Javier Mascherano and Samir Nasri Should Hang Their Heads In Shame


There’s no doubt that the Premier League season is heating up. The last few weeks have been extremely entertaining. And, for the casual observer, it’s wonderful to see the Big Four teams getting beat. But there were two incidents on Saturday that I found deplorable. The first was Javier Mascherano’s horror tackle on Portsmouth’s Tal Ben Haim. The second was Samir Nasri’s deliberate kick at Hull City’s Richard Garcia.

If you watch the Nasri incident again, you can see the Frenchman deliberately and maliciously kick the back of Garcia’s ankle behind the back of referee Steve Bennett. Arsenal had already won the free kick, so there was no need for Nasri to kick out the way he did. It’s bad enough to get kicked in the ankle, but when someone does it behind you without you even seeing it coming, you can imagine how painful that must have been for Garcia.

Nasri deserved a straight red for the incident. But because the Arsenal player did it behind the back of Bennett and the two assistant referees didn’t see the incident in the crowded area, Bennett ended up giving a yellow card to both Nasri and Steven Hunt. It was bad enough that Nasri got off lightly with just a yellow, but there was no way that Hunt deserved that card. After Nasri fouled Garcia, Hunt took matters into his own hands and pushed Nasri, as Nick Barmby did and a melee then ensued.

Nasri has gone way down in my estimation based on this one horrible decision. But I’m also disappointed with how a prominent Arsenal blog (NSFW) saw the incident, which is one of the reasons why I don’t typically enjoy club blogs in general because they often put blinders on and are very biased in favor of their club. This is how ArseBlogger described the incident:

“Samir Nasri, for reasons best known to himself, bumped into a Hull player and gave him a little kick on the foot while the ref’s back was turned. It was a bit sly, I have to say, and there really wasn’t any need for it. Especially as the Hull player wasn’t that little knacker Steven Hunt. But you know, f**k them. A little bit of aggro is no bad thing and it’s nice to see the lads sticking up for each other.”

“Little kick on the foot”? “Sticking up for each other?” Give me a break. Watch this video (around the 1 minute 30 second mark) and see for yourself:

In the other deplorable incident from Saturday, what was Javier Mascherano thinking? He maliciously went in hard with a tackle with Portsmouth’s Tal Ben Haim and ended up raising his studs and kneeing Ben Haim in between the legs. Not only could that one tackle have ended Ben Haim’s career (luckily it didn’t), but Mascherano injured himself in the reckless tackle.

To make matters worse, co-commentator Nigel Winterburn was awful in his judgement of what happened about whether Mascherano deliberately set out to hurt Ben Haim. As he hemmed and hawed about the incident (“his studs are showing, but I don’t know”), Winterburn sounded incredibly shocked when Mascherano received the straight red. In my book, it was a red card immediately after I saw the incident. And the TV replays solidified my assertion. It was only until the beginning of the second half where Winterburn changed his tune and indicated that maybe Mascherano didn’t go for the ball after all. But even then, Winterburn again hemmed and hawed.

Here’s the video of the incident from the first half:

Mascherano Sent Off (19/12/09)Watch more funny videos here

Fortunately in the Liverpool game, the referee made the correct decision and Mascherano now faces a three match ban. Nasri deserves the same punishment too. While Saturday was a wonderful day of football, it’s a shame that the actions of two Premier League footballers showed the negative side of the game.

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  1. did you actuallu see the match? it was hardly a kick and barmbys slap was much worse. mind you the engliah are xenophobic so no doubt any thing a foriegn player does is som much worse.
    what an idiot you are.

      1. Let’s take a walk around the world for all the delusional Gunner fans (and boy are there a lot of you):

        “The encounter was somewhat overshadowed by a 21-man brawl towards the end of the first half following an incident between Samir Nasri and Richard Garcia, as the Arsenal player stamped on the ankle of his Hull counterpart. Nasri was lucky to escape a red card, and an FA inquiry could follow to decide whether further action should be taken.” The Independent.

        “Nasri’s needless stamp on Richard Garcia could have seen him take an unnecessary early bath, but referee Steve Bennett decided to issue a yellow card instead of a red and moments later the official handed out the free-kick that changed the mood of this game.” ESPN

        “Nasri was booked by referee Steve Bennett but should the FA review the video evidence, which showed Nasri scrape his studs down Garcia’s ankle before standing on his foot, then a three-match ban for violent conduct is possible.” Daily Mail.

        “The consequence, after lengthy deliberation by referee Steve Bennett, was bookings for Nasri and Stephen Hunt. For the former, it could well have been a red, and even Wenger conceded: “Maybe yes, but it was difficult to see if he stamped on his foot.” Brown said he was “astounded” by Nasri’s reaction.” Times Online.

        Ignore the feedback by the A**enal fans. They live in their own world.

  2. Kick on the ankle from behind???? FFS look at the video again, he steps on the fish mongers foot, what´s the problem?

    Is this football or ballet? You c**t!

    1. Can anyone really take an Arsenal fan seriously? Nasri should have seen red – he kicked the back of the player’s achilles. Anyone who’s played knows that it hurts like hell. Did he have to pretend his foot was amputated? No, but Nasri still kicked him from behind on purpose after play was stopped. Straight red. Arsenal fans, man up.

      Ballet, huh? How soon you forget Eduardo’s ballet moves to win a penalty. Where were you then you pathetic POS. Hypocrites.

  3. so not much about barmby then. he was out of order and also deserved a red. im not defending nasri he should never of done it but as soon as the cards come out garcia gets up after rolling around like eduardo did when he broke his ankle. i think maybee u have the blinkers on against the so called top 4

  4. I did not see the kick. But he did stand on his foot. I agree it was wrong stupid and sly. I hate sly. He did go down with a pile of shit. Nick Barmby was very lucky not to see red, I could see he slapped/pushed Nasri in the side of the face from where I was sitting and he done it in front of the Ref. The Ref bottled it and did not send him off. If he did get sent off it would of been the right decision. Nasri’s sly antics are undefendable and he should of gone.
    I’m glad they did not score the penalty they were awarded, as in my veiw at the time it was not one, now after watching the reply, OMG what a joke.

  5. The Gaffer??? Clueless duffer more like.

    Funny there aint been a mention of the constant cheating and diving by Fagan from Hull… Now that WAS deplorable.

    Give it a rest with the hand wringing b*llocks. Nasri’s little tread on Garcia’s toes barely merits a mention in the big scheme of things…. And Garcia’s reaction was hilarious too… dropping to the floor as if twatted by Tyson!

