What Does Rafa Benitez Have To Do To Get Sacked?

Rafa's poor financial management forced Liverpool to sell out to the Americans
Rafa's poor financial management forced Liverpool to sell out to the Americans

It’s a simple question but a difficult answer. Whether you’re a Liverpool supporter or not, you have to agree that if Benitez was at any other Premier League club, he would have been sacked months ago. Liverpool has been dismal in the league (in seventh place but not playing impressively), in the Champions League (already knocked out) and now in the FA Cup (getting knocked out in the third round of the tournament by Reading).

Yes, Benitez won Liverpool the Champions League in 2005 and made it to the final in 2007 only to lose to AC Milan. But Benitez has failed in the transfer market (just as one example out of many, he shouldn’t have let Robbie Keane leave as Liverpool are now too one-dimensional in attack). And the team’s performance this season has been uninspiring to say the least. Gerrard and Torres have been nursing injuries but because they’ve been the heart of the team, they’ve been pushed into the team prematurely. And neither have been able to add the spark to Liverpool that they had last season. It’s not fair on Torres and Gerrard. They’ve been carrying the Liverpool team for too long and it’s time that the other players stepped up.

Now the fitness of Torres, Gerrard and Yossi Benayoun is in question – and these have been the three best players on the Liverpool side.

This is a club that is woefully in need of a new manager to step in and turn the team’s spirits around. Benitez has lost the plot but more importantly he has lost the dressing room.

What do you think? What does Rafa Benitez have to do to get sacked?

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  1. I totally agree, this isn’t a blip as some people are saying. A blip is when you are playing well but just can’t seem to find any luck. We aren’t playing well. We can’t string 2 passes together. We are the new Wimbeldon, Lump it forward and hope Torres or Stevie get on the end of it. Thats not football. We can’t blame the Yanks for not being able to pass a ball or allowed to pass the ball. Rafa must go. Hiddink is available for free or King Kenny is there too in a temp position until summer. Inter are having problem with Jose so he may be available if Inter don’t win CL. I’m sorry Rafa, you must walk the PLANK.

  2. I personally believe that Benitez has many wrong decisions, but we should not forget that he made Liverpool mean something in Europe, and created good atmosphere around the team. He is stubborn though…he pushes Leiwa constantly (a mediocre player) plays Kuyt on right wing (crazy, just standing on Johnson’s way if you ask me), not willing to give Babel a real chance (unlike Leiwa whose poor performances does not prevent him from starting every game)…Livpool play rather defensively and this year when we started to conceive many goals he was left buffled and frozen to much to react…Raffa, if things are going bad you may consider different strategy don’t you think?!? To conclude, I wouldn’t sack Raffa, but I hope he will come to sense eventually…Who would replace him anyway, Mourinho? God forbid…I don’t want to torture myself with that stupid idea….

    1. I agree with some of what you say, but the difference between Lucas and Babel is that Benitez has little other choice in that position if he wants to play Gerrard upfront whereas with Babel there is plenty of competition for the space.

    1. Can I get some of the drugs you are taking? Hopefully they have an analgesic effect in addition to the ability to induce delusions, because watching the Reds is painful now.

  3. The plain fact is that too many of our players are underperforming and unmotivated. Carragher is a shadow of his former self, Insua was run ragged by McAnuff in both Reading games, Kuyt is playing out of position and rotation of the team is killing its cohesion. As far as Rafa is concerned, we can’t afford to sack Benitez, it would cost nearly £20m to settle his contract. Therefore, the only way I can see him going is if the Real Madrid job comes up and he quietly resigns, to be revealed at the Bernabeu a couple of days later. We need to get behind the team for now, show some patience and pray that they reach fourth spot and turn things around in time for next season.

  4. How many games are going to be considered a chance to “turn the season around” for Benitez? Maybe once they get eliminated from the Europa League, which has to be the saddest state of affairs for a team that started out in the Champions League.

  5. Liverpool finished second last year and had a ridiculous amount of points (would have won in many other years!!!). I don’t see how you all can be so quick to pull the trigger and fire someone with such a record of success. If we fire him, he’s going to go to Real and boss the Champion’s League. Rafa is our man.

