will be shown on – unless the channel, for some reason, doesn’t have the online rights to the game(s).

      The Gaffer

      1. FYI rugby fans. For instance, Super 14 may be on FS+, but will not be on Online rights for that competition are owned by Rugbyzone/Mediazone.

  10. Nice I already had this service AND Setanta-i. I had been complainin g about the lack of LIVE English games but that is solved now with the Setanta content being shown here. FSC content is still delayed for Eng. because it’s shown live on TV.

    FYI the stream for this has been superior to Setanta for quite a while. No idea what tech they use.

  11. This is really, really good news.

    I don’t think Comcast is going to pick up FSC+ in my area anytime soon but this will ensure I don’t miss any games I want to see.

    I just hope they allow us to stream matches within an hour or so of completion (not after midnight) and provide an archive for old games. I personally think that the Setanta-i site was a little crowded and messy. I prefer the ESPN 360 site. It’s nice and neat but you can still stream right away and look at matches from the last 30 days or so.

    I may end up just sticking with even when FSC+ becomes available until HD get implemented.

  12. I hope this hasn’t been answered already, but will any of the UEFA Champions League fixtures be shown live on If so, is that a separate package/cost?

    1. yes there are some live Champs League as well as delayed. Arsenal and the next Real Madrid game are live upcoming

  13. Some of this is repeat, but my questions are:

    1. Will always have the live FS+ channel the way did for Setanta USA? [Think answer is yes]
    2. Will have the ability to pause a live match like does (and did not)? [Incidentally, I had the opportunity yesterday to try out both and for the Carling Cup final, and e3 was better in all respects: si was at least a minute (more) delayed, e3 had much better image quality, and e3 allowed me to pause and catch up when I had to take a phone call.]
    3. Will allow us to watch live *all* 3 pm matches (rather than wait til their 5 pm EST delayed time, etc.)? i.e. I never understood why would hold back the other matches that would eventually all be on-demand anyway until after they had aired at their delayed time; why? i.e. the internet allows for a *better* service than cable, so why not give us the better service?
    4. Will the on-demand service be available while a live game is in progress? If not, how soon after will it be available? For how long will that match still be available?
    5. [One can dream:] Any possibility of downloading an match to a computer or PDA for offline viewing?
    6. WIll the matches that are shown on FSC also be available on (Again, why not?) Will they continue with the midnight embargo? If yes, what is the reason for the midnight embargo? (Contractual arrangements with sponsors? If so, don’t those same sponsors appear on Or is it contractual arrangements with carriers, like TWC/Comcast/Dish, etc.?) i.e. are we to think of FSC & FS+ as two completely different outlets? matches owned by FSC can only go to after midnight, but FS+ are available immediately (or at least like setanta)?
    7. This question is irrelevant for me until the end of 2010, as I am a TWC subscriber in Manhattan, with no alternative like FIOS or satellite, but for others: why not offer a reduced (or even free) rate to for FS+ subscribers? (This is common in the Murdoch family: I get full access for a very reduced rate because I still subscribe to the actual newspaper.) i.e. let people watch on TV when they are home but on their computer when they are traveling or miss a match and don’t DVR it, for < $30/month.

    Think that's it for now. I'm very very happy if has at least the capabilities of, as I can continue with same viewing habits. Still would prefer TWC to pick it up, as will eventually get HD, and random access (i.e. quick) viewing is far easier on DVR than any internet site I have used. (Can watch boring games quickly and stop for red cards, goals, penalties, etc.)

    Thanks, Gaffer…

    1. “1. Will always have the live FS+ channel the way did for Setanta USA? [Think answer is yes]”….Well, they really didn’t always match up.

      As for, I don’t think so. See my Super 14 comment above. Not that you care about rugby, but it is indicative of the problem of who owns which rights and under what contractual obligations.

      As a fellow TWC prisoner I feel your pain, but would bet Manhattan gets FS+ relatively soon. Personally, I’m looking at the twelve of never.

          1. The only way I could add the functionality to allow readers to edit their comments is if I moved to a registration system so that, after registering, you would have to login to post comments.