  6. Hang their heads in shame? what planet are you on. minor incidents that were a yelllow card at worse. Brown had a 2 footed studs up lunge at Lucas that got him on both legs and didn’t even get a yellow and Mascherano gets a red for slipping into a tackle and not actually making contact? Nasri stood on someones foot and they then dived to the ground as if shot. The cowardly dive was worse that the minor stamp.

    You don’t have a bloody clue.

  7. your hate for Arsenal could get you a job in the media yet

    you take a dig at the “sticking up for each other” from arseblogger but take no offence at hunt and barmby sticking up for garcia

  8. What a total waste of time….Nasri stepped on the foot of Garcia. There was no kick. Not on the ankle or anywhere. Yeah it was deliberate but it obviously didn’t hurt. They just love a bit of a dive in the North East, as proved by the penalty.

  9. Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder, I dont suppose you even saw Fagen’s dive and subsequently penalty claim?? I call that blatant cheating, but justice was done as the three clowns all bumped into each other as they tried to latch on to the rebound. As for Nasri,’s so called stamp, the way the other guy went down, I thought he had been knocked out by Mike Tyson. Ho hum.

  10. Anyone expecting a sceptic tank to have a scooby doo about English football is havin a right bubble, whoops missus where’s me round the houses… Frog and toad rubber dub dub…

  11. No comparison….The Mascherano tackle is dangerous….the other incident is a joke……………..Richard Garcia should be ashamed of the way he went down…real joke…whilst Stephen “lets fracture the keepers skull” Hunt really ought to get things in proportion….It was a sod all incident followed by handbags at 10…………Shoddy Journalism

    1. Garcia should be ashamed?! If that is the case then half of your pansies should be ashamed too. Just the softest of touches and they go down, like one of your fellow fans said “he had been knocked out by Mike Tyson”, for example that free kick that was just laughable for Arsenals first goal, that player should be own up for SLIPPING OVER!. If you was in the same position as Garcia, and had someone stamp on your foot, are you telling me that you wouldn’t go down too? Sit down and shut up, you southern SOFTY!!

      1. Finally, someone with a clue. But don’t bother, A**enal fans have no sense. Wenger can do no wrong, there team is perfect, blah, blah, blah. Careful, don’t sneeze near a Gunners player, he’ll pretend he was shot.

  12. The challenge from Mascherano was ugly, but it was not at all deliberate, therefore there should be no red card. Even though I don`t like them (because they are very biased when it comes to Arsenal) every expert in my country was shocked to see a booking and I totally agree.

    When it comes to the Arsenal episode, haha, where is the “vicious kick”? This is just a very pathetic attempt to try and get attention, not red card to any of the episodes.

  13. Is this actually a joke?

    Nasri shouldn’t have done it of course, but a kick from behind? And then you have the gaul to post a video that completely disproves what you’ve just said. A kick? He steps on the man’s foot. Stupid? Yes, fair enough. Much more than that? I don’t think so.

    And it’s fine for a Hull player to retaliate by puching him in the face is it?

    Oh, and lumping this in together with Mascherano’s tackle that could have caused serious damage is utterly ridiculous.

    Come on now, I’m not even an Arsenal fan and this has irritated me.

    1. I’m not surprised people are defending Nasri. That’s because it was a nothing incident. The Hull player went down and made a real meal of it. Nasri didn’t stamp on his foot. Had he done that, then a red would have been warranted. However, for you to say he should hang his head in shame is a major overeaction on your part.

      Maschreano got what he deserved. So that’s the end of discussion on him. No one here in the UK who reported on the game said that Nasri deserved to be sent off. So you are out of step on this one.

      1. What was so illegal about the Mascherano challenge that he deserved a red for it? Studs showing? He had to put his foot down somewhere and we can’t say that this has made up for previous bad tackles. Was it so dangerous that it deserved a red? No. Yellow? Yes.

  14. Mate, I am sorry but your own comment that —–

    “why I don’t typically enjoy club blogs in general because they often put blinders on and are very biased in favor of their club.”

    —-Is symtomatic of general footy blogs like yours, where by your anti bias of a team reflects in your script.
    And your assertion that look at this video around about 1.30 mark is laughable as it shows exactly what happened and it is not what you described, so you have shown evidence in your own article that you were wrong!!! classic………..There was categorically no kick………….
    Nasri, was daft and i am not sure why he did it, stepping on someone toes is plain daft, perhaps the constant and habitual fouling of stephen hunt and fagan amongst others was beginning to grind him down, he was wrong, but he got a deserved yellow card, red your having a laugh, the only one who should have been red carded in that melee was Barmby…………And within that game as a whole stephen hunt should have picked up at least 4 yellow cards and fagan at least 3.
    And how you can compare the two incidents, is beyond me, we are all entitled to our opinions and i wont insult or swear at you like many people who come on these sites, but mate you have obviously seen this from a far more different angle than i have…………….

    1. Harry, thanks for an intelligent comment instead of swearing like some of the others. I see where you’re coming from, but take a look at the video again and click the full screen version so you can see it close up. It’s hard to see it in the smaller version included here. The other thing that minimizes the incident is the MOTD commentator who says “…as he treads on the foot of Garcia. He certainly doesn’t stamp on him.” I disagree with the commentator. Nasri didn’t tread on him. It was a premeditated kick.

      The Gaffer

      1. Well I have seen the full screen version 6 times, i have rewatched the MoTD on sky and reseen the ESPN version on slow motion, he stepped on his foot, nothing more.. There is no kick at all, honestly, i am not sticking up for him in anyway, if an arsenal player is in the wrong i will admit it, a yellow card was right, nothing more. Premeditated agreed but only a step, niggly and not needed but upto then Hull had been getting away with a lot of challenges, as i mentioned perhaps he had enough, he got his deserved and measured punishment.
        Whereby I agree that Mascherano incident was desrving of a red, it took a replay to convince me, my first thought was that the red was harsh, but the slow mo, showed he went over the ball and onto his ankle, so a Red is justified, but it is far removed from the petulance of the Nasri incident. Unfortunately for Javier he has injured himself into the bargain, so Karma evens out………….

        1. No Karma here. Nasri deserved red. He did kicked Garcia’s achilles. If you can’t see it, you aren’t paying attention. It was on purpose. Who’s that not a red card? Can a player walk up to another player and take a shot from behind and only get a yellow? Only an A**enal player evidently.

  15. you cant be serious, it wasnt a kick, he treads on his foot and the guy went down like he had been shot. barmby then pushes him in the face, if anything thats a red!

  16. Obviously written by a sore Manu fan looking to take the sting out of getting thumped by Fulham. Looks like Red Nose the reindeer will be getting the club into more debt for the new year!

