Fox Soccer Channel HD Coming To DISH Network Feb. 10


Fox Soccer Channel in HD will be available to DISH Network customers beginning February 10, 2010 according to Fox Soccer’s Channelfinder tool.

The HD version of Fox Soccer Channel will be available to customers nationwide. For more information about how to get DISH Network, visit their website at

DISH Network is the first satellite or cable provider known to be adding Fox Soccer Channel in HD as of press time.

UPDATE: Fox Soccer’s Channelfinder tool now shows no specific date for the availability of FSC in HD on DISH Network. A couple of possibilities exist. Either Fox made a mistake. Or Fox or DISH don’t want the news to be released quite yet until they can officially announce the news on their own terms. My prediction is the latter.

LATEST UPDATE (Feb 9, 2010): A Dish Network customer service representative has confirmed that Fox Soccer Channel in HD will launch tomorrow (Feb 10, 2010) at or around 5pm ET (or earlier). More details here. Thanks to EPL Talk reader Robert George for the tip.

LATEST UPDATE (Feb 10, 2010): EPL Talk readers are now reporting that Fox Soccer Channel in HD is now being displayed in HD on channel 9520.

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  1. Good to see, but bad if you have Directv like myself. They boast to have the best football coverage available.

    Hard to believe now. Still the UCL coverage is something Dish will not be able to offer.

    1. I agree, UCL coverage has been a blast. I have enjoyed recording the matches and being able to watch them after work. That goes to show you that Direct TV does take football fans into consideration. Just have to be patient…

      1. I was going to get Direct soon because of the #400 Channels that show the Champions and Eeuropa leagues. But I may just hold off a bit and see if Dish also offers the new Fox pay channel…

  2. It seems that DISH has been the most proactive of service providers as far as the launch of FSC HD is concerned. Hopefully others will take initiative as well. For those that are concerned, call, text and email Fox Football Fone-In tonight.

    1. IMO, dish has to do this because they know directv is about a month away from a landslide of new HD channels. you all can spin it how you like, but it isn’t that dish cares more or less about soccer (compared to directv), it is just the way things are playing out.

      for example, if dish waits another month to bring on FSC the headlines will be “directv adds 50+ new HD channels and dish adds one” not exactly positive for dish, is it? directv is in no rush to add it because they know at latest it will come in march.

      if i had to guess, directvs holding back on immediately bringing FSC to HD will probably result in a better FSC and FSC+ pricing for the directv subscribers. reason being, i am sure FSC is using its HD and bundling it with FSC+, etc.

  3. I will cancel my DirecTV service if they also do not have HD by 2/10/10 and I will be on the phone with Dish immediately. Unacceptable that DTV would f*$* this up so much! If you can provide Australian open in HD (on six channels) you can open up a channel for FSC-HD!

    1. I somewhat agree with you, bluefanmd, except I will be patient and wait until March/April before I even consider switching over. Direct TV’s cancellation fees will not justify missing a few matches just to have FSC HD two weeks or even a month ahead of time. Now if it seems that Direct TV won’t add FSC HD any time soon, especially for the beginning of next season’s soccer matches, then I will definitely make the switch.

  4. I’m happy about the news, being with Dish Network and all. As far as Directv screwing up… Dish Network won’t have the channel up until Feb. 10th, so Directv has a decent amount of time to add FSC HD, so some need to really chill out.

  5. DirecTV just removed the thread in their HD forum about FSC HD when somebody mentioned that DiSH is adding it on Feb 10… At least they definitely know about it now, heh.

  6. I was watching the soccer news show on FSC last night on DirectTVand the intro said “You’re watching FSC in HD.” And there was a little “FSCHD” logo on the screen. But needless to say, it wasn’t in HD. I called DirectTV and they said HD had been launched on a trial basis for some subscribers. She wasn’t very clear and I didn’t press her since she clearly didn’t speak English well. But she assured me I’d be seeing it in HD soon.

    1. The FSC HD logo should not be there on systems that only have the SD signal. It’s bad practice by Fox. You’ll never see an ESPN HD logo on an SD channel. It’s false adverstising by Fox and if I see it next weekend, I’m filing a complaint with the FCC.

        1. Thanks, dlink09. I’m still a bit steamed about that. They should do what ESPN does and shift their logo to the edge so the HD part gets cropped. It’s a simple solution. They have until next weekend’s games to fix it… I guess the 12:30 game.

    1. I never did question whether Dish offers UCL coverage or not, I just wanted to make a point that Direct TV does care about people that love football. Regardless, I never knew that Dish does indeed offer UCL. That’s some good news! Nobody should be left without any football coverage, no matter what provider they are with.

  7. SO Much for Directv on being the leader in sports and HD! Hope they get their act together and put FSC HD Before Dishnetwork.

