Revealed: First Images Of Fox Soccer Channel HD


EPL Talk has the first images of Fox Soccer Channel HD. Ever since Fox switched to HD on Thursday, January 28, soccer fans around the United States have been calling their cable and satellite providers to find out when the soccer network’s HD signal will be added to the channel listings. As of press time, no carriers have added the HD channel and no one has seen what FSC looks like in HD. Until now.

Thanks to a very kind EPL Talk reader who works in the TV industry and who has access to FSC HD’s distribution feed, EPL Talk can share with you eight different screen grabs from Fox Soccer Channel from this past Sunday featuring:

  • Arsenal v Manchester United,
  • Juventus v Lazio,
  • Super Sunday Plus, and
  • a couple of Fox Soccer Channel promos.

The image of Andrei Arshavin above is from FSCHD. Just click on the image to see a full-size version. Pretty incredible, huh?

And here are seven more images of Fox Soccer Channel HD:

Here are the other screen grabs of Fox Soccer Channel HD. Be sure to click each image for a full-sized version to get a better glimpse of the picture quality:








Now that you’ve had a chance to view the first images of Fox Soccer Channel in HD, what do you think? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

132 thoughts on “Revealed: First Images Of Fox Soccer Channel HD”

  1. Gone through all levels of Comcast and guess what still on answer on when or if Twin Cities Comcast will get this channel or its sister channel on March 1 – went as high as corporate office – just so unimpressed with Comcast – they took us over in 2006 and it just can’t get worse or can it.

    The photos are ace – lets us see what we are missing – just have to get our HD soccer fix during the Champions League and World Cup !!!

  2. Well now, Gaffer, we’ve all seen the EPL in HD, so I don’t think this is any big deal, unless you’re just trying to prove that FSC HD actually exists. On the other hand you could just be part of the FSC hype machine. Now the lunatics (including me) will really go off the deep end. Nice job! 😉

    On another note, that studio shot (minus the Bud stuff) looks suspiciously like the old Rugby Club where Brownie and Bretos used to hang out.

  3. Still don’t like the “bugs” they use on the screen. At this point, not a big deal…but I am sure I am not the only one.

  4. I have been waiting for confirmation if any provider was carrying FSC HD. Last night on Fox Football Fone-In, Eric Wynalda chuckled when Nick Webster said FSC is now available in High Definition!!

  5. There’s something wrong with the second to last image. Christian Miles is still visible, and presumably, audible.

    1. Haha, so true. FSC has HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE on-air talent. Max Bretos, Christian Miles and Kieth Costigan are absolutely horrendous. Completely mis-pronouncing names and regular old English words consistently. They are also havens for mis-information, often citing little ‘nuggets of knowledge’ that are factually incorrect. The absolute worst is Max Bretos trademark ‘YYYYYYYEEEEEEESSSSSS!!!!!!’ whenever a goal is scored. Oh God how I loathe FSC’s on-air talent.

      1. Lance,

        Too funny how your brought up the ‘YYYYYYYEEEEEEESSSSSS!!!!!!’. I cringe when I hear that fool yell that horrendous sound! Where did he come up with that? can write a story on that sound alone! Is he trying to start an American goal cry for commentators?


      2. Kartik actually had a very different take on this in a comment on the blog here a while back that was pretty enlightening. While Max’s calls are jarring to fans of the (ooh, sorry, ex-pats) very reserved British-style match calling, they are perfectly within the tradition of Mexican/Central & South American announcers (a style with which Max was extremely familiar from his youth up). Kartik’s argument was that if Fox were trying to appeal to fans who had come up listening to that style of call, Max was a terrific fit. For all his flaws, I for one am sorry to see Max go; he brought a sense of humor to the game which is sorely lacking in most American announcers (with the exception of the just-as-reviled Tommy Smyth and the incomparable Schoen/Hudson combo).

    1. Hi Stephen, I believe it’s because Fox’s agreement is with the Premier League, not Sky. So, as a result, the Premier League provides the TWI/IMG feed to international broadcasters.

      The Gaffer

      1. That’s strange, but I guess it makes sense. I assume they have their deal with UEFA is different for the Champions League coverage, which I believe will involve the Sky Sports broadcast.

      2. Heres one gaffer? Setanta, ESPN all sublease the EPL from FOX here in the US.

        So why does Setanta and ESPN show the UK/Ireland feeds for the same games that they are subleasing?