    1. When someone criticizes Arsenal, why do readers automatically think the writer is a Man United supporter? I guess it’s an easy attempt to avoid the issue head-on, and to try to turn the debate in another direction.

      For the record, I don’t support any Premier League clubs.

      The Gaffer

  17. I’m with you on Mascherano, Gaffer (didn’t see the other game yet). It was a red, clear as day.

    I don’t know why they give us people like Winterburn. He’s hardly entertaining, and he’s hardly bringing ‘knowledge of the game’. He said something like “first the ref has to decide whether it was deliberate. Then he has to decide whether it was malicious”. Nothing of the sort is mentioned in the rules.

  18. The yellow card was about right for Nasri….you are way too sensitive. Besides if you knew the history, you would understand where arseblogger was coming from. I suspect people enjoy reading his entertaining and well-balanced blog somewhat more than this rubbish. I don’t know why I’m wasting my breath but for what it’s worth when Arsenal players behave like idiots, he generally says so…

    1. History should have nothing to do it. Referees need to make decisions in the clear light of the day and shouldn’t be taking history into the equation. Yes, I know the history between Arsenal and Hull City, but that shouldn’t excuse Nasri for what he did.

      The Gaffer

  19. I think you Gaffer should hang your head in shame or may be you don’t know what is football. The tackle from Mascherano didn’t derserve a red card. On contrary, Tal Ben Haim should have received a red card instead. If you watched the whole scenario, you would see that after Mascherano’s tackle, Tal Ben Haim had a two footed studs up lunge at Mascherano and then pretended being seriously hurt. What a actor not a footballer. I think Mascherano did not mean to hurt anyone but Tal Ben Haim did mean to take revenge. Was this sportsmanship, Gaffer? Just think about it! Please do watch the full and close up of the game and make your comment.



  20. you’re not english and you don’t support any club in the premiership ?

    i don’t believe you but if its true then you obviously hate arsenal since:

    you missed how barmby punched/pushed nasri in the face(while jumping on him) he should’ve got a red,

    garcia should’ve got a yellow for play acting,

    and fagan should’ve got yellow for diving when he won the penalty.

    1. I’m Welsh and I support Swansea City. Why would I lie? As for Barmby, he should have been carded for pushing Nasri, yes. Garcia was not play-acting. Have you ever been kicked in the ankle? As for Fagan, it was a soft penalty but Silvestre (I believe it was) pulled him down by his shirt. I’ve seen similar soft penalties given in recent weeks including the Barcelona derby where a very similar incident happened.

      The Gaffer

      1. i haven’t been kicked in my ankle but i had my foot stamped on(like garcia), on the street while walking and on the pitch when playing football, i didn’t go down on the floor rolling around like my foot has been cut off (like garcia did.)

      2. You can’t be serious!? That was never a penalty. Both Fagan and Silvestre were holding each others shirts. So that doesn’t warrant a penalty. You really have some strange opinions on this match.

        Again, from ESPN analysts to MOTD. They all derided that penalty decision. Quite rightly too.

  21. Imao, I totally agree with you. I don’t believe Gaffer. I do think he support Mans because Mans supporters don’t like Arsenal and Liverpool. So that’s why he only mentioned Mascherano and Nasri. How about the referees, their judgement is awful. They totally ruined the game.

  22. The gaffer, more like the grubber sure you don`t support Hull. Or you just looking for hits and loads of irate replies. well you got them cos you talk nonsense see you didnt mention Fagan`s swan dive. What about all the pushing and lil nudges the Hull players were doing. Maybe we should have done wht Fagan did apparently they are classed as fouls.. Oh sorrry forgot only works if your british… Also see no one mentioned Roooney`s dive last week… And Gerrrds dive tooo… Oh sorry forgot that british players dont dive…. PLank

  23. I’ve watched the video and a better one on Youtube and it was not a kick. Can’t you see? Nasri didn’t swing his leg a tiniest bit, what are you talking about? He nudged him yes and it was the least he deserved it. If you think Nasri should be sent off than 1. Barnby should be sent off too (twice over), 2. Fegan should be sent off, 3. Hunt should be sent off, 4. You are a f……g idiot!
    My advise to you is – take up something useful, writing this sort of drivel is only going to upset genuine football fans.

  24. the reason I believe that you are a Manure fan is by the fact that what you say and your “supposed” video evidence obviously contradict each other. There was no “kick in the ankle” as you stated when the video OBVIOUSLY shows a step (so stupid and unwarranted) on the FOOT of the Hull player. Any little chance for a Manure fan to take heat off his team, and he will take it. Or are you saying you are a Chav fan? Regardless, look at the negative backlash from all the other comments your biased view has received. I think you will find many less readers to your so called blog in the coming days, months, weeks. Enjoy your solitude asshat!

  25. Harry;
    Please do not do ask the Duffer asks and waste your sunday re watching a video of an incident sooooo minor that I cannot believe it is even being discussed???

    He trod on his foot, stupid but minor as fook! What was more concerning was the constant whinging and swearing at the ref by most of the Hull players, Fagan in partciular, the cheating and diving and the penalty was 1000 times worse than anything Eduardo has done, yet, where is the media out cry???

    Now THAT is something worthy of reporting and commenting on…

    1. Understand your point, but fair is fair I have commented on his article and he reckons that there was a kick, so i have decided to recheck and make sure that I am right, not so much he is wrong. And having watched it again, so including been at the game yesterday where i was at that end and saw the incident in the same view that the officials saw and the copous replays i am fully convinced that he did not kick him, your right, in that its a pointless discussion and the headline is not in proportion to the incidents…………

  26. no one is defending Nasri, but wanting some perspective and TRUTH.
    how dare the right decry it as a KICK from BEHIND on the ANKLE. none of which is true, he didnt even lean forward onto his front foot to apply pressure, and for the tosser to leap and fal to the ground as if hacked was a disgrace also. yellows were deserved.

    why the exaggeration whenever its the arsenal?

    why no mention of a preposterous penalty award

  27. Nasri reacted to Barmby pushing him off when he wanted to place the ball for the freekick… he was somehow whining him up, and umm that was never a kick on the ankle.

  28. Oh dear, tha sad twat is still maintaining there was a kick and garcia didnt play act!

    Love your stubborn refusal to face facts! You should be in Politics!

  29. By the above e-mails, I can tell that most of the people who have seen the video footage have only seen the BBC feed. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find a video online of the feed I saw on Saturday on television from TWI, which showed a close-up angle of the incident and it looked far worse than what you saw on MOTD.