    1. Many points so what? the fact is Liverpool got less points than Man Utd and thats why they didint win the title and simply because of Rafa. To many draws playing negative football. Also people forget that last season we had so many luck playing against 10 men and we won all games. So you cant be luck all times my friend. Rafa is poor manager. Need to be sacked soonest before we get much loss.

  6. We’ll have to see how he does in the PL from here on out. They’d be insane to fire him for losing an FA Cup game. The FA Cup just doesn’t matter anymore.

    I personally think if he doesn’t get into the top 4 and qualify for the Champions League automatically next year that will be a firing.

    While English teams covet the Premier League title the most the problem is a large amount of money comes from the Champions League. Just being in the competition for a number of games can send a lot of funding in a teams direction.

    I think if they miss out on the CL next year itll be game over for Rafa.

  7. A few key points as I see it…

    1. Rafa has been at Liverpool much longer than the average Premier League manager and he deserves the chance to see this bad spell through. I don’t see any harm in sacking him at the end of this season if things don’t drastically change by then. Doing it now won’t help them since Gerrard and Torres are constantly injured and they are out of practically every competition in Europe. Give the injured players the off-season to heal and then come back with a new manager, new signings, and new optimism next season.

    2. Xabi Alonso’s transfer was the end of an era in Liverpool and, in my opinion, spelled the beginning of the end for Rafa Benitez and the current Liverpool form. He quietly held the team together tactically and he has been sorely missed.

    3. Rafa does need to be sacked eventually because at this point a new mentality is needed at Anfield. The fans are anxious. The team are obviously not responding to him. No one looks like they are having fun on the pitch. And the Reds have been knocked out of every competition they have entered into this season. Also, if things don’t turn around soon, guys like Torres and Kuyt are going to head somewhere else. I’m sure Arsene Wenger would love to Have Torres up top after the January transfer window…

    4. The biggest question is who could/would replace Rafa and give Liverpool a chance to turn it around next season? Jose Mourinho? Mark Hughes? Guus Hiddink? Any of those gentlemen would certainly excite a fan or two.

  8. The bottom line is that liverpool HAVE to get the CL spot for next season. As simple as that. With about 18 games remaining in the PL, I don’t see this happening though, because there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Having said that, the Americans just do not have enough money to sack Rafa.

  9. He would probably have to get the team down to the religation zone or religated before they would sack him. I’m just glad Liverpool is so blind to the fact the Guus is out there for the taking. Up the Chels!

  10. The simple answer is that the club have effectively insulated Benitez to our detriment.
    After 2005, he essentially attained untouchable status in the eyes of the supporters, who I think even most other clubs supporters would admit, have more influence, even though management will not admit it, than any other clubs supporters except for the ultras in Italy.
    Don’t believe it? See what happened to HIcks Jr. this week. And boy do they hate the yanks. Again to the clubs detriment ultimately.
    The fact is, there are literally hundreds of thousands of Benitez apologists on Merseyside.
    The “they can’t buy out his contract theory” is bollocks. Gillett just sold the Canadiens for a 350 million dollar profit and Hicks is on the verge of unloading a major part of the Rangers for similar figures. This is chump change to them if they wanted to dip into their petty cash drawer.
    Every smart club has a plan. They just don’t sack managers unless they already have a credible replacement to take his place. My guess is that after the whole Klinsmann debacle, they’re gunshy about tapping up potential managers for fear of being exposed again. The media would be all over them and the supporters? They’d probably lynch them.
    My conclusion is that we’re boxed in. The climate is awful. Purslow, god bless him, is trying to sell a piece of the club and raise cash but who wants a piece of this dysfunctional lot? Therein lies our situation. I just hope the players have enough pride to match their talent and grab fourth all by themselves.

  11. I think it is easy to blame Rafa, the figurehead, but the blame should go to the players. Xabi is great, but they won games without him. Liverpool would have won last night if they didn’t concede a penalty in the last minute.

    What could Rafa do about that? Or the previous player mistakes that resulted in draws or losses that should have been wins?