        1. Robert, good question. Setanta uses the feed from Setanta Ireland since that way we can get Paul Dempsey and Pat Dolan’s analysis and the commentary from the Setanta Ireland blokes. As for ESPN, they use the TWI feed on Saturday morning but use the ESPN UK feed on Monday nights.

          Fox Soccer Channel, although they’re owned by News Corp who owns Sky Sports, has no Fox Soccer Channel UK across the pond.

          The Gaffer

          1. But if FSC can show Sky Sports News live a few times a day surely in reality they could show the Sky Sports feed. But if they did that I am sure Christian Miles would be out of a job. And Fox would loose money by having to show less commericals.

            I bet FOX come up with some excuse about Americans not being able to understand the English accent/language. Altohugh in reality it be down to showing less commericals.

            Thats why I love the games on Setatna and ESPN2 they just show the TMI feed and let us get on with seeing the beatiful game.

  6. Nice, can’t wait to see Terry Leigh in HD! And that commercial where she points to her lap asking us to join her right there, love it.

    Any word on fsc ratings? Read a lot about espn 2 epl ratings but interested to see fsc.

    1. No, Dish already has FSC-HD transmitting from their satellite, it is just not available to customers yet.
      This is because Dish is adding about a dozen HD channels all at once, with a big Marketing Splash.
      By revealing the date, FSC’s web site was diluting the Marketing Splash.
      Dish usually adds channels on Wednesday, so it is highly likely that it will occur on February 10th.

  7. A sponsored Budweiser ‘bar’ and the international feed – YUCK! Gaffer, they’re starting to cave into HD, now pressure them into showing Sky Sports coverage – like I gather ESPN US show ESPN UK when possible.

  8. Well, that looKs pretty sharp, for a channel that can be viewed by not a single person. We’re all pawns in the game between fox and content providers. Wake me up when the Channel is actually carried by anyone.

  9. I’m surprised with the lack of knowledge about what HD means here!

    The images are not HD, they are simply SD in a widescreen format! “480p” if you want — there are only 480 lines of vertical resolution. Full HD would be 1080 lines of vertical resolution. Although I’m not expecting full 1080p from TWC since FSC is not a very popular network I’m expecting at least a 720p feed!

  10. AFAIK all Serie A matches are HD. For the Premier League it’s only matches shown on UK TV right now – ie. every game that is not at 3pm/10am US on a Saturday or Sunday. So the majority will be shown upscaled – albeit from 576i (sharper than the 480i SD used over there) and in 16:9 widescreen.
    Phil – I presume the original captures have been resized!

    1. All fox HD is 720p/60fps, however, the source from Europe is 1080i/25fps I think and then transcoded for distrobution in the US

    1. Seriously, WTF?

      There is no need to complain, they are just center cutting their 16×9 HD Feed for SD distribution. Almost every network that has gone to a digital infrastructure does that. Hell, Dish Network and DirecTV do that for Local channels.

      Also, every network that has an HD feed, has a pop up or bug or notification that the programming is available in HD.

      Stop the whining grab your blankie and take a freaking nap…

    1. No, its standard practice in the TV industry. Contacting the FCC is just creating unneeded complaints to an already overwhelmed oversight agency.

      Every ESPN broadcast begins with the announcers says that the event is available in stunning HD with the ESPN HD logo and bug.

      TNT has the pop up on all its programming.

      CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX all do it as well.

      All the Universal networks have this in their programming.

      Do you need me to continue?

      Fox seriously dropped the ball on this launch by not having carriage agreements lined up for FSC HD to be added Day 1. Now we just have to wait for MSOs to have the bandwidth and carriage agreements to get signed.

      1. I disagree. “available in HD” is fine to scroll by…but when I am watching ESPN it says “ESPN” and when I watch ESPNHD the bug says “ESPNHD”. I think this is being done on purpose by FSC to cause confusion and flood calls to cable/sat providers. It is a descriptive practice and why is that not an item for a complaint?

          1. I agree, but instead of being clear of their intentions they are taking advantage of the confusion. So instead of the customer calling to say “I want FSC HD” they are calling and saying “the screen says it is HD but it doesn’t look right”. Or even better people are sitting home thinking they are really watching an HD match. I guess in some ways the whole SD > HD transition has been confusing to customers and I guess FSC is trying to use to their advantage.

      2. The “WTF” opening and the “grab your blankie” ending lower the dialog to a name calling level. It is pointless and makes it easy to dismiss your otherwise thoughtful and lucid statement. I agree with everything you said in the middle, but those parts make you seem like a bully.