    The Gaffer

  30. Where was your blog last week when Gerrard and Rooney were doing their antics..?????

    Ur a xenophobic c**t? go and support teams which have pure english blood leading them…like Man Shitty… oops, u cant do that even cause the arabs gave u a kick in the Arse…for not being to the level
    U can shout lies as much as u want…but it does not turn into truth…some learned that 50 years ago!

    Let Mancini teach u how to do it… and let the other one show ur national team how to play

  31. I read more and more blogs like yours and it really puts me off. You are doing a great disservice to your countrymen. Most of them, I imagine are cool… But you are tarnishing the reputation of your ppl…

  32. I guess this article is written solely for the purpose of raising a stink.

    I could accept your moral high ground if you had said that hunt should have been sent off – first booked for a needless attack on almunia, then for holding eboue when he could have passed him (two yellows) or for attacking nasri – straight red. If what nasri did was wrong and deserved a red, at least three hull players should have been off for grabbing him by the throat or hitting him on the face.

    I for one am quite happy with what nasri did. If hull can hide their violence behind ambiguity over intention – when it’s obvious to any neutral observer what their real intentions are — they need to take some back. Even here you can’t say it was deliberate. he might have stepped on him inadvertently. Nobody can see inside nasri’s mind. It’s a shame it wasn’t actually a kick but slight contact which saw garcia up and running within seconds.

    Shame on you and you alone.

  33. Gaffer,
    You need to watch this video of the incident. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gsL347sNc_c
    Nasri VERY clearly did not kick his ankle. You need to get a grip and not make things up.He STEPPED on his foot, not stomped in anyway. He quickly pulls his foot up after stepping on Garcia’s foot. Yes, it was a sly piece of work. Yes, he should have been booked. Nobody’s denying that. Just don’t invent things to fit your worldview, and people won’t jump all over you for posting nonsense. Your complete whitewashing of Garcia’s and Fagan’s playacting only serves to reinforce the belief that you wrote this with an agenda.

  34. What a load of bollocks. The game started with the ref bottling it when he should have booked Hunt for deliberately running at Almunia.

    When the refs choke, you have to look after yourselves, so tough shit on the dirty little north monkeys.

    They can go and fuck themselves. And so you can you whiny cunt.

  35. what a clown – not Nasri or Mascherano but the fool who writes to incite.

    Still it is we users of newsnow that are the real fools for clickingon sensational headlines designed to get us to click through so the pondlife who write such drivel can earn some money.

  36. When you say that Mascherano’s tackle was malicious, it implies that you ABSOLUTELY KNOW what Mascherano’s intention/mindset was at the moment he was making the tackle. Sorry, “Nostradamus”…I don’t think so.

  37. What a shit-stirring fool you are Nasri trod on his ankle there was no kick you idiot, Hull kicked Arsenal all through the game, wake up and f**k off to specsavers

  38. Poetic justice for all the little snapping at the Arsenal players throughout the game. Hull players are known to be dirty gits…..goes with the tangoed ones territory.
    Garcia and Fagan dont forget to renew your equity membership!

  39. “After Nasri fouled Garcia, Hunt took matters into his own hands and pushed Nasri, as Nick Barmby did and a melee then ensued.”
    That explains Hunt’s yellow card or are u so blinkered just like the club blogs u so despise

  40. Nasri stood on Garcia’s foot. MoTD slows it down and that’s all that happens and Garcia jumps up like he got a bat up his ass. Was it stupid, yes. Hang his head in shame? No. I think you’re over reacting. Either you’re just trying to incite to get hits for your website.

  41. Haha Arsenal and Liverpool apologists. Whine whine whine, cry cry cry. Here’s a weird statitistic. 43% of Brits are morons. 100% of those are Arsenal or Liverpool fans. BTW douches, the only way candyass Nasri could “stick up” for his mates is by some handbag attack from behind like he did. I have never seen two teams and sets of fans cry more in any sport worldwide. It’s always what the other guy did.


  42. I agree with The Gaffer. Working for the PA I too saw the TWI feed and with an impartial view the players on both sides acted inappropriately. William Gallas was one of the few players to get involved in the fisticuffs. Most decisions went in favour of Arsenal. The referee had a very poor game. There is no need for people to come on here and abuse the author because he may have a different view of something. In any rate you took time to read his views, not the other way round.

  43. There are two issues here regarding Nasri:

    1) Is the Gaffer’s claim about his act true?

    2) Is the Gaffer’s claim about the moral implications of his act true?

    I think that every piece of video evidence available (I know Gaffer has said there is another angle, but given what we have seen, I’m not sure what it could possibly show) indicates that the Gaffer’s claim about his act is false. He did not kick the back of the Hull player’s ankle. He stepped on his foot.

    Now, that is important, because it is a bit less violent. The degree of his offense is lessened. That said, it is not wholly mitigated, and I think the Gaffer’s claim (2) essentially holds true.

    It was not the violence of the act that made it objectionable. Indeed, I think it is little different in that regard from hundreds of other actions throughout the season. What is objectionable (though sadly not unique) is that it was the intent. It did not occur in the run of play (where a player’s focus is elsewhere), nor did Nasri really have any need to be fighting for that spot of ground. He should be ashamed. I am myself an Arsenal supporter, and one who has decried this sort of subtle violence in other quarters. The same applies here.

    1. JM, good points. Hopefully video of the camera angle I saw will be released in the next few days so we can see the original angle I saw.

      To me, whether it was the camera angle that I saw on TWI or the camera angle shown on MOTD, Nasri should have received a red card either way.

      I respect your comment about Nasri’s intent and that he should be ashamed. I only hope that more Arsenal supporters stand up and support fair play.

      The Gaffer

  44. Gaffer, I vehemently disagree with you. I disagree with your characterization of both instances. In fact, I dispute that either incident (or game for that matter) took place. You’ve obviously staged the footage of both games to further your xenophobic agenda. Regardless of the hundreds of time my fellow commenters or myself have read of your Welsh background or support of Swansea, we know you’re secretly a Man Utd supporter and a member of the shadow world government. In short, I reject your reality and substitute my own. (Caution – Reading the above comment without your Firefox sarcasm plug-in could further inflame tensions.)

  45. well put JM, however in my opinion what is more serious is the fact that it has become a tactic in its self to kick, niggle and generally frustrate the opposition, these premeditated actions are ones which i believe should be called out by the press as it actually is anti-football.

  46. Nasri had a soft, soft almost toe poke to the ankle, then stepped on him.

    But “malicious” is way too strong a word. Petulant? Uncalled for? A tad cynical? Sure. Being an Arsenal fan, I’ll only assume that that was payback for ongoing dirty play from Hull. Nasri tends to be like that. Doesn’t take kindly to getting kicked all game by hacks. But on no planet is that a straight red card. That’s just silly.

