John Terry Out as England Captain, Rio Ferdinand Promoted

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John Terry has been removed as England men’s national team captain, the FA confirmed this afternoon.

Fabio Capello is said to have given the Chelsea captain the verdict during a short meeting on Friday at Wembley.

The FA released a statement from Capello outlining his decision:

“After much thought, I have made the decision that it will be best for me to take the captaincy away from John Terry.

“As a captain with the team, John Terry has displayed extremely positive behaviour. However, I have to take into account other considerations and what is best for all of the England squad.

“What is best for all of the England team has inspired my choice.

“John Terry was notified first.

“When I chose John Terry as captain, I also selected a vice-captain and also named a third choice. There is no reason to change this decision.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank The FA, particularly Lord David Triesman and Ian Watmore for allowing me to make this decision in my own time and in the best interest of the team.”

Terry has been under intense scrutiny since last week when the public became aware of his affair with the ex-partner of Wayne Bridge, his fellow national team member and former teammate at Stamford Bridge.

According to the Telegraph, Rio Ferdinand will replace John Terry, something intimated in Capello’s statement.

Ferdinand narrowly lost-out on the captaincy when Capello evaluated the position after his initial managerial appointment.  The Manchester United defender will replace his central defense-partner, with Liverpool’s Steven Gerrard reportedly to serve as vice captain.

43 thoughts on “John Terry Out as England Captain, Rio Ferdinand Promoted”

  1. And with no obvious choice to replace him – Ferdinand has had a wretched season and gives increasing hints of being on the wrong side of the hill. The only candidate with a bigger problem in that department is Gerrard. So who does it go to?

    Could it move to Lampard? Or would that just be too tense, with Terry still captaining Chelsea?

    Or Rooney? Surely he’s still too young…

  2. People make mistakes all the time not sure why the England Cap’n has to be held to such a high standard. Wayne Bridge is making such a big deal, but everything I read they weren’t a couple anymore when it happened. Trying to spin a positive, I guess any turmoil with English team is good for USA chances at the World Cup.

    1. Because he slept with a teammate’s girlfriend. And that sows tremendous discord in the dressing room. Capello does not care about the public relations of it. He does, however, care if the dressing room is going to be unified and behind the captain, or if the captaincy is going to cause drama.

      1. It wasn’t Bridges’ girlfriend. It was his ex and the mother of his child. They were no longer a couple. Not saying what Terry did is OK, but you should have your facts straight first. Terry should have resigned first, before he was removed.

    2. lets hope this leads to an english flop in the group play. honestly, i don’t think an english flop will help or hurt the US chances . . . as either way it is still up to the USA to beat algeria and slovenia. but, it would be really nice to see the USA finish above engerland.


      do i think that is going to happen, no . . . but it is fun to think about.

  3. Nice job, Capello. Some may argue that a player’s personal life should be excluded form his professional career, however, a captain needs to be held to higher standards. Could you really expect Terry to inspire the team after some (or all) of the players know of his behavior?

    The new captain? It has to be Wayne Rooney.

    And you have to understand that as a Liverpool supporter I don’t really like admitting this – but credit needs to be given where it’s due.

    If we get anywhere in this World Cup, it’ll be because of Wayne Rooney.

  4. Capello could follow the Italian example of appointing the player with the most international appearances, which would see David Beckham regain the armband. I think that’d be a good choice.

  5. A captain will need to be on the pitch for the full 90 minutes so I doubt Beckham will renamed captain. With Ferdinand on his way out of Old Trafford this summer Rooney, along with his new contract, will be named United captain Capello just might give it to him. He is young but has been around the national side since he was 18.

  6. Capello made it pretty clear who the new captain is:

    “When I chose John Terry as captain, I also selected a vice-captain and also named a third choice. There is no reason to change this decision.”

    Number 2 was Rio. Number 3 was Gerrard. They each move up a notch on the totem pole.

    John Terry is an incredibly selfish shit. From his open campaigning to become Captain to his attempts to sell himself to advertisers as the “England Captain”, to his refusal to do the right thing (and, in the process, grab an opportunity to start his public rehabilitation), his me-first, “did nothing wrong” attitude, it’s pretty clear that the Captaincy wasn’t about helping build a team as it was self-promotion and ego stroking.

    This is exactly why this wasn’t a hard decision for Capello.

