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Who Do You Watch Football With?

Pub Goers watching soccer Who Do You Watch Football With?

This may apply more to my American brethren than to my English brethren, but as I sit watching football alone for the thousandth time, I wonder if fellow footie friends like myself experience countless hours solely devoting themselves to their passion in an excited state of oneness.

In this post I’ll attempt to rank (from an “all alone football fan” perspective) who I envy the most when it comes to the football viewer.

#1. The Punters – Are you fortunate enough to live near the club you support? Haven’t missed a match in how many years? How long of a train ride do you have until you reach the grounds? Season ticket holder? I bet you’ve lived near your club your whole life? (Lucky B**tards)

#2. The Pub Goers – See your second family more than your first? I admire these folk. In the States and around the globe, they get up at ridiculous hours of the day (usually between 5 and 6 AM) to drive, walk, or run to the pub in order to drink lager way too early in the day and sit, stand or cram their way into 2 hours of like-minded bliss.

In England, pub going should be a bit easier and I’m sure more familiar as a 12 PM, 3 PM or later kickoff on a Saturday is a more natural time to visit a pub, and in some places it’s the national pastime. Still, for those of us who live in small or medium size cities, the pub atmosphere where football is offered isn’t always available. Cherish these times of overpriced beer and the new guy screaming in your ear. At least you have them.

#3. The Football Family – Is every member of your immediate family a supporter of the same team? As long as you’re not sick of them, what better way to spend a Saturday or Wednesday night than with family taking in a match from your own home? Have a meal, have a laugh, have some drinks and watch a match. A perfect day. They’ll always be there to console you when your club has a bad night. With the football family, remember, misery loves company.

#4. The All Alone Football Fan – Raise your hand, and raise it high. There’s nothing to be ashamed of because I’m with you and I feel your pain. Out of 1,000 hours of football watched, I probably spend 998 of those hours by my lonesome. Who in your family leaves the room as soon as you turn a match on? Being alone does have it’s advantages. You can say, wear, eat, or drink whatever you want. Why fight the crowds, the high ticket prices, the expensive pints, the travel? We’re a comfortable lot who look forward to the weekends where we spend copious amounts of hours indoors, alone and often times talking to ourselves.

Who am I kidding, I envy all of you who have season tickets, pub mates or family members who you can share the exceptional feeling that the beautiful game emits. This game unites people and what better way to feel that unity than to share it with another human being, countryman, wife, brother, flatmate/roommate or stranger?

However you enjoy football, you’re no better or worse than the next guy as long as you’re true to your passions. Although, attending the World Cup final where England beats Brazil 3-2 on a Wayne Rooney header in the 91st would be something special, but I’m just saying,…

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