    One can admit it was a mild kick, though, and still say Garcia went down like he got hit by a sniper. It didn’t hurt that bad. And Brambly clearly deserved harsher punishment. But no mention of that? This is why people are criticizing your article. You call for a red card for a tiny little nothing incident, and then ignore Brambly’s offense. One might question the lack of perspective there. And after calling out another blogger for his lack of perspective? Not great blogging.

  47. Ridiculous, Stephen Hunt ran into Almunia on two occasions, and was a general hack throughout the game. Nasri can get chippy, but is no way near the level of Mascherano who is an unremitting thug. Whether Hunt deserved the yellow then, maybe he didn’t but he deserved on other numerous occasions throughout. He has helped build a real rivalry, that is if they can stay up?

  48. There are two factors that you aren’t factoring into the Mascherano red card:

    1. The pitch was utter crap. slippery as hell.

    2. If you play the sport, that is not a malicious tackle. Why? Because his studs were barely off the ground and weren’t near either of his feet. Not only that, there was a reason Javier was the one who got injured. His body position put him at high risk for a knee injury. I know that and I’m not on a EPL team.

    There is a reason every commentator and reporter has questioned the red card.

  49. Wow. They apparently give anybody a computer these days. Some of you people are pathetic. Do you engage people with opinions different than your own the same way face-to-face? If so I predict a short life expectancy for you.
    In any event, Gaffer, I support Arsenal and Nasri’s move was unsporting, no doubt. I’m disappointed in him and would have had a hard time arguing had he been sent off. But I think it’s a stretch to call it a kick. Looked to me like he stepped on the back of his ankle and raked him. Uncalled for. Of course Garcia’s reaction was laughable. If an opponent did that to me I would have turned around and given him a shove, not fall on the ground like a baby.

  50. Shrute66, the camera angle I saw showed it was indeed a kick (it was a close-up camera angle). The MOTD camera angle does look more of a slight kick. But when you see the close-up angle, you’ll see why Garcia was in so much pain. I’ve been kicked in the ankle and back of the ankle before and it hurts like hell.

    The Gaffer

  51. stupid site with a stupid article. i think those two hull city f**kers where talking shit about nasri or some other player from arsenal and nasri stepped on his foot, but that peace of shit from hull have to fall down like a pu**y.

  52. It is sad that a majority of people on here can’t disagree with the article w/out resorting to name calling, cursing, and behavior that is childish.

  53. I’m going for the lowest rated comment of all time, so gooners, don’t let me down. They say the acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree and I believe it. Arsene “Whinger” Wenger never sees his players do anything, so it’s no bally wonder his supporters see nothing. And before you whingers attack me, I realise we have the “Ginger Ninja” as a midfielder, and he often deserves seeing red. So come on gooners, have a go.

  54. I see the Southern Shandy drinkers are out in force today. Had Nasri done the same to another player from another team; for example Chelsea, then it would have been all over the back pages of the newspapers. But then again as Hull haven’t had the success of Arsenal, and may not seem as fashionable then it is ok. If the boot was on the other foot then I think this blog would have looked very different. For any narrow minded Arsenal fans think back to the dirty tactics of Adams/McKeown/Bergkamp. You have had your fair share of so called dirty players. To call Fagan a cheat is a bit narrow minded.

    1. “Southern Shandy drinkers” ! Oh split my sides, did that one, Another who needs to try harder and to reconcile his own opening comment with with his closing one – “a bit narrow minded”.

  55. Hell of a lot of crap written in these comments. I disagree with the author’s view but too many people getting sensitive about it.

    I don’t know why Nasri did it, maybe to spark Arsenal a bit -if so, it worked.
    Its a bit snide but not a red for me, I can see where you’re vaguely coming from with the kick theory although it looks like more he’s scuffed the side of his boot and trodden on his foot. I saw the ESPN feed with the close up.

    The penalty was absurd and pretty much in line with Fagan’s behaviour throughout the match. If you give that as a penalty there will be in excess of 15 penalties a game. There is a slight pull, you see his shirt tighten and if you look closely you see the pull by Fagan of Silvestre’s shirt.

    As for Mascherano, there is one conclusive angle, which shows he goes over the ball and rakes down Ben Haim’s shin. I’m not sure its intentional but its not pretty.

    One final thing, show some decency when posting. Just because its the internet doesn’t mean you need to act like illiterate feral teenagers.

  56. Same old Arsenal , always cheating.

    Nasri has taken over from the injured Fabregas as the main conman and orchestrator of sneaky fouls and gamesmanship. Typical Arsenal cowardly play.

    Arsenal are detested by most fans in England for the dishonest and sly way they manipulate the officials and the rules, all led by the chief cheat Monsieur Arsene “I saw nossink as usual” Wenker.

    Disgusting club, disgusting deluded fans.

    1. So kind of you to share your friendly measured views with us, which are of course shared by most fans in England (all of whom I’m sure you know and have discussed this with).

  57. I attended the Arsenal – Hull City game and was in line with the incident which led to the Hull City. What you can’t see from the vantage point of the tv gantry is the sly way Silvestre (no doubt under instruction from Wenker) tugs the shirt of Fagan from behind, thus preventing him jumping for Hunt’s cross. Plainly obvious to those watching the game in the stadium at the Arsenal goal end. Note the lack of complaining (for once) from Arsenal’s once.
    Credit to the referee too for daring to give the penalty and risk being named by Wenker and then dropped from the top rora of refs ‘for being controversial’.

  58. Reading most of the above comments, you have to come to the conclusion that the Arsenal fan base consists of the most thin-skinned, whining, petulant, deluded, dumb, blinkered, shandy-drinking Home Counties turds on the planet.

    Face facts: Arsenal systematically cheat and have dirty players, their manager is a byword for mendaciousness.

    As a club they are hypersensitive to criticism , be it real or imagined.

    They long ago ceased to be an English club for North Londoners. They are now a billionaire’s toy, attracting undiscerning foreign tourists and Home Counties turds in search of a life.

    R.I.P Arsenal

    1. Well done! You’ve gone for the hat-trick of virulent anti-Arsenal abuse. You have truly excelled in providing a balanced critique of Arsenal Fotball Club. I can’t work out if you’re a Cockney Red or a Spud. Either way you are a credit to your own club and its values sir!