    The only problem that Benitez has created is his lack of a striking forward for Torres. While Robbie Keane wasn’t an affective striker, he presented a better option than Ngog. I wonder how transfer priorities have changed with the current injuries.

    As for Lucas and Babel, Lucas has greatly improved and could easily go to La Liga or Serie A and do very, very well. He is worth at least twice what Liverpool bought him for. Babel, on the other hand, has so much raw talent it is painful to see him repeatedly waste our time. How many overhit passes did he hit to Ngog last night?

    1. So you mean Liverpool dont have striking partner because of players. Rafa is to blame for everything my friend. What if Liverpool were 2-0 before that penalty. Do you complaining for a 92minute goal at Villa? Dont be stupit that is footbal either you concede in first minute or in last minute. Havent you wonder why Liver conceded two many last minutes goals? Its because of Rafa tactics of dwelling in a single goal and getting off good players.

  12. Ohhhh I believe Rafa should have been sacked a long time ago, his descisions this current season have been far from awful. The liverpool team that I once knew no longer exists and it won’t do until Rafa is replaced. I understand that sacking him would cost the club £20million, but id rather sack the manager than miss out a place within one of the world’s finest tournemants, the Champions League. Playing players such as Lucas an Ngog is not going to win you titles, and why is Rafa playing defensive football when he should be trying to win a match, again I dont know =| Rafa has to go an it because of his transfer decisions which has cost him, why hasn’t he brought another renound striker?

  13. 1. Injuries are an underunderstood factor in success. Liverpool have been a bit unlucky with them.
    2. There’s a lot of luck in football – games decided by one goal often have scores that do not reflect the run of play. That’s a great thing about football, but it means that wins and losses are not the most informative stat about how a team is playing. It’s why goalscorers are so important. This is not rocket science.
    3. Atmosphere is influential, and every season with every different team has a different character seen from the dressing room. A few of those one goal games go the wrong way, and you have injuries, and the confidence seeps away, and you play at 90% instead of 95% (no one plays at 100% all the time, people). The difference between 90% and 95% is a lot.
    4. So, I would say that very little is needed for Liverpool to be back on track next year, which is not to say that it will happen.
    5. I am not a slavish Rafa fan. When he made his guarantee, I thought he sounded like a moron. But I think he has done decently and I wouldn’t let him go unless Liverpool had the option of Gus H or similar. I certainly wouldn’t sack him – Rafa + a £20m player is a lot better than Some New Guy buying New Players with £20m less in his pocket.

    1. 1. and 2. are no excuse. Liverpool should have secured adequate cover. They didn’t. Man. U.’s been without VDS and most of their back line for two months, Berbatov’s been awful, and Owen’s cooled off, yet they’re still alive in three of the four competitions. While I wouldn’t bet on a triple, you certainly can’t rule it out yet.

      Liverpool could have used any one of Bellamy, Crouch, and Keane the past few months. Well, Bellamy and Crouch, anyway.

  14. I think the only reason he is still there is that the owners can’t afford to sack him as they would have to payout the rest of his contract which runs until 2014.

      1. For diving into the world of punditry which you have called out in the past. I’m absolutely sick of it. The complete lack of respect for Benitez, not as a manager or tactician, but simply as a man. People abusing him, mocking him, saying he’s crazy and impersonating his accent. It’s absolutely disgusting.

        The only fault this man has is that he loves the fans of Liverpool and has remained loyal to them. How many other men would’ve had the balls to stick to it, considering the unrelentless (and uncalled for) abuse he receives day in and out from the press? Not to mention the laughable support from the backroom.

        And in an age where we constantly moan about how managers aren’t given time, about how they’re sent packing the instant things don’t look good, here everyone is shouting that he should be fired. Short-sighted and ignorant, completely disregarding his past years and the situation he’s working under because of a handful of poor months.

        If anything, please remember that he is a man, just like you and I, perhaps more so. Not some piece of trash on the ground.

        1. Redlights – way over the top.

          I called out the site (and, when appropriate, the Gaffer) for perceived pro-United, anti-Liverpool biases last season, and the Gaffer, to his credit, addressed them head on.

          I’ve seen little in the way of any sort of biases this season.