  8. so many people here are guess at what directv will or won’t do. my advice . . . go to and read up on what directv’s plans are. reason being, many statements about what is going to be done are really off base. just go to that site and read up, you will see.

    back on topic, i am really happy that dish is bringing FSC HD into their programming, as that will just force directv to put FSC HD into the front of the queue.

  9. Dish Network looks to have gotten it right for
    once. Now if they could work out an agreement
    with GolTv that they’d be even better.

  10. While I’m excited about the prospect of FSC HD (I’m a DirecTV subscriber so I hope they do add it soon) I’m MUCH more concerned about FSC+. I’ve heard nothing about FSC+ coming to DirecTV for sure, and I’d rather be able to watch all games in Standard Def than only a select few in High Def. It’s most important to me that I don’t miss any games.

  11. If all you care about is the Premier League then it may be smart for you to switch to Dish, but if you are a fan of more than just the EPL then stay with DirecTV. They will eventually add FSC HD and are adding FSC + HD in March. As well have GolTV which carries several other leagues as well DirectTV exclusively offers free specialty channels for La Liga and UEFA Champions League and Europa League. On top of this all. FX isn’t on a basic Dish package which will be the home to the UEFA Champions League final for the next several years. Whereas on DirecTV it is on a lesser priced package.

    1. Where have you heard that DirecTV is adding FSC+ in March? I hear it is a possibility, but there has been nothing announced officially. Until I see an official announcement, I’m worried about it.

  12. Nick Webster is a pratt. He welcomed everyone to FFF with rubbish about the new HD…which nobody has. Very good FSC, real class

  13. Hmmm, now that same channel finder has changed – I see no mention of any specific date for Dish adding FSC HD. More confusion for the anxious masses.

  14. Hmm… I wonder if the sudden public reaction about the DiSH release date for FSC HD has something to do with this?

    Theory 1: DirecTV contacted Fox Soccer about the bad publicity regarding the released date for DiSH and pressured ongoing negotiations.

    Theory 2: DiSH is unable to hold the mentioned date for whatever reason.

    Theory 3: Fox Soccer decided on its own that it was a bad idea to release a set date and to simply leave it at “may be available soon”, leaving room for error respectively delay without putting either party into a situation of having announced an incorrect date.

    Pick your favorite or add your own! This is really getting silly now.

    1. yeah, I’m going with 3.

      I doubt Dish or Direct even knew it was there. And there is NO way that Direct could tell them to take it off.

    2. 1 – DirecTV has no say about other providers adding a channel, that is against FCC rules, so that is false.
      2- Dish already has FSC-HD transmitting, they are just waiting for Marketing PR on their addition of about a dozen new HD channels, so that is false.

  15. I just tested the FSC HD Channel finder for different providers. I noticed that the wording is different on the Dish Network selection…

    DirecTV, and the others…

    Did you know that Fox Soccer Channel will launch in HD in early 2010?
    Tell DIRECTV you want Fox Soccer Channel HD as part of you channel lineup when it becomes available! Click to request it now!

    Dish Network

    Fox Soccer Channel HD may be available soon.
    Currently we are working to make FSC HD available to various cable, satellite and telephone video companies.


    1. Upon further review…the language used for the Dish Network inquiry regarding FSC HD is the same that is used for all carriers when inquiring about the availability of Fox Soccer Plus.

    1. RG — select the drop down box next to the zip code to select other carriers in your area. I have noticed that you need to select “reset” twice for the information to change.

  16. I contacted Dish Network on 2/1/10 to inquire about FSC HD and was told by a customer service rep that there were “NO” immediate plans by the network to begin FSC HD. He personally believed it would be available soon but his news and notes that he pulled up didn’t have anything related to the channel. In fact, he said he would send my request to their programming department to serve as a request for the channel.

  17. something is definately up here…yesterday, i too saw the 10 feb launch date on the channel finder for dish. within hours it was changed to ‘coming soon’. about the same time, any thread on the directv forum mentioning the dish lauch date was deleted. i had 2 of them deleted yesterday.

    is directv embarassed that they could not agree to terms as quickly as dish? are they pressuring fox to re-neg with dish? i’m sure directv wants to be the first, but i cant see anything happening for them until 1st march. i predict they will roll out fsc hd and fsc + hd on that date (i can only hope and pray!)

  18. “Source: Fox Soccer Channel to be broadcast in HD starting this Wed on DirecTV/DISH. Cable systems? Not yet.”

    taken from Grant Wahl’s Twitter.
    Per his bio he is: “Soccer guy for Sports Illustrated. New York Times best-selling author.”

    I have no ideea how reliable this is, though.

    Gaffer, can you look into this?

  19. I’ve heard nothing about FSC launching in HD on DirecTV ahead of this tweet. All I’ve heard previously was “Wait until the new satellite goes live.”

    Seconding skpd’s request…is there any confirmation on this? It seems very possible that Grant Wahl may have made an error by lumping DTV and DISH together.

