Manchester United's Season Poised For Silverware


Could the words “Like a phoenix from the ashes” be uttered by Manchester United players, supporters and financial nerds as the club and current Premier League Champions seem to be on the brink of turning an almost tumultuous season around? Recent happenings at Old Trafford seem to be more conclusive and surefooted than those of the past few weeks and months. Here’s a few reasons why I believe the red half of Manchester can turn this roller coaster of a season into some form of success.

The Gary Neville-Carlos Tevez fourth grade name calling affair rages on in the media and on blogs to the delight of Manchester United fans. Why? Well, involved in this tit for tat spat is arguably (on current form) Manchester City’s best player, most important figure and leading goal scorer. In the United corner stands 43 year old bench warmer and Fergie suck up, Gary Neville. Until next Wednesday’s 2nd leg decider, City fans, players and more specifically Tevez himself will have the untimely annoyance and distraction of this silly little fracas to contend with before the trip to Old Trafford where a 1-0 slug fest will see United through to Wembley. It’s also a match where Gary Neville is sure to not even feature. City fans will want Tevez to put his head down and focus on football, United fans will hope Neville continues his immature behavior and stays focused on doing what he does best, infuriating people. Advantage United.

World class defender Rio Ferdinand is set to make his long awaited return this weekend at home to Hull City. United have delt with a number of defensive injuries this year and have now lost Republic of Ireland international John O’Shea for the rest of the season. Ferdinand’s return comes at a perfect time as United look to break through to the Carling Cup final and will travel to the Emirates to face current league leaders Arsenal next Sunday. The 30 year old Ferdinand’s experience in central defense will be an asset to United down the stretch if he can stay fit. He’ll also want to impress England boss Fabio Capello to assure his spot in the England squad isn’t at risk.

The question When Will Owen Hargreaves Return To Manchester United? was recently asked and Ferguson has spoken of his intentions to include the England International in his 25-man Champions League squad. If Hargreaves can reach the fitness levels he displayed in 2006 at England’s last World Cup, he’ll be a huge asset to Manchester United’s Premier League and Champions League campaign. With Nemanja Vidic due back in a fortnight, the bottom line is that United’s spine is close to being back to full strength at it’s most important time of the season.

For all the doom and gloom surrounding Manchester United recently, the team that’s “on the verge of collapse” will most likely go top of the league this Saturday albeit for a few days if they can see off Hull City from the comfy confines of Old Trafford. The message to rivals and the rest of the league is that if a stuttering United attack can reach the pinnacle of the league even when Arsenal and Chelsea will have 1 and 2 games in hand respectively, then watch out for a full strength United firing on all cylinders.

The £500 million bond issued by the Glazers has been fully suscribed according to reports from the Times Online. What this means besides the revenue coming into the club and although the annual interest bill will mostly be unaffected, is that it does allow some breathing room for United from lenders and strict financial conditions that would have made life difficult for United if they are less successful on the pitch. The money raised from the bonds will go to servicing the debt that was secured against the club.

For now, the sky remains intact above Old Trafford. United supporters will anxiously be seeing out the next few weeks as the club have matches with massive implications on their Carling Cup run and their Premier League title defense. If results go their way, matters will start to look up for the Champions as their season looks poised for silverware.

24 thoughts on “Manchester United's Season Poised For Silverware”

  1. I have to say I think that United will end up trophy-less this year. I think Chelsea are the favourites for the league and I can’t see United getting past AC Milan in the next round of the CL.

    Yes, they could easily overhaul Citeh and beat Villa in the Carling Cup Final but I’m not sure that is the sort of trophy the manager, the fans and the board et al want. Indeed, them going out of the CL at the next stage may hit the already stretched finances.


  2. I’m pretty sure away goals don’t count in the league cup, unless they are scored in extra time, which would give City the advantage…a 1-0 slugfest would simply see it go to penalties.

      1. No problem. I wouldn’t be a … I love this site, and that’s one of those stupid rules that I usually forget (like most of the football-loving world) every year until an announcer points it out (presumably because no one else remembers either). And of course someone on TalkSport pointed it out the other day during the unruly 6-4 Villa-Blackburn game.


  3. Is no channel showing Man Utd v. Hull tomorrow? I saw that it is on Setanta at 3pm, tape delay, and it’s not on ESPN’s schedule. And I know that FSC is showing FA Cup games this wknd. If no channel is showing live the only premier league game of the weekend, this is beyond pathetic…

    1. Ivan,
      I’ve also only been able to find it on delay at 3 PM Eastern. As for United not winning any trophies, we’ll have to wait and see. Also, the Carling Cup is very much alive. Just ask both Manchester clubs, Aston Villa and Blackburn. Thanks,

  4. Oh, and Manchester United will not win a single trophey this season. Both Chelsea and Arsenal are better teams in the Premier League, and a Spanish or Italian team will knock them out of the Champions League…The Carling Cup doesn’t really count in my book.

  5. The funny thing is if you look at the statistics Manchester United did worse less year.

    Take for example the Premier League. Chelsea and Arsenal hold the summit with 48 points(Chelsea have a game in hand). Assuming Chelsea win that game Chelsea will be on 51 points. United will be 4 points behind the premier league leader.

    Now look back to last year and the situation was similar. United were chasing Chelsea and Chelsea had an 8 point lead over United.

    As for the Champions League. Manchester United have started better in the Champions League this year than the last.

    Last year in the group stage Manchester United struggled in the group stages. This year they came out on top with impunity winning practically all of their games.