        1. I apologize, it frustrates me when people start hollering about calling the FCC and that crap.

          It’s no a simple business transaction between FSI/FSC and the Video Service providers.

  11. For anyone who wants to see what it looks like in HD. The Fox sports channels (Fox Sports Southwest in my area) are replaying the Arsenal/ManU match on their HD channel at 2pm central today.

    1. I don’t believe that the FSNs are using the FSC HD feed. I DVR’d the noon showing on MSG+HD and it was the SD feed, but looked a lot better than FSC SD over the weekend.

  12. I really hope that these screen grabs are not really the full size because it is not HD. Taking the image into photoshop and analyzing it shows a resolution of 853×480 and obviously with the jaggies in the pictures it is interlaced so these must be 480i. As others have mentioned it better at least be 720p and here’s to foolishly hoping that it would be 1080p or at least 1080i.

    I called DishNetwork and DirectTV and both are not offering it yet and couldn’t provide me information as to when either. Not looking too good from any angle for me.

  13. Recent convo with TWC in Texas

    Jack Carter: I am sorry, FOX soccer HD is not yet available. We would be adding 10 new HD channels to the lineup soon. We have FOX sports HD on channel 1639
    Jonathan: do you have a rough idea when that will be? will it be free as with the other hd channels?
    Jack Carter: This would be done in the month of Febraury. I am sorry, exact details are not available yet.

    Its coming….

  14. This is the response that I got from Cablevision:

    Dear Valued Customer,

    Thank you for your email. I understand, and will be happy to assist you. Fox Soccer Channel did announce on January 28th that they are now broadcasting in HD. We do not have a date as to when the channel will be available, but we are constantly looking to improve the HD lineup. Check back often at as we update the website with any and all new information.

    If you have any further inquires regarding your Cablevision service please feel free to contact us back or please visit us at

    Thank you for choosing Cablevision.


  15. Fox like ESPN like to show their HD channels only at 720P. That is why Univision and Telefutura would have better signal for the world cup “1080i”. I was not aware that Serie A was in HD but that is welcome news. Do remember back when msnbc launch their HD channel, it took sometime for all carriers to bring it on board. The only exception to this rule was TBS that launch their signal back in 2008 prior to the beginning of the baseball playoffs, and must carriers launch the signal right away.

    With all this say, Please note that football is not that popular in the US, and the carriers will take their sweet time to add the HD signal. In addition, Fox has a very aggressive negotiation practice, and that does not make good friends in the Cable arena.

    So be patient, soon all sports channels will be in HD.

  16. as a rule of thumb . . . the CSR’s for the various content providers are worse informed than any of us. meaning, the CSR’s are usually the last to know when something is coming in HD. if you guys want the best word on it, scour the internet for the various websites that have insight from actual employees (or connected people). i for one trust . . . but there are several other sites out there. either way, don’t waste your time with the CSR’s, as you are 100% sure of getting inaccurate info.

  17. btw, many ‘HD’ signals are upscaled SD and still look mighty fine . . . you guys shouldn’t get your panties in a bunch about the fact that most won’t be end-to-end HD. up until lately, many of the HD broadcasts on ESPN weren’t end-to-end HD . . . but still look 100% better than standard SD. anyone that has used a DVD upscaler to see movies in HD will know what i am talking about.

    like it or not, there just isn’t a ton of sports content out there that is true HD.

  18. One thing I don’t understand is why FSC doesn’t broadcast widescreen SD? Is there some technical reason? I’m not talking HD BTW, just 16:9 widescreen SD. All the EPL games that are broadcast live in the UK can be seen widescreen there, even if they are SD.

    1. I don’t think we have the answer to that. Hopefully they will. Watching the ESPN2HD game last Saturday in 16×9 SD was a huge improvement over the SD being shown on FSC or Setanta. I would argue that is a bigger improvement than the jump from 16×9 SD to 16×9 HD. I am sure someone could argue technically it isn’t, but I will be very happy if every EPL game is at least in 16×9 SD.

      1. That is partially because the game was 576 resolution rather than 480, and partially because the ESPN2HD channel bitrate is much higher than the ESPN2 SD channel bitrate.
        But you are right that 16×9 does make a big difference.

        1. I join those who hope that FSC-HD and FSC+ will show all EPL matches in 16×9 widescreen, even the matches that originate in 16×9 SD.