  20. Was told this morning that FSC HD will likely not launch on DirecTV this week and that things are changing every day due to STILL ongoing negotiations… the 10th was scheduled as of last week but that was scrapped. My source wasn’t in a position to mention any details of said negotiations or reasons why it was delayed.


  21. Just spoke with the people at Dish Network and FSC will be broadcasting in HD tomorrow, Wednesday, February 10th by 5PM Eastern time. Some users will have the channel earlier than that and it should show up automatically in your program guide. I am hoping to have it by Noon Pacific, just in-time for Villa to do the double over United.


  22. Nice! Just in time for the big South Coast Derby on Saturday and another nail in the filthy Skates coffin. You gotta love that.

    1. Can you confirm that it’s the actual HD feed and not just the FSC HD logo? Gotta make sure since there’s been confusion about this before, heh.

  23. Yes! FSC is in HD on Dish Network here in LA! Showing Premier League World in HD right now. Yes, it’s in full HD. Just in time for the games.

      1. That’s probably because the feed FSC is getting isn’t in HD, notice the lack of continuous notes about it by the FSC commentator pre-game and the lack of the FSC HD bug top right. This game doesn’t appear to be broadcasted in HD which means it’s upscaled SD quality. Still better than SD on an SD channel but not full HD.

        On a related note, DISH doesn’t broadcast in full HD anyway from what I’ve read about them. HD Resolutions: DirecTV 1920 x 1080 vs Dish 1440 x 1080. It’s probably why they were even able to offer these new HD channels today in the first place, they compress more and the PQ suffers as a result.

        1. not every show or program or game on an hd channel is in hd…usually if you look at the program guide it”ll say if it’s in hd or not…i’ve been hooked on this show “sharktank” on’s a new show and on abc, but for some reason it’s not in hd…i don’t get it…it’s popular and new…can’t figure out why it wouldn’t be in hd….i think sd tv should be against the law!!! it’s bad for the eye and causes cancer!!!!! ok, maybe not..

  24. its the HD channel 1080i and its the different channel from the SD, 100% confirmed even my surround sound switched to 5.1 dolby digital when i switched to FSC HD

  25. Hi
    I live in Manassas Virginia and I have Dish network. The Gaffer stated that FSC will go HD by 5 PM eastern time. The fact is that I still don’t have it in HD. I’m watching the Wolverhampton vs Tottenham game and it’s in SD.Does anybody know when the Eastern side of the US will have FSC in HD? So far the few comments above that state that they have HD are coming from Western US.

  26. Getting the HD version of FSC now in Michigan. Watching Man U. vs Aston Villa. It’s widescreen, but definitely not in HD. The graphics seem to be in HD though, but the picture quality is not that great. As Civrock mentioned…it doesn’t have the HD designation next to the logo and might just be a very good SD picture stretched out to widescreen.

    1. The only midweek game in HD was Arsenal v Liverpool as it was shot by Sky Cameras. If it’s not broadcast on TV in the UK (ESPN UK, Sky, ITV) It’s not going to be HD, just i576 widescreen. I read somewhere that next year they will all be HD.

  27. Minneapolis, Dish. Definitely getting FSC in HD. 2 FSC channels-1 SD, 1-HD. Still missing some detail but noticeably better on 10′ HD projection system.
    Great start DISH, thanks

    1. I can watch them, but that would be really frustrating. I guess I’ll just smile and feel fortunate that I a dish subscriber with a newer receiver.

  28. Stan in Manassas- do you have FSCHD yet? I called dish today and they told me that I was supposed to have it, but I don’t either- they are opening a trouble report. Should have it soon.

  29. Fox Soccer available on DIsh in HD IF you have a dish pointed to 129W or 72.7. If your setting is like mine, 61.5/110/119, a very common setting in NE US, you are out of luck!

  30. After many, many, many calls and customer support “chats” I finally got the answer to the “missing FSC in HD” problem…and a solution.

    Most calls to customer support were a waste of time – they either tell you HD is not available for FSC yet, or they “log” your complaint (i.e., tell you they’re sorry every other sentence and then hang up and go to lunch).

    FSC is available on HD, but you need what they call the “Eastern Arc Migration,” i.e. a dish which aims at the 72.7 orbital satellite. At least that’s the case in Maine.

    When I moved here a few weeks ago I had dish installed. Although the installers said “FSC in HD is in there”…it wasn’t. Even though they installed two dishes. That’s when I started another round of complaint calls and finally got someone who knew what they were talking about and was willing to help (through chat support, by the way – the phone CSR’s are useless).

    The next service person came with the right dish (he called it a super dish) and aimed it at the right satellite and…ta da…FSC maps down to channel 149 HD right alongside channel 149 in SD.

    One piece of advice the service person gave me – he says I should always ask for a DishNetwork service man. If they sub the job out, according to him, you can get someone who shows up at the job missing the right expertise, or worse, missing the right equipment to do the job right (like not having a “super dish in his panel truck?).

    I am now LOVING EPL in HD.

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