          You need not agree that Rafa should be sacked (although I sure as heck do), but you need to acknowledge that very good arguments exist for doing so.

        2. redlights,

          Are you kidding man? Seriously? This is a Premier League site that discusses issues in the Premier League. The fact that Liverpool are having an off year and Rafa is seemingly losing his grip is a legitimate issue to be discussed on this site. “He is a man?????” Yeah, he is a man, a man who is managing one of the biggest clubs in the world. He’s going to get criticized and questioned. It comes with the territory. Are you his brother or something? No one is saying Rafa is a horrible person or that he should be killed in the center of Liverpool. Lighten up!

        3. sorry redlights but in no way can I see why you should be mad at gaffer

          These set of sites writes opinion on current events in football and you appear to be reflecting your overall disregard on the situation and external events on the gaffer. Gaffer in no way made a personal attack on Rafa Benitez so lets not acuse him of it.

          These are just the pressures in modern day football for the top sides, if you’re one of the big clubs from italy, spain or england you need to keep the success coming once you’ve got it. I agree managers should be given more time but its just the same as business these days, if a multinational company was starting to report loss after loss in terms of revenue then the powers that be may want to reassess the management situation.

          Also I don’t see how it is a ‘fault’ that Benitez has a good rapport with the fans…?

      2. Gaffer,

        I think this is the second time this week “a lot of respect” has been lost for you. Is there any left?? Maybe you and yours should consider giving up the whole free speech thing. No questions. No criticism……No site.

        Oddly enough, from the comments, it is clear that many Merseysiders understand why the question is being asked, even if some are not quite ready to give Rafa the heave-ho.

  15. Other than God himself saving our bacon in the second half in Istanbul, Rafa hasn’t brought significant silverware at all. And lets see what else we have:

    1) Promote a conservative style of play that focuses on meaningless possession primarily in the defensive half that generates few quality opportunities each game? Check. How many of our losses have we still “controlled possession”?

    2) Very questionable choices in the transfer market? Check. Just to name a few: Bring in Keane, then get rid of him quickly for firesale prices. Keep around guys like Lucas who are average at best. Allow Alonzo to leave, and pick up an injured Aquilani who can’t contribute for months (and still isn’t, even when he is on the pitch). No replacements for our clearly outclassed defense (I mean seriously, they looked like pylons out there last night, and Carragher looks like he has aged a decade between last season and this one).

    3) Clearly lost the “locker room”? Check. Anybody who has watched their recent form, especially yesterday’s game, can tell the players have packed it in. They aren’t energized, they have no faith on the pitch in the game plan or each other. While the players obviously need to take pride in their game, this does come back to the Manager.

    Gaffer, you are so right on this article. If Man City could get rid of their manager mid-season for their “poor” play, how is it Rafa is still around with how much worse the Reds are playing???? It amazes me the strong support so many Reds fans have for Rafa, when what he has actually delivered over his tenure is so poor. Maybe some fans have low expectations and 1 CL title in his entire tenure is acceptible…but I expect more out of a manager of a Big Four team. And are we even a “Big Four” team now anyways? Man City is replacing us in that slot I think, and I fear we are the next Leeds Utd to go from contender to nobody in record time.

  16. Hey Gaffer, I remember back when Liverpool was winning and performing incredibly well, that there were constant articles from Ethan Armstrong (complete with entertaining drawings) detailing their current state, recent results, etc. It seems that there was the odd column bemoaning a poor result or elimination from a Cup competition as well, to be fair.

    What has happened to this column? As a supporter of the Phoenix Suns, I can empathize with a team that has great players and has enjoyed some past success, but now seems to be a team in inexplicable decline. (Although I’d concede that the Suns are more alike to Spurs than to Liverpool) I’m just as interested as the fan’s perception of when their team is losing and how the fan copes with this. Has the author just stopped writing? Has he moved on somewhere else?

