England Away Football Shirt for 2010 World Cup Revealed


Umbro today revealed pictures of the new England away soccer shirt for the 2010 World Cup. The red design is reminiscent of the England away shirt from the 1966 World Cup and features white cuffs and a round collar and the England Three Lions crest above the heart with a red star to identify England’s one World Cup Final victory.

A full set of images of England’s World Cup away shirt can be found on Umbro’s Flickr stream.

In conjunction with the unveiling of the new shirt, Umbro also released a video of English rock band Kasabian playing live in concert in front of an audience in Paris. Watch the video to hear the reaction of the French audience to a band wearing England away shirts (see below).

To buy soccer shirts for any of the 32 teams in the 2010 World Cup, visit our sister site World Cup Buzz.

What do you think of England’s new away shirt? Share your feedback and opinions in the comments section below.

22 thoughts on “England Away Football Shirt for 2010 World Cup Revealed”

  1. Love it when he comes out wearing the shirt and the french start booing. If only we had them in our group so we could give them a good kicking.
    God i hate the french

  2. i think it’s a fantastic looking shirt. It does appear to be oddly two shades of red, and I don’t know why the star is nigh-invisible. But simple is the way to go, no unnecessary colored stitching or piping or random splatches of color.

    1. Have you SEEN the home shirt!? The star is invisible because the shirts are a throwback to the days before England won the World Cup. The shirt is also not really two tone, the sleeves are just made of a different material than the front of the shirt, so the light hits it a bit differently.

  3. I think those are hideous. Just my opinion though.

    Have the USA announced what jerseys they are wearing for 2010? If so, anyone have a link to them? Wouldn’t mind ordering one.

  4. It looks like a long sleave t-shirt. I don’t get it.

    The US has not revealed their kits for the 2010 World Cup yet. I don’t think any of the Nike kits have been revealed as of yet.

  5. for those saying hideous..i’m sure the americans will look like crap too. i mean, they won’t be at the world cup for long.

  6. Not too sure about the 2 tone colour but it’s still the best away shirt England has had in 20 years – well done Umbro.

  7. I know this is off topic but…
    Gaffer you might want to make a new article about Fox Soccer Channel going HD on Dish Network tomorrow. It has been confirmed.

  8. What a hideous monstrosity. You’d have to be blind to give praise to that abortion. I don’t care how historically accurate they are. They are murder to the eyes.

  9. Awesome. Loving Umbro’s retro styling for England and Man City. Check out the Umbro blog – http://blog.umbro.com – an interesting read with some great entries on the design process and some great links to old kit photos etc.

    NB. Why the star is not gold –
    Designer David Blanch – “The star is featured but it’s in a tonal colour… It’s a mark of respect for the team that won without the weight of expectation for the team that are going to win it again.”

  10. “Designer David Blanch – “The star is featured but it’s in a tonal colour… It’s a mark of respect for the team that won without the weight of expectation for the team that are going to win it again.”

    ha, i doubt any kit shenanigans can ease any of the insane pressure some of the players must feel. if only the Sun’s headlines could be printed in a more ‘tonal colour’

  11. I think the shirt is awesome. For Umbro to unveil it in France was brilliant. Cannot wait to order mine
    In regards to the US jersey. I like the grey away jersey. Shame they will only wear it 3 times in South Africa.

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