  59. I think “football fan” doesn’t like Arsenal. Or maybe i’m imagining it.

    Its hard or should I say foolish to think all fans of one club act with the same characteristics. I’ve been to most grounds in the Premiership in both sections and i’ve sat next to amiable people, violent people, boring people, smelly people and happy people. I could never say that all fans act or think as one, every club has idiots and gents in equal measure. Your comments are myopic and ridiculously blinkered.

    1. Welm said Socrates, I do laugh how people get on whilst posting blinkered views, there is hardly any difference from one team players to another, i do not for one second think Arsenal are angels, far from it and there is continually niggles throughout all matches. Some people need to get a reality check………..I would love to find a genuine blog site whereby we all have banter and talk football about our clubs rather than swear and insult each other and fail to see the wood for the trees…..

      1. Harry, EPL Talk is usually pretty civilized and features intelligent comments from readers. But the level of childish behavior by Arsenal fans has gone way over the top. In the next week, I plan on only allowing registered users being able to post comments – which will improve the likelihood of better discussion by weeding out the anonymous commenters.

        The Gaffer

        1. I’m sorry but I believe your own childish behaviour and obstinacy lies at the root of this. On the basis of this one visit to your site I shan’t be at all upset to be excluded from posting comments. The standard of discussion will only improve if the standard of the blog does likewise, I’m afraid.

          1. Shooy, I haven’t resorted to some of the childish behavior and offensive language that others have used. The topic has sparked a lot of debate and interest, so I see no problem there. What sort of topics would you suggest we write about to raise the standard of the blog?

            The Gaffer

          2. Gaffer – I’m not saying you have been offensive and I certainly don’t condone those who have – it’s a broad church on the internet; all life is here. And its not your subject matter, but the handling of it and the standard of presentation that concerned me. I found this blog item depressingly one sided, unbalanced and blinkered. The Arsenal supporters’ response was hardly surprising, if sometimes over the top in its expression, but that’s the internet for you. However that should not disguise the genuine underlying feeling that the issue was being handled unfairly and that despite some rather erudite arguments and challenges to your stated facts you stubbornly refused to budge an inch. That is clearly your prerogative and so be it. It really did seem that the item was written for effect and to get hits. Now that may be the case, which once again is entirely your prerogative, or I could be mis-reading you. It’s crystal clear that my view will make little difference either way, but that’s the gripe, since you kind of asked.

        2. Hey Gaffer,

          Regardless of the view you’ve expressed in the post, which I disagree with, what I have found most disturbing is the manner of reply you’ve received, which has been, to put it mildly, uncivilized. All the swearing and petulant remarks take away from real argumentation and expression of views. Rather than express my own views on the incidents, I just wanted to raise two minor things in response to this specific comment of yours regarding methods of improving quality of commentary:

          1) I think it is a bit unfair to generalize the over-the-top childish behaviour with Arsenal fans. It’s hard to tell whether you’d get a similar uncivilized reaction from fans of any other club in similar cirumstances. I am an Arsenal fan and there are several others here who have defended Nasri, but with reasoned eloquence, or at the least simple disagreement with your view. Don’t punish all your readers/commentators because a few, or even many of them cannot behave; and

          2) I think it is a mistake to limit comments to registered users. I am fairly new to the site but I comment occasionally from my anonymous account. I like the site, but probably couldn’t be bothered to comment if I had to register and log-in from my office. You might manage to block out a fair number of these poor quality responses, but you’ll also lose some legimate comments too. The frequency of this kind of vitriolic response is rare compared to the benefit you gain from thoughtful commentators who are more likely to comment on a broad number of your articles. It’s a “free-er” space without a registration requirement. While that means occasionally peple will use that freedom to spout useless swears in response to a point, generally I think the quality of the site is actually better with the larger viewpoints of a bigger, anonymous, audience.

          Just my view, for your consideration.



          1. Jon, thanks for your input. I appreciate it. As for the over-the-top behavior, many of it seems to be coming from Arsenal fans. But to be fair, the issue is not isolated to Arsenal fans. Take any heated topic on this site and you’ll see similar juvenile remarks from fans of most clubs.

            Good points about the registration. I’ll take that into consideration and am now leaning in favor of not changing to a registration system. But let’s see how the comments on the site are for the next week. It’s a PT job just moderating them and cleaning up the swear words.

            The Gaffer

  60. You’re right Socrates- I loathe Arsenal and their whining deluded ‘customers’.

    In my experience, the cross-section of them represented on the Comments section here is fairly accurate.

    They are also the quietest and least passionate fans in the Premiership. Then again, thousands of them ate the Emiroids are not even ‘supporters; just tourists gawping at EPL product.

    1. I always think fans are fans – just like outside the ground there’s some people you like some you don’t.

      I think the problem the Emirates has is that people sat in the same place at Highbury for so many years and knew all the people around them. With the move they still haven’t found their feet. Its just too comfortable. I don’t like the problem of people leaving – its just bizarre, be a fan ffs but outside of that I’ve been to every other ground and the atmosphere is much of a muchness. They have their moments – I thought City was pretty good and Anfield of course but i’ve also seen them very subdued. I think its more to do with modern football.

      As regards the posters on here – that’s just a byproduct of the internet for you. Throwaway excrement of modern culture.

    2. Your childish comments such as “the Emiroids” give you away. There may not be 60000 true Arsenal “fans” at the Emirates, just as there are not 75,000 ManU tru “fans” at Old Trafford nor even 40,000+ true Spurs “fans” at The Lane, but please don’t show yourself up by allowing your “loathing” (perfectly entiled to that) to detach you from reality.

  61. So you expect Arseblog who is a passionate gooner with arsenal fans readers to not be a little bit biased? What you on about!!! If that is the case then isn’t it better to not have any arsenal blogs at all and just read the sky, guardian, mirror and telegraph match reports and be done with it.

    And funny you didnt mention barmby bear tackle to nasri and hunt pushing nasri or as you call it ‘standing up’ for garcia who looks like he had been shot. Yes it was petulance from nasri but if you see clearly before nasri stepped on his foot, garcia rudely pushed nasri away with his arms preventing him from taking the ball. Hence nasri stepping on his foot. He didn’t just do it without being provoked.

    And If you are so neutral yourself if you have said that if nasri were to see red, barmby and hunt should have gone too. Because according to the rules, you are not allowed to show descent and are not allowed to do what both did even after what nasri did to their teammates.

  62. “Face facts: Arsenal systematically cheat ”

    Is this things like the deliberate handball by Fagan, followed by the berating of the ref as if he’d done nothing. Or in the first half when he knew he’d knocked it out near the Arsenal corner but still appealed and got the throw.

