Two Amazing American Goals In English Football By Dempsey and Harkes


Two Americans who will never be forgotten in English football are Clint Dempsey and John Harkes. Nothing is more memorable than scoring one of the goals of the season.

In 1990, John Harkes scored his first goal for Sheffield Wednesday and what a beauty it was. The 35 yard screamer ended up being the goal of the season. And to make matters even better, the goal was scored against legendary England goalkeeper Peter Shilton.

Then just this past Tuesday, Clint Dempsey scored an almost identical goal for Fulham against Stoke. Will this go down as the goal of the season? We’ll have to wait and see. But in the meantime, please enjoy both videos above. Just click the image to have the videos load.

21 thoughts on “Two Amazing American Goals In English Football By Dempsey and Harkes”

  1. did anyone happen to notice that the same play by play commentator called both American goals of the year. And how many years separate them, talk about irony.

  2. Speaking of goals of the year (EPL), who had that monster free kick on THEIR side of the midfield that caught the keeper off his line a few weeks ago? I want to say it was someone from Sunderland?

  3. Has anyone noticed that Fox Soccer took down the HD ad with the location finder off of their website today? Does anyone know more about the launch date? Please advise. Thanks!

      1. Thanks, mate. Have you heard anything more on a launch date for the HD service? I hope it comes for this weekends fixtures.

        1. Hi Josh, HD is going to be a while and definitely not this weekend. It’ll be rolled out throughout the year. First up may be one of the cable providers (Charter Cable) followed by DirecTV. But DirecTV may be anywhere from a few weeks from now up until March. It’s a moving target right now.

          The Gaffer

          1. Wow! So much for January 2010! I wonder why they have been posting this during games and on their site? I am so tired of the grainy garbage I have been watching. Thanks again Gaffer!

  4. Except for the distance,these 2 goals are not similar at all.
    I am sure that I am not the only one who can see this.


    But they were great shots!

  5. Harkes versus Derby, Wegerle versus Leeds, Dempsey versus Stoke and Wynalda’s free kick versus Swizerland were all fantastic goals scored by America’s finest.
    However, when talking about great goals and goals of importance scored by a USA international, there is always one name that springs to mind. Less we forget Paul Caligiuri for his 35 yard dipping effort for the USA in a must win 1990 World Cup qualifier away against Trinidad & Tobago. The goal is now more commonly referred to as “The shot heard round the World” and signified the beginning of a new dawn in the history of US soccer. Without Caligiuri’s goal, the USA would not have qualified for Italia 90 which in turn could have possibly forced FIFA to renege on their promise of awarding the USA host nation of the 1994 World Cup.

    It is highly likely that the USA would have remained the back woodsmen of international soccer if it hadn’t of been for Paul Caligiuri’s goal.

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