          Watching in 4×3 is good for focusing on the play around the ball, but 16×9 is great for seeing more of the play away from the ball, like how the teams are lining up or how players away from the ball are positioning themselves.

  19. I really do not want to get in this conversation since it is too technically and some how misleading. In order to get a true HD “1080I, 1080P or 720p” the production crew needs to roll their HD cameras and support equipment. That is why some of the EPL games are either in 1080i or 480p. The broadcaster normal practice is to send the signal at the higher end and decode to a lower resolution, not the other way around. Remember for a game to be in true HD, the cameras need to be HD. The Saturday morning game on ESPN was in true definition, but that does not mean that ESPN has not upscale 480p signal to a view of 16×9.

    The naked eye can always tell the difference. The up-converted image looks stretch and the colors are not sharp. A good example will be the Cartoon Channel in HD. Most of the old cartoons were created for SD viewing, and not all of them have been re-digitiice to take advantage of the new hd resolution.

    Note that the last Monday afternoon games from ESPN are in true HD since ESPN is actually rolling their trucks and production crew to broadcast the game.

    I know for a fact that the Bundesliga, lA lIGA, The French League and the EPL broadcast their main games in HD, but I was not aware that The Italian league “Calzio” was broadcasting in true HD. Nonetheless, for next season we all can bet to see more European league games in HD.

    Fox wants to have both FSC and Fox en Espaniol in HD, and Goltv, if it survives this add recession is also planning to broadcast in HD.

    So be a little more patient, and enjoy what we are getting. Remember that a decade ago this was not even a discussion.

    1. watched a few minutes of the Monday afternoon ESPN2 game last night – the clarity of the HD was stunning. Best I have seen for EPL yet – so your comment makes a lot of sense. If we get the World Cup this summer with that HD clarity I will be very happy.

  20. Frustrating to say the least but the thank God for DISH. The pub here in Altamonte Springs, FL has both Bright House and DISH DVRs, for recording FSC and Setanta respectively. Now I can at least head to pub on weekends and enjoy FSC-HD on nice flat screen with some pints. Time delayed at pub vs. live at home in Standard definition? I’ll take the aforementioned, so long as my cell phone is off so as to avoid the spoilers from tossers who don’t know how to text, “Know the result yet?” first. :-) Cheers!

  21. i see these FSN channels that directv has are really from Comcast..they have Comcast all over them as sponsors, so that’s probably why the arsenal vs man u game isn’t in HD, Comcast probably doesn’t get FSCHD feed

    1. From what I can tell in the Chicago market, Comcast Sports Net is just a re-branded Fox Sports Net. I’m not sure of the marketing/business case behind the change, but from a technical standpoint, there doesn’t seem to be any difference. CSN has all the Cubs and Sox games in HD, don’t see why they wouldn’t have the FSCHD feed…

  22. Just checked the Direct TV Site & this is on there.
    At least it SOMEWHAT gives us hope they’re finally aware.

    How do I order Fox Soccer Plus?

    DIRECTV is in discussions to come to an agreement to offer most of the same programming on Fox Soccer Plus that you received with Setanta Sports. We will continue to update this question as more information becomes available.

  23. I think I’m even more excited that Serie A will be in HD. Serie A games tend to not look as good as the Premiership games so having those games in HD will be a big plus.

  24. FSC SUCK. For 3 years every major sport has its own HD channel while we wait and wait for those IDIOTS at FSC to get their heads out of their ASSES and join the HD world.Last year they finally announce its coming in Jan 2010.Here we are in FEB,they advertise the program in HD and we still can’t get it. FALSE advertisement is their specialty.LIARS LIARS LIARS,me and my team discontinued their service,WE DON’T NEED FSC ,THOUSAND THNX TO ESPN for the EPL,LA LIGUE and the WC 2010 all in HD.

    1. When did soccer become a major sport over here???? Relax pal. And is La Ligue a new league, I’ve never heard of it? And apparently it’s on ESPN in HD, wow. I should check it out. Why don’t you get your head out of your ass and join the english language world before you post next?

  25. I just wanted to ask and make a comment about this HD FSC, in Canada we have been recieving HD EPL for the entire season on The Score HD. Is this the first HD broadcast on any channel for EPL in the U.S? Ha, if so we Canadians beat you to the punch… gotta love us Canucks

  26. There’s a lot of confusion here. I live in the UK and here’s what you should soon be getting in HD. Note that the 576i stuff is shot in widescreen and will likely be shown upscaled as it is in the UK.