    All players cheat to a certain extent, Arsenal don’t have a monopoly on that.
    I’m assuming you’re a Hull fan. You know what, they’ve cheated at times too, just like Arsenal players. It happens, I don’t like it but I deal with it.

  63. I’m just glad we were spared the tawdry spectacle of an injured and puffed-up “Cess” Farbregas , strutting around the pitch in Latino rent boy garb and salivating uncontrollably at the opposing assistant manager.

    Hey, I know this sounds kind of crazee ! but this is the second time in consecutive games at Arsenal, that Hull City have suffered a dodgy decision by the ref which costs us the game.

    (Can you imagine if Hunt had stood on Nasri’s foot how the reactions would have been? Tens of thousands of Arsenal customers demanding a straight red, the ref (sensing a demotion) pressured into sending off Hunt, Wenker nodding smugly and surprisingly he did see a stamp and ‘yes , he has to go off, those are the rules, like we saw with David Beckham in 1998 in France’ and ‘justice done’?)

    1. You really are coming across as incredibly small minded with all your well worn little cliches like “Wenker”, “the Emeroids”, “customers” and “Latino rent boy garb”. At least we now know you are a Hull fan and extremely bitter and perhaps even a touch xenophobic; so my apologies to all ManU and Spurs fans for so wrongly putting them in the frame for these acts of internet delinquecy.

  64. Hmm, Nasri stepped on the fella’s foot no question. It was a bit sneaky and certainly needless. Is it a red? Probably not. Had Garcia not thrown himself to the ground as if he was dead there wouldnt be a point. What’s worse, the sly foot step on or the blatant trying to con the referee by Garcia?

    Masch. I am not sure – at the time I felt it was a yellow, a clumsy tackle I would say and some of the tackles that had gone before werent even penalised so i was shocked when the ref when straight to red. I have seen it a few times and can see why it was given but I’d still say it was a yellow. I think you are being overly anti-4 Gaffer.

    1. Simon, I respect your opinion but you’re an Arsenal fan which is going to make you automatically biased (either consciously or sub-consciously). We may disagree on this one. I see it as being a straight red. You see it as a yellow.

      The Gaffer

  65. @ Simon Burke

    How do you know how much pain Garcia felt ?

    Is the red card depending on how much pain is inflicted?

    Let’s face it, Nasri is a sly cheat who tries to harm fellow professionals off the ball behind the ref’s back.

    End of chat.

  66. I was just watching star wars. If u watch it in slow motion, u can catergorically see that luke skywalker deliberately starts on darth vader!!! U are completely deluded and quite obviously seeing things!! Lay off the acid and get yourself to a decent journalism school! Im off to see if i can build a time machine, so i can get the 5 minutes i wasted on this bo**ocks article back!

  67. @ Football Fan – I looked at how dead he was and then saw how spritely he was 2 minutes later. He was overacting.
    Of course Nasri gave him something to overact about so i see the argument there. He was trod on, not ankle tapped, not kicked – but trod on.

  68. so fagan is an absolute cheat but diaby, who compleeeetely dove for arsenals first goal (one that had a huge effect on the match as it was just before half) doesn’t even get one comment from you Arsenal fans?

    oh the irony

    1. Decisions go for and against you, its frustrating but thems the breaks, Diabys free kick wasnt a free kick totally 100% agreed, unfortunately for Hull we scored from it, but if you think that was a dive you dont understand and cannot comprehend football, he slipped, it is so clear its unreal just watch it again, but we cannot help the refs, who make so many mistakes its unreal, 50% of free kicks given arent free kicks and 50% missed should have been given, it just hurts more when a goal is scored from one that shouldnt have been, but i could take you through every goal scored from free kick situations this season and chalk off at least 20-25goals which might have changed the outcome, but can be done about it?
      The biggest problem i have is the inconsistency from the officials, one refs one way and another a different way which leaves you unsure of where you stand, no wonder players get upset………


  70. I saw the Liverpool game live and when Mascherano went in my intial reaction was this

    “See ya Javier”

    Then changed to…

    “Oh brother, he’s not even gonna get a card!”

    Then as the official moved everybody away my thoughts fell to this

    “He’s only gonna give him a yellow for the acting job”

    So I guess I was slightly suprised when the color red came even though he deserved it. Mascherano seems to have rushed of blood to the head alot so I think any time he goes in it’ll be some form of booking. He was desparate as Liverpool were. Is it wrong for me not feel sorry for his injury. Also for some odd reason I thought the delivery of the card so kinda funny since he was just standing over then flips it out quickly.

    Nasri bit I saw on highlights but it did seem like a red. Another Frenchman fried!

  71. @RAFI





  72. @Football Fan
    “They long ago ceased to be an English club for North Londoners. They are now a billionaire’s toy, attracting undiscerning foreign tourists and Home Counties turds in search of a life.”

    Funny how bitter some people are. Firstly get your facts right, Arsenal are one of the only ‘big’ clubs in the premier league to be English owned, therefore although foreign on the pitch, you can hardly accuse them of not being an English club. Secondly, they are not a “billionaire’s toy” as in fact they are not bankrolled by a billionaire of any sort unlike Chelsea, Man United, Man City, Liverpool etc.

    You clearly have an agenda against Arsenal as you’re as (if not more) myopic than you might say Wenger is, when discussing Arsenal.

    Basically stop talking about things you have no f**king clue about

  73. love the the fact that Football Fan is clearly as deluded as his beloved Hull City and Phil Brown. Sylvestre slyly tugging Fagan’s shirt? Maybe, still a soft penalty (as Tango Brown himself admitted). Clearly you can’t stand being beaten by a class club

  74. “so fagan is an absolute cheat but diaby, who compleeeetely dove for arsenals first goal (one that had a huge effect on the match as it was just before half) doesn’t even get one comment from you Arsenal fans?”

    How did he dive exactly? He’s running forward, Boateng’s leg knocks into the back of his and causes him to slip. Its a foul, a soft one but still a foul.

    Let go of the straw. You lost, Almunia had little to do aside from the penalty save. You had a game plan, it was working for a while then you were outplayed.

  75. Gaffer, I’ve looked at the video full screen and screen by screen and there isn’t a kick there. Nasri clearly trod on garcias foot, just like 2 or 3 players get there feet troden on at almost every corner. It’s really not worth a yellow card in most peoples eyes (if it was we’d have to abandon games due to lack of players – no matter which team you support!). If it were a stamp it would have warranted a red. Mash was studs up and over the ball. it could have caused a serious injury (as could browns tackle earlier in the same game and which did deserve a red imo)

  76. you are a bloody clown of a blogger and i would waste my time reading past your hissy-fit of a headline.

    a stamp my arse, it was a little tread and that hull pansy boy went down like he had been floored by the hay maker. i was well impressed by the reaction of the team and the way our so-called week team handled the hand bags afterwards. it made me proud to see song holding that hull player by the neck like a rag doll — he is now our new keown. and the way mad dog almunia raced out of goal to take on the hull vermin and stick up for his team mates hit the right note too. a good win, a good little fight with those northern squirrel fiddlers who went back up to hull well and trully beaten.