  17. Yes, blame Benitez for the lack of performance. Fire him and return to prehistoric levels as the Reds were before he arrived. The fact is that there is a bad atmosphere at LFC because of the directors. Do they sell or do they not sell?. Gillett and Hicks are not, never were football fans. There is a lack of confidence and enthusiasm in most players because they feel that there is an uncertain future in the team. The players loyal to Rafa kill themselves on the field: Torres, Gerard, Reina, Carra and Kuyt. The is a lack of second string high class players to replaced them and that ads top an already exhausted squad.

    Without Benitez Liverpool will stay middle of the table for years. When Benitez left Valencia because of a similar problem with the directors Valencia collapsed and are still a mediocre team.

    Listen to the idiots like Lou Macari that said that Torres had faked his injury against Reading. How he has a job on Setanta is beyond me. maybe now that Fox is going to buy Setanta they will fire Lou once and for all.

    In Rafa we trust. We shall speak at the end of the season if he lasts.

    1. Get your facts right – Valencia’s done quite well AFTER Rafa. except for last year, they qualified for the Champions league 2 times the previous 3 years and the UEFA Cup one year. Seems like a pretty good return for having to compete against Barcelona and Real Madrid each year. Valencia collapsed is a bit of a stretch, even for a Liverpool fan.

      1. Qualifying for UEFA and Champions League. Oh, Qualifying is getting trophies ?

        Valencia are in turmoil. They will have to sell Silva, Villa and Mata to survive. They have had three presidents in three years and several coaches since Rafa left. You are the one that does not know the facts. You have now been inducted among the ignoremuses of soccer. You are in good company with Lou Macari, Ronnie Whelan, etc.

        Good riddance

  18. I’m not savvy enough about this sport to properly apportion blame between Statler and Waldorf and Benitez.

    I do know the following.

    1. 18 Prem games left.

    2. Fourth in the Prem is the only way to avoid (or, depending on just how ghastly LFC’s finances are, forestall for a year or two) a Leeds United situation.

    3. Statler and Waldorf ain’t firing themselves.

    4. From all appearances, our (oil-wealthy) prince isn’t arriving on a white horse (perhaps and Arabian? :)) any time soon.

    5. Action must be taken in a last-ditch effort to spark the club to fourth.

    This translates to one, and only one, possible outcome.

    Rafa out.

  19. What are the available options as a replacemen at this exact moment? Sammy Lee, Kenny Dalglish, Gary Megson, Alan Shearer, Juande Ramos? Err, no thanks. Sometimes the grass is not always greener.

      1. Hughes, Mourinho, or Hiddink yes. Klinsmann, I’m not so sure about. I know a few Bayern supporters who I would consider to be quite knowledgeable and open minded and they were more than ecstatic to see the back of him last year. Apparently his overbearing ways caused some major internal rifts in the club with the resulting negative effect on the team’s performance.

      2. Gaffer,

        I should have included realsitic replacements in my comment. Of course those are all big names you mentioned, but surely LFC cannot presently afford to pay off Benitez and then also pay another high profile manager (not to mention backroom staff).


        1. Huble, from what I understand Benitez would be only owed £20m if he was unable to find another job within six months after leaving Liverpool. I’m sure there would be another club in Europe, possibly Real Madrid, who would be interested in acquiring his services.

          The Gaffer

  20. I think that Beneitez is a good manager. Having said that, I think he would cost Liverpool too much money to get rid of. On the other hand, who would want to take over at Liverpool? Honestly. Daglish? That’s the only person that I can think of that would. No BIG NAME MANAGER will want to go and take over that crisis at Anfield. But I have to admit… I’m loving it!

  21. I’m not wholly convinced he deserves the sack, although it feels to me inevitable that he’ll get it. He’s had negligible support in the transfer market since he bought Torres. Yes, he brought in Johnson this year and Keane/Riera last, but he’s had to sell to finance every market running. That puts Liverpool in the same boat as Arsenal, only with less of a youth system. Yes, he’s had some high profile flops – Keane being the most egregious. But on the other hand, he’s had some solid successes – a great deal on Benayoun, Mascherano, and Torres. And both Man U and Chelsea have had some high profile flop deals as well – Berbatov, Hargreaves, Nani, Shevchenko, and Deco all spring to mind.

  22. If they sack Rafa they will need to find a lot of money to back a new Manager, which I don’t belive they have. So I think he will keep his job (until the transfer windows have past anyway) unless things become a hell of a lot worse.