    SD 576i – Sat/Sun 3pm kickoffs, weekday matches not shown live on UK TV.
    HD 1080i – all matches shown live on UK TV on Sky or ESPN –

    Package A: 23 matches shown at 16:00 on Sundays (Sky)
    Package B: 23 matches shown at 13:30 on Sundays (Sky)
    Package C: Minimum of 12 matches at 20:00 on Monday, the rest either at 13:30 on Sunday or 17:15 on Saturday or other times (ESPN UK)
    Package D: Minimum of 18 matches at 17:15 on Saturday, the rest either at 13:30 on Sunday, 20:00 on Monday or other times (ESPN UK)
    Package E: 23 matches shown at 1245 on Saturdays (Sky)
    Package F: Seven to 13 matches on midweek evenings/bank holidays, 10 to 16 at 12:45 on Saturday and 16:00 on Sundays (Sky)

    Either next season or the season after all matches will be HD to satisfy Sky and BBC for highlights, and for international broadcasters. On top of that the Coca-Cola Championship matches shown live in the UK are HD, as is pretty much all live sport produced by Sky, and all major European Leagues (La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1, Bundesliga)

    1. Lee we don’t get the packages here in the US like we do back home in England.

      At the moment here in the US Fox Soccer Channel (Skys American Cousin) own all the tv rights to the premiership.

      Every single premiership game is shown live somewhere across the world and they pick up the TMI International Feed with English Commentary and they are able to keep the English Commentary and add there own.

      Fox Channel sublease the games to ESPN2 and Setanta.

      ESPN gets the lunch time kick off on a Saturday Morning and the Monday evening kick off.

      Setanta gets the first pick of games that kick off at 3pm

      Fox Soccer Channel gets 2nd choice of game to show and 5pm kick off.

      Setatna shows first game/ 1st choice game on a Sunday and Fox Shows the 2nd choice game on a Sunday.

      Between Setatna and FOX Soccer channel most premiership games that are now shown live will be shown as delayed video taped broadcast.

      I have watched every single Everton EPL game whether it be live or delayed in the past 12 months.

      Setanta US will cease broadcasting here on 28th Feb and will be replaced by Fox Soccer Channel plus.

      In England you only have the choice of SKY for Sat TV or Virgin Media for Cable.

      Here in US we have 2 sat providers Dish Network and Direct TV and there is different cable companies depending on where you live in US and what state and city and market they serve.

  27. “Canadian Red Devil February 2, 2010 at 9:30 pm

    I just wanted to ask and make a comment about this HD FSC, in Canada we have been recieving HD EPL for the entire season on The Score HD. Is this the first HD broadcast on any channel for EPL in the U.S? Ha, if so we Canadians beat you to the punch… gotta love us Canucks”


    Ah dude,
    Fox Sports has been showing the Champions League in HD on their regional sports networks
    ESPN 2 has been showing the early English Premier League Games in HD and La Liga in HD as well.

  28. Robert: “Lee we don’t get the packages here in the US like we do back home in England.”

    I am aware of that. My post is indicating that the games that are in the UK live rights packages are the ones produced in HD

  29. there are some promising comments on directv’s twitter :

    “Details still being worked out, on FSC+ more to come on it soon. ”

    FSC questions have been very frequent on there. this is good! i, myself could wait on the hd, i just NEED fsc + on 1 march. couldn’t stand to lose the matches they picked up from setanta!

        1. The Setanta business actually failed in the UK nearly a year ago and the EPL matches they had were taken over by ESPN. I was surprised they lasted so long here after that.

  30. is there any new news on anyone picking up fsc hd and fsc+ ?? i haven’t heard any new rumours in days….the 10 feb launch date on dish seems to have fizzled out.

  31. to Civrock:

    really???!!!??? msnbc hd ? i love it! can’t wait! ……just playin.

    that is great news about the last two tho. got me quite excited! i wonder where they found all that bandwidth. lol.

    do your sources have any info on the PLus channel being available from the launch date on directv?

  32. No info on FSC Plus but they’re still in negotiations as far as I know.

    You may not be as excited about MSNBC HD but it’s part of NBC Universal’s Olympics coverage. I’d like to watch all events in HD, wouldn’t you? 😉

    DTV may be close to capacity but it’s never been out of bandwidth… there’s plenty of leeway, as you can see with all their special event channels/coverage in HD (Tennis, etc).
    D12 will be up by the time they need more bandwidth again (for NFL and such).