            I raised this as an idea a couple of months ago, but the consensus was that everyone liked the ability to post comments without registering an account.

            The Gaffer

  14. Gaffer,

    Could you please check with Fox Soccer to see if they will be adding any content aside from games (i.e. Premier League Review Show)?

    Love the site–really happy someone is keeping track of all this stuff for us.

    1. Agreed. The Gaffer deserves a big round of applause for keeping us all up to date. He’s been far more helpful than the average customer service rep in all of this. When it comes to this weekends games, I’d probably be lost without EPL Talk, but now I know right where to go for Arsenal/Burnley.

  15. I think I may do away with the cable company and go back to my old one and get it has everything you need..

  16. Gaffer, have you noticed the 4:3 aspect ratio of the sample video on Strangely, in the FAQ the video quality is advertised with an 16:9 aspect ratio!!! Will this be any different when we buy the pass? And Thanks for all your efforts.

  17. Gaffer,

    If I buy access to, do you know if I am able to view the content on any computer or if viewing is locked onto just one computer? Thanks.

    1. Hi Brett. Yes, its an online account. Just like when you pay bills online or do your banking. You can access it from any computer. Well, the new interface has definately improved, and very nice step-up from its previous incarnation. Not in the same league as Setanta-i’s interface, but nevertheless an improvement. Now, time will tell if will be what Setanta-i use to be, but heck, they have time to make new improvements before the beginning of the next European football season. Ligue 1? RPL? Hint hint. LOL Will I pull the trigger after be a Setanta-i subscriber for so long? Right now, no. Let’s just say I’m not saying never, just saying not right now.

  18. Gaffer

    Could you ask the fox rep to clarify the following.

    Will stream live the Premier League games that are on fsc+? Seeing as many more people have access to fsc than fsc+ – it would make sense for this to be the case.

    Thanks again for all the good work.

  19. Brett–you can access from any computer. I’ve accessed from work and home computer no problem (just like Setana-i).

  20. Sam Jay–I tested an Italian game from this past Sunday (Milan v Ata) and it was wide screen (not like demo). I also tested the Milan-Man U game and the video was very shoddy but the Milan v Ata looked much better so hopefully they’ve worked the bugs out. Anxious to see what the Argentine game is like live today.

  21. Well, I signed up. What a sucker, but I had to try it out. I took the Championship Pass, so there is no commitment beyond May 31.

    I got an email coupon (PFAOSSX9327) that may be general or not. It’s good for $5 off. Sign-up asks for it twice, but I do have access. I notice no VOD is available right now, so if it’s “day of/after the match only” that may be annoying. We’ll see.

    Between soccer and rugby, I know I’m going to be busy Saturday. :-)

    1. Just received a reply to a question I had:

      “…..We will be in contact with yo as soon as possible.”

      Glad to see is down wid dat.

    2. There is VOD available. For each section (EPL, CL, Serie A, FA Cup, etc.) there are 2 tabs. One is “Upcoming” (defaults to that) and the other is “Now Available”. When you click on “Now Available” you’ll see the archived games. There are actually quite a few out there (didn’t check Rugby section though)

      1. Thanks, Dave. Wasn’t bright enough to figure the tabs out. Nothing for rugby yet, but I’m sure there will be after this weekend.

        1. ovalball–it’s not very intuitive if you ask me!!! but all in all looks promising with the capability of streaming multiple live games

  22. Looking like I’ll just do away with Time Warner cable and get this pass along with the MLB pass. Gotta love it! Bye Bye cable bill!

  23. As an ex-Setanta i customer I feel mixed about the transition. I’ve checked out a few of the archived games and the quality seemed ok, although not as good as Setanta-i’s top level; but I was very happy to see 16:9. On the plus side Foxsoccer is willing to steam multiple live games (this Saturday at 10am of Aston Villa/Sunderland and Arsenal/Burnley) – Setanta-i picked one live and held one back. On the negative side the eNewsletter at the end of February promised Heineken Cup rugby but so far there are only tabs for English Premiership and Magners League. But, another plus, Foxsoccer does have live Euro Champions League (this was one of the events that Setana did not stream).

