Fox Soccer Plus to Launch on DISH Network March 1

DISH Network announced today that it will launch Fox Soccer Plus on Monday, March 1.

As of Monday, Fox Soccer Plus will be available on DirecTV, Verizon FiOS and now DISH Network. The announcement was made by a crawl at the bottom of the Setanta channel on DISH on Friday, mentioning that the channel would be available as Fox Soccer + on Monday.

Fox Soccer Plus will feature much of the programming that Setanta US used to have including Premier League games, FA Cup, Champions League, Coca-Cola Championship, Carling Cup as well as England games, Serie A and select rugby leagues and tournaments.

Fox Soccer Plus will be available as a premium service at the same price as Setanta Sports, $14.99 per month.

DISH Network is currently the only TV provider in the United States to announce the availability of both Fox Soccer Channel in HD AND Fox Soccer Plus. No word yet when Fox Soccer Plus will be available in HD on DISH Network.

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  1. well if that’s the case then i may be switching from directv to dish network shortly. i was only waiting because i wasn’t sure if dish was going to get fs + right away. since they have beaten directv to the punch on fsc in hd i may be making the switch soon, depending on costs and such

  2. Direct TV has mentioned that they don’t want to make any announcements about HD channels until they have completed testing their satellite. Most likely both FS+ and FSC will be included in their HD lineup. Take a look at this important poll result:

    FSC is 12th and FS+ is 18th. My understanding is that Direct TV will take this poll seriously. I will remain patient and wait until Direct TV’s HD channel lineup announcement. IMO, we won’t be disappointed. We will get what we have been waiting for and more.

    By the beginning of next season’s football games, if we those two channels are not in HD, then I will definitely consider giving my money to Dish.

  3. Thanks for the update Gaffer I noticed the crawl too. Still trying to figure out if DISH will add the HD channel along with the SD version.

  4. Awesome News!!!
    Hopefully they will have an hd version. Well done dish…for previously lacking behind direct TV, they have really stepped up.

  5. Gaffer,
    Will this be seemless, ie those who carry Setanta will automatically get the channel, or do we have to subscribe again?

    1. I just called and asked about this exact point, and was told that Setanta subscriptions will automatically become Fox Soccer Plus subscriptions, and that the channel will remain at 406.

  6. Can anyone explain to me something I don’t understand.

    I have TWC in Los Angeles. It makes no sense to me that they wouldn’t carry fsc+. The reason is that there are already several hundred channels, some of which are the exact same channel broadcast twice. Regular FSC is one of them.

    Basically – I’m asking for what possible harm there could be for either TWC of fox not to have this channel available on cable. I totally get the reasons why it could be difficult to get it in HD, but why so difficult for SD? Surely it is in everyone’s interest for them to carry the channel. Isn’t everyone a winner?

    1. I’m in Los Angeles and have got TWC as well. Remember, we didn’t have Setanta either, so I’m really not optimistic. If I don’t hear any news by April about the availability of either FSC+ or FSCHD I’m leaving them for Dish.

      1. With Fox’s marketing power I would think you guys in LA have a chance with FS+. Just remember, after an overall agreement, it’s still up to your regional manger to make the decision whether to carry or not. I have read (don’t ask me where) that TWC will go with FS+ soon after launch, but again, the final decision will be with the LA regional manager, not with TWC headquarters.

        Out here on the edge of nowhere in far eastern NC I don’t think I’ll ever see it. So, be positive. :-)

  7. Just got off the phone 16:31 (-6gmt) With the oh so helpful and clueless front line service staff at DISH.
    Once again, left clueless and to fend for their selves by the management at DISH the rep I spoke to said as of now we only offer Fox Soccer Channel.
    I replayed “So, you haven’t heard the press release?”
    When I read the Gaffers opening paragraph of this article I was told “Oh, well then we will only begin offering that on March 1st”
    SO trust me DISH NETWORK, on the 1st of March, 2010 00:01I will be calling!

  8. Cox communications representative I know says no marketing emails verify they are going to include HD or FS+ any time soon. Does anyone know if setenta-I will transfer to Because if get all games on then I can live until cox gets HD and FS+.

  9. RE: Good day for a Guinness
    Will this be seemless, ie those who carry Setanta will automatically get the channel, or do we have to subscribe again?

