Fox Soccer Channel Promotes TV, Web and Mobile Capabilities With New TV Ads

Fox Soccer Channel has released two new TV commercials that promote the channel being available to soccer fans via the Internet, mobile and television.

The ads, entitled “Work” and “Chores,” show a passionate Barcelona supporter looking for ways to watch his favorite team in his busy life.

Both are well produced, feature great music and will definitely make soccer fans aware of Fox Soccer Channel’s mobile and web capabilities. The issue is though that still has enormous opportunities to improve, and Fox’s mobile platform on Verizon’s V Cast is in its infancy stages compared to what the mobile platform could provide in the future. Perhaps the new ads (shown above) foretell what enhancements Fox is planning to add in the near future to its web and mobile platforms?

16 thoughts on “Fox Soccer Channel Promotes TV, Web and Mobile Capabilities With New TV Ads”

      1. Gaffer,

        Why can’t I download the free football ground travel guide anymore? Would love to take a look at it again.



  1. I enjoyed the 2 promos for the various Fox Media Platforms.

    That said I have been disappointed in the lack of FSC’s presentation of the channel since its inception. With schools like UCLA and USC to draw from couldn’t Fox bring in a couple of kids to put together better video packages to hype the games they air as well as the league themselves and stars that play in it? I know that FSC is stretched for time because of the lack of commercials but with LALA land to draw from they should be able to present the channel a lot better than they do.

  2. I just wish that was like espn360, so I don’t have to pay extra to view content online when I already invest roughly $20 a month at home for FSC and Setanta currently

    1. Exactly, there needs to be a way to allow FSC subscribers, who are already paying for a premium sports package, to watch online for free.

      More mobile phone options would be cool, also, but I’m not holding my breath for that.

  3. My hopes were up when I saw that they were using an iphone to view games. However, those were shot down when I went on to read the it’s only on Verizon. As well done as the commercials are, they are misleading when I see the use of iphones in both commercials.

  4. Who knew Villa was so popular in the Latino community? I have to think it’s thanks to Carlos Cuellar, and Guzan’s time with Chivas! :)

    Also – have to love the cop issuing a “yellow card” for jaywalking…good stuff.

  5. Good eye, Gaffer.

    Did you happen to see that there is a new ESPN3(60).com ad featuring Derek Rae and the U.S.’s upset of Spain in the Confederations Cup?

    It’s a reworking of the commercial featuring the six overtime college basketball game from a few years ago, and it talks about how foolish you would feel if you missed that game, since it was on ESPN3(60).com. I’ve tried to find it online, but to no avail.

  6. Setanta-i is better than ESPN360. You can record any games, there is on demand, the visual quality is much better, etc. I hope FSC copies Setanta’s model.

  7. If the expected lukewarm launch of FSPlus by content distributors isn’t a good reason for content providers to take more control of their product, I don’t know what is. Gaffer, you’ve spoken times before about the eminent demise of cable but this will not happen until companies like Fox call their bluff by exploiting the “mobile and “Internet” options that weren’t viable just a few years ago.

    With WiFi almost ubiquitous, 4G networks soon to be rolled out, and the likes of Google and Apple lining up to turn everything on its head once the old Analog TV signals are formatted for new media, hopefully that day will come sooner than we think.

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