    1. The Heineken Cup comes back in late April for the knockout rounds, so I assume we’ll see it on there then. unfortunately isn’t importing the match library from Setanta, so we can’t see the group stage matches from the fall on there.

  24. Does anyone know if the streams can be paused? Or if you can jump to a particular point in a game that has a already happened? If I watch the first half and get called to work, can I just watch the second half later or do I have to start from the beginning?

    -Thanks for all the great info.

    1. the on-demand streams can be paused. (Not the live ones)

      Yes, if you watch the first half live at work and then need to go home, you can skip ahead on the on-demand version, but that version has to be made “available”, which at least today was not until 90 minutes after the England game had completed.

  25. Another question for anyone who has subscribed (I may check this out Saturday am if I am home). Now that says they will stream two simultaneous matches (Arsenal & Villa), can I open two browser windows and watch both matches simultaneously?

    1. I saw that in their schedule as well except that Villa and Sunderland are not playing one another on Saturday. They were originally scheduled to play each other but Villa are playing in the FA Cup on Sunday so they postponed the match.

      And I tried to view 2 different matches in 2 different browsers and it worked with no problem.

  26. Thanks FS TV for keeping Internet Piracy alive! I will continue to use free streams to watch all my football. Despite paying for FSC and FSP for my DirectTV, I will not pay for this lackluster service. I can ALWAYS find an English stream for any football match chances are FS TV feeds will be one of those free streams! ha!

  27. The quality of today’s England vs. Egypt match was so poor, not the bit rate or the aspect ratio, but the actual stream. Seemed very shaky that I couldn’t watch the game without feeling vomiting. I just quit watching the match anyways. The Match only made available as an on-demand view after 2 and a half hour, yet another big setback. Bottom-line, I am very disappointed with the very first match I tried to watch on and I feel that I waste my 40 bucks on it just to watch couple of games (England vs. Egypt and Man UTD vs. Liverpool later this month and maybe couple of other games).

    1. Sam Jay–neither the Argentina league game or the England game today went very well. I guess Saturday will be the big test to see if they get the FA Cup/EPL right. Cheers to hoping it is a small bandwidth hiccup due to the large influx of Setanta-i users!!!

  28. I did go ahead and subscribe. I was paying $15 for setanta-i, solely for EPL matches, and now I get them for $13/month on I watched ENG-EGY tonight “on-demand” so did not suffer any specific live cast issues. I thought the actual pixel count was better on than on setanta-i, though I agree the video quality was stuttery or shaky. Watching on-demand, there is pause (well, a stop/play button), and then there is a slider to rewind or skip ahead. There is *NO* time indicator on the slider. The positive of this is that you can’t tell if a game went to extra time or penalties. The negative is that if you watch part of the match on one computer and then want to finish on another later, you can’t just say “oh, I was at 54:30, so start again there”. You have to just eyeball the slider and hope you get close. The random access delay to skip ahead (they had a full halftime; no commercials, but Martin Tyler analyzing highlights and then silent crowd shots as on was as poor or poorer than the delay for skipping on

    For a work day the delay til 6:30 access time worked for me. It could be quite frustrating on a Saturday; we’ll have to see what they do for the 10 am games on & FS+; how soon will they be available?

    The most surprising thing to me about all this is you would think if you were Fox and you were excited about a new launch of a new interactive web site, you would be all over a site such as i.e. WE should be their absolute first and most core customers. The ones used to spread the word, bring people in, etc. I would think that the fox soccer guru, whoever he/she is, would want to infiltrate our community here, get a sense of what we like/hate, figure out how to get their subscriptions above Setanta’s, etc. Very very strange to me that they just ignore us.

    1. David, the team haven’t responded to this thread here but I have it on first-hand information that they do read EPL Talk so everyone’s feedback is appreciated and read.

      The Gaffer

  29. Good Lord, I’m not the only one experiencing such problems. Hopefully somebody of FOX would hear us all. If they’re intending to keep their online subscriptions they surely need to improve’s base player (Something like ESPN360 Would Be a Dream Come True) and they need to do it fast. I mean they only have less than 3 months to impress people who trusted them in the first place and signed up for their online service. They should consider a model like ESPN360 (Move Player I Guess). High quality, intuitive, easily accessible to live and on-demand videos, all in all for free. Let’s hope it’ll all happen by the start of next season.