  33. not a big olympics guy. i didn’t even watch one footy match from beijing. just can’t get into it, but that explains why they would put that hd channel up so quickly.

    i can only hope and pray plus is up by the 1st march!!

  34. Civrock,
    that is great news it it is true but what are your sources? Don’t get me worng but I have hard time believing that with all this drama going on about DirecTV and FSC HD. I feel drained 😉

  35. I spoke with a Comcast (Chicago) rep yesterday. They said they plan on adding FSC HD on Feb 13th and FSPlus HD on March 2-3rd. Not sure how reliable his info was. He said both channels were on a list of upcoming channel launches.

    1. I’m hoping that’s a new development with Comcast Chicago, I called them several times about 3 days ago, was curious if I’d get different info from different reps. The two reps who were both borderline retarded knew nothing about FSC HD or Fox Soccer Plus. I’m sure if Comcast does pick the two channels up, I won’t get them for a while. My area hasn’t even been updated to receive their full HD lineup yet. *sigh*

  36. Don’t know how reliable this is but…

    I just talked to a Comcast representative and he said that FSC should go HD “by next weekend” in the Philadelphia area.

    The game descriptions just started showing the “HD” tag in the last day or two for all that’s worth.

    Eh, well see. At least I’ll see the Derby tomorrow in HD via ESPN2.

  37. See the thing i’m worried about is if it does go HD, will it automatically convert or will we have to buy a new HD package or some bs???

  38. on directv’s twitter yesterday, yet another question about fsc hd, and directv’s response was again ‘ no new hd info until the d12 is active later this year’

    so i guess the sources that said 10th feb for directv may have been mis-informed. i am not liking this ‘later this year’ talk. i was counting on early march!!

  39. I asked on the ComcastCares Twitter about FSC being added to the Twin Cities market. All I got back was “no idea” and “will pass it along.” Which pretty much means “ain’t happening for a long time.”


    DirecTV says will not start carrying FSC in HD on Wed. In negotiations with Fox. Bad info from Fox source. Apologies.
    about 17 hours ago from web


  41. Great News! Just talked to a rep from Dish and this is what she said:
    (03mk) Dhiane P. 2AS: Effective Wednesday, February 10, 2010, by 5 p.m. ET DISH Network will launch the Fox Soccer Channel in HD!

    1. Not sure if the 2:45pm ET FSC game featuring Aston Villa v Manchester United game is going to be in HD though. It’s not scheduled to be televised at all by Sky Sports or ESPN UK, so even though TWI/IMG will be beaming the game around the world, there’s no guarantee it’ll be broadcast in HD.

      The Gaffer

    1. I’ve got everything I post in subscribed… so I get instant emails in case there’s something interesting respectively to respond to, heh.

  42. Nice RG! Thanks for the link, I’m so happy that BBCAmerica will be in HD, after a year of them advertising HD!
    Hopefully my tv won’t go down with the horrible weather thats coming to the east coast!

  43. I think I might stay up all night just to see if I get them around 1 am. Yeah yeah I know I know, 24-48 hrs. blah blah blah, 5pm ET blah blah blah… Haha, I can’t wait!!! :)

  44. I just checked with my wife at home and my dish network channel 149 now appears as a seperate HD channel. I am dvring the United – Villa game to confirm. I am located in the chicagoland area.


    In preparation for the world cup and as a side note for the olympics we upgraded our DishNetwork account to HD. So I swapped out all the hardware yesterday and have been checking things out. There are definitely 2 channel 149s for Fox Soccer Channel. One is labeled HD. So I check the quality of the Fulham/Burnley game and the HD one definitely is better. I can’t tell what the resolution is because in the receiver setup I can tell it to output at 1080i or 720p or whatever so the TV then reports the output as such and comparing the 1080i to 720p looked the same to my eyes. It might even still be 480i but a digital signal looking cleaner then the source analog one not on HD or something like that for all I know.

    So in short DishNetwork has FSC in HD, it does look better than the SD, but it looks like it has room for improvement.

  46. Im watching Roma Palermo on FSC on Comcast and it says on my receiver 480
    however there is a logo of HD Live
    shouldnt it be 720 or something???

  47. Did something change at FSC or is Time Warner messing with things? My cable company does not provide the HD FSC yet, but in the last couple of days the non-HD picture size is reduced , essentially “bars” within “bars”. FSC Espanol is not this way, just the regular none HD format. Anyone notice this or is it my local cable company ? Annoying, having a extra small picture size unless I “zoom” it.

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