  10. LOS ANGELES (AP) — DirecTV, DISH and Verizon FiOS have agreed to
    carry Fox Soccer Plus when the network launches Monday.
    In addition, Time Warner Cable will start carrying the network
    in select markets on dates yet to be specified, Fox spokeswoman
    Chelsea Hettrick said Friday.
    The new network, a companion to Fox Soccer Channel, is taking
    over many of the rights that had been held by Setanta USA, which
    shuts down Sunday night. Fox Soccer Plus, a premium channel, will
    televise the European Champions League, the English Premier League,
    FA Cup, League Championship, FA Cup and national team and the
    Italian Serie A, plus rugby from the Magners League, the Guinness
    Premiership and the Heineken Cup.
    None of the cable carriers will televise the new network in HD
    at this time, Hettrick said. DISH is carrying FSC in HD.

    1. Kind of makes you wish you hadn’t jumped the gun and ordered Direct TV before they announced they would carry the channel, no?

      1. Huh? Who are you?

        But to answer you… no, not at all. I’m very satisfied with my service at DirecTV and FSC HD is really the only somewhat negative difference so far. There are far more downsides to DiSH but let’s not even go there. :)
        DirecTV’s new satellite is almost operational and I’m confident that it’ll plug most if not all HD holes, FSC HD and FS Plus HD anyway.

        Anyway, this comment was about DISH carrying FS Plus which DirecTV will have on the same day. So what was your reply about again?

  11. I was looking for this channel to be part of the same package as FSC. $14.99 for one channel is pretty steep especially when FSC which has better games is typically $4.99 and includes a number of other channels.

  12. This might be great news for soccer fans but I am not so sure that it bodes well for rugby fans. While the Magners League, the Guinness Premiership and the Heineken Cup are ok to watch the main reason I got Setanta on DISH was to watch southern hemisphere rugby. I am talking specifically about the Super 14, Tri Nations and the various internationals Setanta used to broadcast. I have not been able to confirm one way or another whether or not the Super 14 and Tri Nations have been picked up by Fox.

    Gaffer do you have any word on this? I realize it may not be your primary interest but its worth a shot right? :)

    Without Super 14 and Tri Nations I would probably have to cancel my subscription to Setanta. I cannot justify paying $14 per month for reduced (and inferior IMHO) rugby coverage.

    1. I beg to differ when you say you are not sure it bodes well for rugby fans. I feel ANY rugby on TV in the States is a good thing and I and my friends enjoy the northern hemisphere competitions. I do sympathize with you however and will miss southern hemisphere rugby as the only way to view it now is via broadband on Rugbyzone.

      I do take heart though as this week’s press release regarding FS+ included the line that in addition to the three competitions announced “additional exciting rugby competitions exclusive to Fox Soccer Plus will be announced at a later time.”

      We can hope they will be the southern hemisphere competitions. Remember, once upon a time when there was Fox Sports World they carried the Tri-nations.

      1. That is a splendid find… though…

        Monday March 8th, 2 PM is listing a replay of an FA Cup match and a Super 14 game. ??? March 6 has two Super 14 matches that are Live with other programming scheduled to start a half hour after the Super 14 match up starts.

        They are showing the Super 14 at 7 AM, which would be nice for “early” risers. If they do have Super 14, I think FS+ is going to work for me, but the schedule is confusing as all heck.

    2. Hey dude, I see that Fox Soccer Plus is showing Super 14 rugby. Go over to their website and check their TV schedule for Friday March 5. They’re showing live Super 14 rugby Chiefs vs. Reds at 1:30 AM ET. Then on Saturday March 6, they have 2 matches on tap… Crusaders vs. Blues at 1:30 AM ET and then Waratahs vs. Sharks at 3:30 AM ET.

  13. What an interesting conundrum for Fox. Some are saying that without a broader range of soccer they won’t sign up. Others, like my self, are saying that if we don’t get decent rugby coverage we won’t sign up. Of course, all of this presumes that those of us on cable actually get the opportunity to make the decision in the first place. 😉

    In the meantime, is doing…..what???

    This is a fine mess you’ve gotten us into, Ollie.

  14. Mungiki & Ovalball, is it fair comment to say that the focus of Setanta – GAA, rugby (let’s not forget – league as well as union), and soccer – was very different to Fox Soccer channel? Not exactly two different audiences, but not identical either. No cooindcidence it was setup by Irishmen – over there soccer is not the unquestioned #1 sport the way it is in England. I’d like to see them beef up the service and perhaps offer tiered membership – one level for soccer fans, another for soccer & rugby fans. Unlikely thought. In the meantime it has the feel of a work in progress and its not clear how it will play out. In the meantime rugby fans will have to go scrambling – six nations here, tri nations, world cup who knows where

  15. Credit to Ken from Satguys –
    For Dish subscribers-
    If you do a “Check Switch” (Menu-6-1-1-TEST) – (when nothing is recording), then your receiver will download the new Program Guide, which now has the Fox Soccer Plus Guide Information starting on March 1st.