  30. Has anyone here who was an annual Setanta-i subscriber recieved a refund for their remaining months yet? What’s the story there?

    1. dontcallmepaddy: It doesn’t happen automatically–you have to request it. I’m on round 3 with Setanta. Each time I can see a transaction from Setanta posting to my account, it remains in pending status for a couple of days, then it disappears, and I get an Auto message from Setanta saying that it failed. I’ve been working with Setanta to figure out what the issue is but no luck yet.

    2. I have been working with the fools for two weeks now. They say, “Yes, we are refunding your money,” but like Dave C I then get an email saying the transaction failed. I have updated and checked my card a dozen times.

      I’m sure I’ll get the refund eventually, but in the meantime—- :-(

  31. I requested it months ago (not that I should bloody well have to) and was told I’d get a refund and a confirmation email in February (never happened). I reminded them of this yesterday and got the automated response that said they’d respond in 24 hours. Just had to email them again to tell them it’s been 25 hours.

    Is it any wonder these clowns went under? Long live Murdoch and his evil empire, says I.

  32. “Thank you for contacting Setanta-i. We have recieved your email and will respond within 24 hours.”


  33. Thanks everyone for your questions about I’m planning on interviewing the Fox VP in charge of this afternoon and will release the interview as a special edition of the EPL Talk Podcast tonight so that everyone has the answers.

    The Gaffer

  34. With Setanta gone my ATT Uverse gave me FOXSOCCER awaiting
    FOXSOCCERPLUS that ATT will carry.
    emails to Fox asking when FSPlus will air were not answered.
    Need my Rugby………….Thanks Seatanta for screwing me!

    1. Don’t be so petty. Setanta pretty much went out of business. They weren’t screwing anyone, other than arguably themselves, and possibly Fox by not being able to pay the bills. It may be the case that a company that small can’t offer as much content as they did, for so “little”.

  35. As a former Setanta-I customer I dutifully signed up for FoxSoccer.TV yesterday and I’m very disappointed so far. My first issue with them was yesterday’s Arsenal match, which was listed on their schedule as a live broadcast when i first checked early on Saturday morning. However the schedule was modified later in the day to list the match as a delayed broadcast. I’m sure I’m correct about this and hopefully it’s not standard practice to make late changes like this.

    Secondly the picture quality and usability of the viewer are inferior compared to Setanta’s Silverlight viewer. I don’t know if it’s the technology (Fox uses Flash / RayV, while Setanta uses Silverlight) or the broadcast source but in any case the image quality is below average. Also, more importantly (to me anyway) I can’t watch the Fox matches in full-screen on my second monitor like I could with Setanta. As soon as I click or type in my primary screen the full-screen video returns to the tiny original size. I’m trying to get used to watching the small size but this may be a deal killer.

    Finally I’m watching Wolves v. Man United now (delay from yesterday) and the audio is at least 2 seconds ahead of the video. Hopefully this is an isolated incident.

    1. Don’t know if this is any consolation, but on your browser you can hit Control and = several times to blow up the page size until the flash window is almost full screen, which lets you view a game in a larger size without that problem of a keystroke cancelling the full screen view.

    2. When you are looking at the small screen is there not a screen size icon below the lower right corner of the picture? When you click it the picture goes to full screen.

  36. Jon…The Arsenal match was on live. I watched the whole thing. Excellent picture and sound quality, full screen. Same for Wolves match today on VOD.

    The “Delay” you saw for the Arsenal match is simply Fox showing when the match will be available for VOD, about an hour and a half after completion. The truly delayed matches are always midnight starts.

    1. I had the same issue with Chelsea v Stoke City. About a 10 second delay, the audio plays immediately but the video is static for the first 5 to 10 seconds. The delay appears to remain throughout. I’ve checked a few other streams, L’Pool v Blackburn, Arsenal v Burnley, no delay.

      I’ve tried to watch a Guiness or Manger league game, but they wouldn’t even start. Had the same issue with Reading v Aston Villa.

      Some good, some bad.

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