  7. “John Terry is an incredibly selfish shit. From his open campaigning to become Captain to his attempts to sell himself to advertisers as the “England Captain”, to his refusal to do the right thing (and, in the process, grab an opportunity to start his public rehabilitation), his me-first, “did nothing wrong” attitude, it’s pretty clear that the Captaincy wasn’t about helping build a team as it was self-promotion and ego stroking.”

    I couldn’t agree more.

  8. I’d much rather see Gerrard as captain than Ferdinand. Its not even one hundred percent that Ferdinand will even be fit for the World Cup, much less good form. Not that Gerrard is in particularly good form either.

  9. i don’t agree with the decision to drop JT, but I can definitely understand it. Ferdinand as captain might inspire him to play better, but his fitness is definitely in question. I think Lampard should have been chosen as the vice-captain because he is more vocal than Gerrard. Gerrard shows his leadership by example on the pitch, but lacks the vocal leadership required as a captain.

    But overall, we are making too big of a deal about the captaincy. It isn’t as important as it seems to be.

    1. “But overall, we are making too big of a deal about the captaincy. It isn’t as important as it seems to be.”

      Thank you….Period.

  10. Dropping JT as captain was the right thing to do by Capello. It has been suggested that being the teams captain isn’t important. I coudn’t disagree more, being selected as captain is a privilage and the armband should be worn with honour and pride, especially when playing for your country.
    As far as JT is concerned he should have thought about the consequences, not only in his private life but his public one as well. I hope he does the right thing and gets it all sorted.


  11. I like the way this was handled. Capello took some time, but not too much time. He made it clear that JT didn’t resign. As has been said before, it is a cermonial position, Rooney is still a leader on the field, and Beckham or some of the older players will be a leader off the field.

  12. Why even have a captain anymore? It’s completely outdated and irrelevant. Does anyone follow the lead of a captain in an era of me-first athletes? I for one don’t agree with what JT did, but the entire process is just ridiculous. Would Derek Jeter lose his “captaincy” of the yankees for sleeping with Alex Rodriguez’s girlfriend? No. Maybe there’s something different and perception of the position being “noble” in England, but I don’t get it.

    Then again the whole thing has been blown way out of proportion by the British media/tabloids. Compare what JT did (I’m not defending him btw) to what Tiger Woods did. From what I’ve seen the JT incident was as big in the UK as the Woods incident was in the US, but as far as I’ve heard it’s just one girl, compared to what, 20 or more? Albeit it wasn’t a friend’s girlfriend, but this is kind of stuff probably happens all the time. A friend is close to a major college football program (used to tutor several players at an SEC school) and she told me that there were many times incidents similar to this happened at that school. A few times it was with a player’s current girlfriend.

    Does JT deserve to lose his captaincy? Probably, yes. Should Wayne Bridge and JT’s wife beat his butt? Yes. Should this thing have been made this big of a deal? Heck no. Talk about blown out of proportion.

    1. John Terry cheated with just one girl? Some history:

      The relevant bits:
      >>Meanwhile, Terry’s love life has been no less colourful. He is engaged to beautician Toni Poole, 24, and in their first seven years together is said to have strayed at least eight times, but has always been forgiven.

      >>Last September, he said: “I really regret what I’ve done to Toni. I’m not going to cheat on her ever again and want to marry her more than anything in the world.”

      >>But two months later lurid revelations were made in The Sun about how Terry enjoyed a passionate clinch in his £100,000 Bentley with a busty teenager who had asked for his autograph and then sent her lewd text messages suggesting a threesome with one of her friends.

      >>In an interview with the Daily Mail’s soccer correspondent Matt Lawton last year, Terry said he had cleaned up his act after the nightclub bouncer incident and liked to spend his spare time fishing. “I had to learn from my experiences, and I like to think I’ve grown into a good bloke,” he said.

      >>He added: “I had to sort myself out really. I wasn’t as bad as some people tried to make out.”

      So 8 times plus Bridge’s EX. At least nine, compared with Tiger’s number, whatever it is. I could really care less about who’s ex it is, but the guy is just pure dirt to treat any woman the way he has Toni. It’s the same problem most people have with Tiger. If you want to go out and sleep with a lot of women, that’s fine. But if you’re wife doesn’t go for that, then you shouldn’t be married. The only reason Woods and Terry are married is for image, so the press can post pictures of their family outings and they can get endorsements. There is nothing more disgusting than people who use (and abuse) other people!