    Last year Liverpool did the double over United and people used that as an excuse to say United didn’t have a chance as they were losing so many games.

    Well we all saw what happened last year. This year the opposition in the Champions League is weaker as well. Obviously as you go into the knock out stages anything can happen but Barcelona have already been knocked out of the Copa Del Ray and Real Madrid are struggling to keep pace in La Liga. Neither of those teams are in imperious form though still very dangerous.

    On the other hand though there are some red herrings. Bayern Munich has returned to good form this year after a pretty bad season in some regards last year. They are playing very well.

    Another one to keep an eye on is AC Milan(btw the AC Milan vs Inter Milan derby is tomorrow at around 8PM GMT(12 for those on the West coast, 3 on the east coast), I know this is a PL blog but that match has the potential to be incredible so I’d advise you try and catch it if you can). AC Milan is really in form right now.

    Ronaldinho is coming back to form and hes playing exceptionally well. This was a match played if my memory serves me correctly about a week and a half ago:

    Siena isn’t a world beating team but as you can see Ronaldinho was on fire. I think there might be a surprise candidate for player of the year this season.

  6. ManU will finish this season trophyless. They lack the quaity and depth to win silverware. Outside of Rooney, the rest are slightly better than players you would find on teams like Spurs and Villa. Rio is not the player he used to be and bellamy will be hoping he plays on Wednesday. Citeh played poorly in the first leg and still got the win. Expect them to put in a better shift next week and eliminate united from the Carling cup. The EPL is there for Chelsea to loose, and while Arsenal keeps up initially, expect their lack of depth to catch up to them in the run in again around march. The chances of ManU winning the CL is less than that of a muslim becoming the pope. The best they can hope for is a q-final berth, while the likes of Chelsea, Madrid, Barca are more likely winners. An early exit from the CL could help them focus their resources on the EPL, where a slip up by chelsea could still gift them the opportunity of winning it. As to the bonds, they are not bringing money into the club, but more a trade off of increased interest bill in exchange for a longer term and more lenient terms that allow them to pay the PiK loans ahead of the bonds obligations. The bonds sale is a move to by the glazers to save their own necks at the expense of the club. They will likely sell the club the moment they payoff the PiK which they hope will be before 2017 when both the PiK and bonds will be due.

  7. I can’t seriously see Owen Hargreaves making any difference in United’s season. I can’t even remember the last time he actually played but it’s been years. If he sees the field, it’s only a matter of time before he get’s injured again. It seems these long-term injuries are always that way.

    It’s very unlikely that United will pick-up any trophies this season.

    1. jleau, I wouldn’t underestimate Owen Hargreaves. He was the best England player in the 2006 World Cup and quite a revelation that tournament. Granted, he’s still not 100% and may never return to the greatness he possessed before, but give him half a chance.

      The Gaffer

  8. lol..oh yeah! GREAT ARTICLE! yeah as soon as United are at at full strength they are sure to win trophies this year! With the footlicking creep lighting even more a fire under Carlito , Tevez probably will not know what to do come wensday and not even take part in the game..he prob wont go out and score while the creep sits on the bench and does nothing but block the cold air from hitting Forgotson..and man as soon as 30 year old Rio is back in the defense he will be back to 100 percent and United wont give up a single goal and THEN! just wait till Owen Hargreaves is back! he will control the midfield! because he’s done so well for United so far, as long as he doesnt have to bend over to tie his shoe, or walk 10 feet he will not end up on the injury list ever again! As soon as they are back to full strength..does this mean Christina is comming back? you can not compare the team to last year,the older have gottin older and they LOST THE BEST PLAYER IN THE WORLD Bc without Christina United only have that foul mouth baby Rooney to worry about.As for the Champions League , I hope all English teams go through no matter what unless Spurs are in the Champions League..Spurs are in the Champions we never have to worry about that Harry Backstabber will never lead them there, he ll probably end up waiting till they finish 5th then head out to coach the Hammers bc with him who knows…anyway I hope United get by Milan but i can not see them winning the Champions League this year with the squad they have, esp in the attacking area..United for 5th! though it ll prob be a 3rd or 4th..thank you

  9. When reading some of the comments on this page, I wonder if anyone’s ever watched United for a full season.

    They might be struggling a bit at the moment and, yes, I’ve had my doubts, but it’s not even the end of January and we’re 1 – ONE – point off the top of the table. There’s just under half a season left to play. If you know anything about United and Sir Alex Ferguson you know that the club has a knack for going on an outstanding run come mid-winter/early spring. Again…look at the injury problems United have had and look at where we are on the table. If you’re writing United off, you’re making a mistake.

    I’ll see you back here in May and see if anyone has changed their tone.

  10. @AmplifiedtoRock

    Your about the only one here who looks to have watched united play through a whole season ( Apart from the author 😀 ) I totally agree…. And to tell you the truth , as a fan i would nt even mind if we win nothing. We owned the last decade, which obviously hasnt yet registered with the majority of the people commenting on the article.

    1. Thanks for the comment and great point. Regardless of what happens this year, United supporters should keep in mind the amount of trophies secured over the past decade.

  11. If Rooney gets injured can’t see where the goals are going to come from to win MU the Prem League.

    Coming up to the business end of the season, the likes of Valencia and Nani are going to have to up their games, they can’t keep relying on Rooney.

    Also the supportive goals that MU had in the past from Scholes and Giggs etc, don’t seem to be there any more.

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