    One of the nice things is that there is some programming in common with FSC, like “Sky Sports News”, but they have staggered the times, so that it is shown on a different time than FSC. So, if you get both channels, and you miss the 7pm ET showing on FSC, then you can catch the 9pm ET showing on FS Plus.

    1. I tried what you said as well and my programming did not change. I hope it eventually changes to match what the website shows. Even though that shows Super 14 games live with other programming starting 1/2 an hour later

  16. @Dave. M – to each his own. I do hope you are right and FS+ just takes over the rights that Setanta had and continues to add even more rugby. You are right about the coverage – any rugby is better than none. And yes I did subscribe to FSW on channel 401 when I used to be on Comcast.

    @Jay A. and Jacob thanks for the tip. I hope it shows up on the printed schedule and they fix the issue with a different program starting 30mins after the Super 14 games start.

    @jmf – that is precisely my fear. I hope FS+ doesn’t become try to cater to only soccer fans (despite its name). I would prefer that it kept the mix that Setanta had. On the other hand there might not be enough demand for the type of coverage Setanta had among US consumers.

    The saga continues!

  17. Re: Super 14 on FSC+

    So the guide on my FIOS DVR just populated for the next two weeks for Setanta/FSC+. Previously it was showing no programing from March 1st. Bad news is not a sign of the Super 14 either live or delayed/replayed. Hopefully the Fios guide data is wrong, but all the programming corresponds to the online guide. The online web guide has the S14 games overlapping other soccer coverage. My DVR shows the soccer coverage only. Dagger!

  18. fox soccer plus just remove all the super14 rugby that was show on there site,this is suck big time man,i know its a soccer fan but damn living in the states is sad when its coming to watch rugby on tv

  19. Just like I feared – no Super 14 and only inferior Northern Hemisphere rugby. Definitely going to cancel now.

    1. Something definitely fishy here. Doesn’t make sense they would only have rights to show Super 14 for one week. Customer service last week confirmed they would have Super 14 as well as Tri-Nations, Currie Cup and Air New Zealand Cup this summer.

      I sent an e-mail to customer service again to ask about the Super 14 being removed from the schedule, if I get a response I will post it.

    2. Good news! Super 14 is back on the online schedule and shows up again in the list under the ‘shows’ tab. Next live match is this Friday 3/12. And it looks like the matches are now given the correct two-hour length in the schedule.

  20. i contact fox soccer plus and this is what they said

    Hello John,

    Thank you for contacting us regarding FOX Soccer’s new FOX Soccer Plus channel. We have a current lineup of coverage in place including UEFA, Barclay’s, and Lega games, along with Air New Zealand Cup, Currie Cup, Super 14, Tri-Nations, Guinness Premiership, Heineken Cup, & Magners League rugby offerings.

    Right now they take super14 off the channel guide,i’m confuse are they or now so i can cancel it

    Also, we are looking to add additional leagues and events as the seasons develop. For further information

    1. Very glad to hear that Tri-Nations will be on FS+. Btw, I posted above that Super 14 is back on the schedule now.

      1. Excellent Jay, thanks for the heads up. I checked earlier today and it wasn’t updated yet.

        I am still awaiting my response from customer service :-)

  21. I have been on to FSC+ about this as well. S14 is on the FSC+ schedule, but not Dish Networks sced for that channel- weird. Have been back and forth with them and they told me that they see that there is some sort of problem with Dish not broadcasting the games and are looking into it.

    Can watch Pro Hotdog eating in HD here but have to jump thru hoops to see a game of footie – sad.

    1. That makes absolutely no sense. Why would Dish show all other FS+ content but the Super 14? FS+ has the same programming for every provider. Did you check to see if the games were shown last week?

      I have FiOS and my guide was not updated last week to reflect the Super 14 programming for the Friday morning match so I set my DVR for a manual recording and was able to record that match. On Friday FiOS finally updated the guide to show the two Saturday morning matches. They didn’t update the guide until this evening to reflect this week’s matches.

      Give it time to see if your guide gets updated, even if it’s not I would say it’s almost a given you’ll get the matches.

      1. Parhaps my dish guide has not updated. But you are right, it did make absolutly no sense for all the old setanta programming to port across without s14 – but they were/are missing. I did not try a manual timer tho, so will try that. Mabey reboot by box as well – could be at my end I suppose.

        Hope it gets sorted one way or another.

  22. For rugby fans, “Fox Soccer Plus” has quit six nations rugby so you will not see any more as from today 03.14.2010, includes any repeats from weekend games, it’s the first of many rugby cuts by this channel since they took over from Setanta, It will be dominated by soccer from Italy, Australia, and argentina, your current subscription of $14.95 is now minus rugby….. I for one will not pay for this.


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