  13. John Terry is a scuzzbucket and always has been. I was shocked he was named as captain in the first place. From making fun of American tourists at Heathrow right after 9/11 to his long history of drunken late-night partying and infedility to his horrible abuse of referees, he was hardly the man to lead England. England are better off without him wearing the armband.

    1. I’m so sick and tired of the “making fun of American tourists” thing that gets trotted out every time. The only thing he was guilty of there was being insensitive and getting drunk. He didn’t abuse or make fun of any tourists, he just happened to be getting drunk in the same bar that some were at.

      I’m not saying it’s anything to be proud of, but you’re making it into something it wasn’t.

      1. Oh shut up.

        Yes, he got drunk and MADE FUN OF AMERICAN TOURISTS. May not have been physical abuse, but it was abuse nonetheless no matter how you cut it.

        Besides, if it wasn’t a big deal…then the club wouldn’t have docked him two weeks’ worth of wages.

        Good effing Lord.

        OH and if you want proof:

        In pure black and white. This only shows that JT is a moron at best and too bad one of those American tourists that he ridiculed didn’t hang him out to dry. Disgraceful.

        1. The BBC article you linked doesn’t seem to mention JT making fun of tourists.

          “‘They were causing lots of noise and knocking things over in the bar and upsetting everyone. They were really drunk.’

          The players later moved on to the nearby Airport Bowl bowling alley, where they shocked onlookers by diving down the lanes head first.”

          Now, if they dove down the lanes headfirst, making airplane noises, ok, that’s making fun…

  14. I think Capello made the right decision. Although I doubt he much cares one way or the other about Terry’s personal indiscretions, you can rest assured that he does care very much about the locker room chemistry and acted based on that. As for Terry, I’ve always thought him to be a thug and a bully both on and off the pitch. Look at his actions at Heathrow in 2001 and the nightclub assault and affray in 2002 as well as his constant getting all up in the referees’ face during any given match. Maybe we will get to see some more photos of him blubbering like a little girl like the ones taken after he was arrested.

  15. Well done Capello!!!

    John Terry is a right f*cking scumbag. Makes fun of my fellow yanks at Heathrow during 9/11 to having an affair with Wayne Bridge’s ex. This guy is sure a low-life…oh and lets not forget his thuggish antics as well.

    BUT WHY OH WHY is Rio “dope” Ferdinand the captain now?!? He’s a thug on and off the pitch and would probably do anything for his dope addiction…except take a drug test…ha!

    There is only ONE person IMO that deserves to be captain of England and has a clean record as well. And that player is none other than:


    (coming from a Liverpool supporter)

  16. RIO as captain:

    At teh moment, Rio is a logical choice because he’s the vice captain. No other reason right now and quite frankly, no need to drag things on further with a drawn out “Who’s the next captain?” debate.

    If he’s still captain by WC2010, he’ll have it on merit. If he can’t meet expectations, there will quietly be a new captain. Much less fanfare for that change than this one! For now, however, Capello’s goal was to put out a fire, not stoke a new one. This was about gettting rid of an unworthy captain, not a changing of the guard.

  17. Well done Fabio. I’m pleased with the decision, but wouldn’t mind if it had went to Gerrard. I don’t think Lampard had a chance. It appears that Fabio only chooses from the club captains, which Lampard isn’t and neither is Rooney

  18. this serves the muthaf#cking scum sucking all about me arsehole that is
    terry right.couldn’t have happened to nicer bloke.we also have a scapegoat
    when we crash again like we always do. although i would love to see rio lift that cup
    it might even compare with the c.league victory over the rentboys of c.f.c
    cmon united
    after sunday we just might be top of the league

  19. Hmm if I had to pick it’d be between Ferdinand and Rooney.

    Their both natural leaders and can pretty much change the way the entire team plays.

  20. I was almost rolling with laughter when I read the headline in a number of places: TERRY STRIPPED OF HIS TITLE. At leasr it makes for a refreshing change; apparently all too often the former England captain was being stripped of his clothes. The rumour is Terry told the media: “Being stripped this way isn’t as much fun!”

  21. Capello has made it quite clear, this is HIS team, ultimately he is responsible and has taken positive action. He should be applauded for that. I don’t see anyone arguing about JT’s ability as a centre back, even as a Man Utd supporter I would pick him for the England side. But, this is not HIS side as he seems to think. He might get away with that at CFC but being appointed captain of your country is THE highest honour a player can have bestowed on him. JT has pushed the self destruct button. Only he is to blame. No remorse, no apologies, just “spin” to his team mates etc. Not good enough. Simples!

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