  23. Wow some LFC fans are really on the ledge. Personally, I’ve never really understood why there was so much support for Rafa in the first place. His transfers dealings are odd…there’s no clear strategy.

    LFC in crisis is overly dramatic. 4th place is still very achievable and even if they fall short the sky is not falling. Portsmouth, West Ham, Crystal Palace, now there are some real grease fires.

  24. I have long been a fan of keeping Benitez. I think he’s a good manager that has a lot of heart for the club. Plus, I rate consistency at the managerial level above all else.

    But this is getting silly.

    Can we afford to let him go? Probably not. However, what has exiting the Champion’s and FA cost us? What will not qualifing for the CL next year cost us?

    I think we should stick with I wouldn’t be too upset if King Dalglish shoul

  25. Benitez is a dead man walking. He is the embodiment of the club’s demise. The only questions are the date and circumstances of his departure and that of the American owners, who are at the root of Liverpool’s real problems. Truth be told, Benitez has long been living off of his reputation based on a single night in Istanbul in 2005. His rotation policy and zonal marking tactics; his strange substitutions and cold relationship with players; to say nothing of poor record of player acquisitions and sales (Keane, Alonso); fielding inferior players (Lucas) and allowing talented ones to rot on the bench (Babel, Benayoun). Clearly the Liverpool experiment under Benitez’s tenure has been a miserable failure.

    However much the manager is responsible for team and tactics, Benitez is not the chief culprit. That distinction belongs to the owners alone. Whereas the Glazer family treat ManU as the family ATM to siphon money, the Hicks and Gillett family ownership is plain dysfunctional lot fast on their way to financial and sporting ruination. Under the current ownership’s limited transfer funds available to replenish the team with top players and no CL participation, Benitez’s eventual replacement won’t come easy. In order to attract a blue chip manager the club most first be sold to an ownership group with pockets deep enough to buy world class players and a big name manager.

  26. Benitez was granted a new contract last year that will apparently cost £20m to terminate according to Alen Hansen. So the owners would have to cough that up, followed by funds to pay a new “world class” manager, followed by a hefty transfer budget because Benitez’s signings apparently aren’t good enough. Liverpool can only be saved by a takeover from an uber wealthy chairman. Until then, I bet Benitez isn’t going anywhere, although plenty won’t be joining me! http://tiny.cc/GchGd

    1. Tommy, from what I understand Benitez would be only owed £20m if he was unable to find another job within six months after leaving Liverpool. I’m sure there would be another club in Europe, possibly Real Madrid, who would be interested in acquiring his services.

      The Gaffer

  27. Before EPL Talk, I worked at a company that had an executive who was completely useless and everyone knew it. But no matter how incompetent he was, he was never fired. In fact, as years went by, he moved up the ladder but not one person could see why. It was a running joke among the employees. After I left the company, I learned he become either the COO or CEO. Everyone I spoke with wondered whether he had a hex over the owners of the company, or whether he had something written into his contract that made it almost impossible to get rid of him.

    When I think of that man, I think of Rafa Benitez. As the season goes by, he’s getting worse and worse and his players are losing more confidence. After each defeat, there’s more excuses. And how many times has Rafa said this season that “the season starts now” only for the Reds to lose?

    I’m usually not a big fan of sacking managers, but enough is enough. Liverpool needs a manager who will be a fresh air to shake things up and to give the players a boost. Rather than wait until the summer, the time to do that is now to help salvage the season and to climb up the table.

    The Gaffer

  28. Until the two-headed hydra that is Hicks/Gilette either wake up to concept of how winning cups/leagues pays dividends as well, or sell the club to owner(s) who want silverware, Rafa will not be sacked.

  29. I havent read the article, the caption “Rafa’s poor financial management forced Liverpool to sell out to the Americans” has put me off.

    The reason we sold the club to G&H was because David Moores could no longer compete financially Man United, Chelsea et al. and the club desperately needed a new stadium – which was promised but still hasnt arrived.

    I am not attempting to defend Rafa any more (I want him out) but to put such a ridiculous suggestion is pathetic.

