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Chelsea 2-4 Man City: Walking In A Tevez and Bellamy Wonderland

man city roberto mancini Chelsea 2 4 Man City: Walking In A Tevez and Bellamy Wonderland

As bizarre as it may sound, if Manchester City could play against Chelsea, Manchester United and Arsenal each week, they’d be in a better league position than they are now. City continue to look flaccid when they play teams such as Stoke City, but always seem to be up for it when they play powerhouses such as Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal.

The difference between City and other teams is that on the big days when you need it the most, they have key footballers who play with heart, namely Craig Bellamy and Carlos Tevez. We saw how incredibly passionate and dangerous they were earlier in the season when they almost beat Manchester United at Old Trafford. And we saw it again Saturday in a very exciting second half when City beat Premier League title favorites Chelsea 4-2 at Stamford Bridge.

Chelsea, on the other hand, reminded me of the team from last year under Luiz Felipe Scolari when they were undisciplined, vulnerable in the back and sloppy in midfield.

One of the other things that impressed me about Manchester City was the solidarity among the team and the way that the players were galvanized in their support for Wayne Bridge. The way that Tevez encouraged the City supporters to praise Bridge after Tevez scored from the penalty spot was a shining example.

City may not be the best team in the league, not even close, but their team spirit is exemplary and they play with heart — two key components that will make the difference during key games but won’t win them the league.

There’s no question that when City go forward, they look deadly on the break. Just as Aston Villa can be clinical when they counter attack, so too is Manchester City.

The first two goals of the game couldn’t have been more opposite in nature. The first, by Frank Lampard, was a classy inch-perfect shot that beat Shay Given and went into the corner of the net. The second, by Carlos Tevez, was a shot that bobbled into the net. Fair play to Tevez, though. He thoroughly deserved the goal and it was a perfect example of how the Argentine never gives up.

Tevez had a brilliant day but so too did Craig Bellamy who showed his precision running down the left wing which netted him two goals.

As for other incidents in the game, I missed the part where Wayne Bridge refused to shake John Terry’s hand. But I did see an unimpressive defensive performance from Terry yet again. As for Chelsea’s second goal, which resulted after Javier Belletti brought down Gareth Barry in the box, I thought it was a poor decision by the referee. I didn’t see any contact even when I watched the TV replay.

Overall, what a brilliant second half performance from Manchester City which will have an impact on the Premier League title race and the challenge for fourth place. This was the first time Manchester City won the double over Chelsea since the 1957-58 season. And it was thoroughly deserved.

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15 Responses to Chelsea 2-4 Man City: Walking In A Tevez and Bellamy Wonderland

  1. Yespage says:

    I disagree. While the defender has his hands in the air, his pelvis and legs were making plenty of contact.

    I was watching the game in SD on Dish Network. Anyone else notice an entire focus issue sometimes when they changed cameras or zooms? As in, even the graphics became fuzzy for a moment or two.

    • goonerfan14 says:

      Yeah I noticed it on Directv too, it seemed the game wasn’t in HD more like 16×9 SD. I thought the 7:45am game was shot in HD? The game however was great especially as an Arsenal fan this really opens the door for them

  2. Jay A. says:

    Watching the replay I saw Belletti make contact and thought it was a penalty. Chelsea’s defense looked suspect, including their replacement goalkeeper Hilario. I believe Petr Cech would have saved the shots from Tevez and Bellamy that resulted in Man City’s first two goals. But as a Man United supporter I am ecstatic with the result.

  3. Duke says:

    This was much less about Man City and really all about officiating. It would appear that someone was interested in seeing Chelsea lose today.

    Granted, the Blue defense was a disgrace, but an evenly-called game would have at least given them a chance to get back in it. The way the second half was called, though, insured it was never going to happen.

    • BBC says:

      “It would appear that someone was interested in seeing Chelsea lose today.”

      Yep – their names were Tevez, Bellamy, Barry and De Jong.

      • Huh says:

        Nice one BBC!

      • Duke says:

        If you thought that was even-handed officiating, then I don’t know what I can say to you. Chelsea had a terrible day defending, to be sure, but there was a possibility for them to get back into the game when they were down 2-1. But virtually every call went City’s way in the second half.

  4. Falcao says:

    It was a Chelsea defense. Mikel and Ballack should protect the cracked in the defense. Chelsea act different today and Terry is not impressive. Is he affected? :p

  5. brn442 says:

    I thought it was just me. The camera’s were out of focus at the beginning of each new angle, plus – it didn’t look HD to me.

    Tevez’s workrate and shocking defending were the difference.

    The handshake incident was awkward. I was hoping Wayne would have done the Gary Neville on Viera’s Jedi mind trick by holding on to Terry’s hand an extra second or two. I know Chelsea fans will support Terry but it was disappointing they booed Bridge as though any of that mess was his fault.

    • Terry says:

      I don’t think the boos were support for Terry. Bridge did release a statement (Thursday?) saying that he would not play for the national team anymore and I can understand England fans booing him for that. He’s putting his personal desires before the team, which is exactly the complaint many had or have about Terry conducting his affairs. And Capello now has to find another left back.

  6. efy007 says:

    Great game, lousy quality on Directv…… focus issues when cameras changed……studdering when camera pan…..etc.

  7. Berkeley-B says:

    “As for Chelsea‚Äôs third goal, which resulted after Javier Belletti brought down Gareth Barry in the box, I thought it was a poor decision by the referee.”


  8. MNUfan1991 says:

    Glory Glory Man Citeeeeh
    Glory Glory Man Citeeeeh
    Glory Glory Man Citeeeeh
    And the bucks go marching on on on!

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