    Research. Do some.

    1. Matt, read the article before you judge the piece.

      I picked up the photo from a previous article about LFC that I didn’t write, and only noticed later that the caption was included. I didn’t write the caption and don’t agree with it. But please read the rest of the article before criticizing it. Thanks.

      The Gaffer

  30. Having read your ‘article’ now (it didnt take long). I find it even more laughable. Robbie Keane — the same Robbie Keane who can’t get a game at Spurs and has played less there this season than he did for Liverpool in the same length of time? That Robbie Keane you mean?

    Absolutely ridiculous.

    Rafa has made mistakes but the cliche’s the media and uninformed supporters bring out are quite frankly an insult to your own intelligence.

    1. Matt, what cliche’s are included in this story?

      I truly believe Liverpool would be in far better position right now if they had retained Keane. He would have been far more dangerous than N’Gog or El Zhar.

      The tricky part about Keane is that he goes hot and cold. He can score a hat trick in one game, but then go several games without scoring at all.

      The Gaffer

      1. “Benitez has failed in the transfer market ”
        – Torres, Mascherano, Reina, Agger, Alonso, Johnson, Kuyt & Garcia are all qualified success stories.
        – The likes of Bellamy, Sissoko, Crouch were sold for profit (as was Voronin even).
        – Insua has become a full Argentine international under Rafa.
        – The likes of Dossena and Babel havent worked out, but we made a small loss on Dossena and Babel just hasnt fulfilled his potential.

        Every single manager has made mistakes in the transfer market but to suggest Benitez has “failed” without acknowledging his achievements at the same time is disrespectful, particularly under the sell-to-buy policy he has had to work under in recent seasons.

        Should I mention some costly signings of Ferguson’s? Veron, Hargreaves, Tosic, Bebatov, Djemba Djemba, Anderson, Nani, Taibi, Barthez, Bellion, Blonqvist, Kleberson…. So, has Ferguson “failed in the transfer market” too?

        1. Matt, you’re pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes by only mentioning Torres, Mascherano, Reina, Agger, Alonso, Johnson, Kuyt and Garcia as all qualified success stories. The number of complete and utter failures that Benitez has signed is FAR greater than the list of winners, and he has a far worse record than other managers including Fergie.

          Ferguson has failed in the transfer market, too. Most managers pick more losers than winners overall, but the team’s can be measured at the end of the day by how many trophies they won. And as of late, Liverpool is lacking in that department.

          I’m by no means a Liverpool hater or a Manchester United fan (a Swansea City fan, in fact – a club that has had close ties with the Reds). But I’m just calling it as I see it especially in relation to this article I wrote.

          The Gaffer

  31. What does Rafa Benitez have to do to get sacked? Unfortunately nothing he does (poor tactics) or does not do (buy quality players) will change anything at Anfield because of the club’s terrible finances. They would have to pay off Benitez somewhere in the region of 15 million pounds plus a few more million for his assistants to sack him. The only way Rafa will leave is if he resigns. In one of the English papers it says that Juventus might be prepared to offer him a job there but given the type of control and power he has at Liverpool I don’t see Rafa leaving on his own. Therefore no matter how bad things get I don’t see Rafa leaving anytime soon. Sad times at Anfield indeed!

  32. Benitez’s sides have been organized, defensively skilled, and hard to beat. If he’d loosened the reins just a little last year, especially against mediocre opposition, they could’ve won the league.

    Instead, he wildly overcompensated and brought in Glen Johnson. Goodbye defensive skill, goodbye organization.

    Hello easy to beat.

  33. benitez is goin my uncle George Gillette has 100million for sighnings in summer 20mill of that is goin 2 be used for rafa to leave,Then we will agree a compensation fee with villa and get oneil. Then he will hav 80mill to spend on sum big money transfers. Augero,alves and yaya toure swap with mascherano

  34. i hate rafa because he’s very selfish and not kind to gerrard but he’s not leaving but he’s a fat barsterd and a fat gick i hope he gets sacked for what he’s done because i do he is a supid fat idiot because he wasted our money to get shit players and again he is a fat barsterd

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