  77. ”you can imagine how painful that must have been for Garcia”

    lol, i’m surprised he wasn’t rushed to A&E. It was a little petulant kick/tread, yellow is apt punishment, just like yellow is fine for raising your hands to push someone though that is often punishable with a red

  78. “deliberately and maliciously” deliberate it may have been malicious it certainly wasnt, tap on the ankle, and he went down like his leg was broken.. honestly was unnecessary on nasris behalf but was hardly malicious.
    if garcia hadnt thrown himself on the ground like a pansy there wouldnt of been an issue

  79. The incident was definitely malicious and showed intent from Nasri. According to several newspapers in Britain, Nasri now faces the possibility of a three match ban from the FA. Personally, I hope the FA comes down hard on Nasri to show that this type of behavior will not be tolerated.

    The Gaffer

    1. Yes, let’s crucify johnny foreigner once again. We did it with Eduardo and Henry and N’gog, so let’s string up Nasri now. Don’t remember much of a peep from you or the British pundits and bloggers when Rooney dove blatantly last week. It was as flagrant as dives get. The integrity of the game was somehow not in danger though when he flopped to the ground. But you’re just the now standard sanctimonious, British xenophobe blogger/pundit. Examine the consistency of your judgement. Show some intellectual rigor for fooks sake. Pathetic twit.

        1. It appears your criticism of Rooney came in the comments section of a blog about Bellamy, and this is exactly what I’m talking about. It seems a british player (Rooney) “cheats” and it only gets a passing mention in a comments section, whereas a foreigner(Eduardo) “cheats” it makes headlines for weeks and the integrity of the game is at stake and a multi-match ban is warranted. Rooney’s dive was just as blatant in a big game that was televised for all the world to see. Yet….nothing….silence….Now we have Nasri and Mascherano, both foreigners, with their own headline, over incidents that happen rather often in football, but don’t get their own, private billing. I just think football moralizers should be more introspective and consistent in their judgements. Also, apologies for the twit comment, unwarranted and should instead be applied to me. Too much vino.

          1. Cheers to you for that. But take a look at the headlines of the British press the after the Eduardo “dive”, and after the Rooney “dive”. No comparison in the reaction.

  80. Nasri is just a coward….for taking a cheap shot at someone from behind….whether it was a kick, stamp, or merely standing on his foot.

    At least he didnt spit at Garcia….which a certain Arsenal player is renowned for

  81. You’re all blaming Nasri, how about the bit where Garcia raises his hands at Nasri before he ‘stamps’ on his foot?

    Garcia deserved it, he’s the one that instigated the trouble – you might want to take a look at the full footage before you go throwing stones at Nasri.

    Also, Barmby should have received a yellow card, and Hunt deserves a smack in the mouth. He’s a dirty piece of sh1t, and he was throwing his weight around all game, then bowling around the place with his long hair. Irish facker.

  82. you are the biggest drama queen,Nasri barely even put any pressure on when he stepped on oscar award winner Garcia….it was not needed yes but it definitely doesnt warrant a straight red or ban.

  83. He stood on his foot, that was it. Wasn’t worth a red but was pretty needless tbh. But Garcia jumped off the ground like he’d been shot from the stands and then at least a couple of Hull players reacted over the top and should have been carded at least.

    Get over it.

  84. Like you Gaffer, I hope the FA open a can of worms by banning Nasri for stepping on someone’s foot.

    I’d love that, and I’m an Arsenal fan. I’ve seen much worse things done to Arsenal players season-in season-out and I am even willing to sacrifice one of our own (despite our injury crisis) so we can get opponents banned in every game.

    Bring it on.

    You’re such a silly drama queen.

    Stepping on somebody’s foot is so bad, so awful.

    I’m sure it made you throw up didn’t it? Grow up mate.

  85. im an Arsenal fan and I dislike Nasri of doing such thing, which is totally inappropriate.
    However, when you talk about sportsmanship…. why dont you accuse hull city’s players for bad tackles which aim at hurting people? Are these acts shown sportsmanship at all?
    fair play?! Arsenal dont really have fair play on and off the pitch. Disagree?

    you guys and even those so called authorities are pointing at Arsenal’s players when they come across some misbehaviors on the pitch but let go the players from other clubs. i really want to know.

    for example the eduardo’s “dive” — is he the first one to dive? but UEFA gave out their first ban on diver to Eduardo. come on there was even some slight contact with the goalkeeper.
    and this time is nasri’s turn. im sure he is not the first one to do such sneaky acts but you are picking on him? why dont you point this problem out earlier when it happened before?

    im not defending nasri for saying he is right to do so because he is not but just want to point out that there’re many of you who are so biased to see things when it comes to happen at Arsenal.

    some of you think Arsenal always cheat. fine. dont the other clubs happen to cheat too? please, judge Arsenal by the same “standard” you use for other clubs. otherwise i dont think you have the right to say we, the Arsenal fans are biased. you are only hypocrites.

  86. Nowadays, any idiot has a blog to share with us their nose leakage!

    The objective “writer”, has picked up a quote from some nonesensical Arsenal blog, to give fluff to his drivel.

    However, he fogets to mention FACTS that Barmby gripped and pressed Nasri’s throat, perhaps dogma blinds too much!


    Rooney’s the serial diver, who has the stomach to say “I am an English honest lad who unlike foreigners never dives”.

  87. This article is like so many of those in the press and on blogs today. Take a single incident out of context that supports your point of view and blow it up out of all proportion. Inflammatory articles like this are written solely to promote sales and/or increase hits on your website. They only mislead, they do NOT inform.

    While I do NOT excuse Nasri’s step on the top of Garcia’s foot, I can understand it in the context of the game as a whole. I am tired of the blinkered and myopic rants that poor writers try to pass as as honest and unbiased reportage.

    Having watched the game, numerous clips and highlights of the game, I have only seen Nasri tread on Garcia’s foot; NOT a kick to the back of the ankle as you continually claim to have observed. If a clip with your claimed alternate angle should come available, I will be willing to take another look. Until then, Nasri got a deserved yellow card; but the Hull players, especially Garcia and Hunt got away with a lot niggling fouls and very bad amateur theatrics. The 3-0 result was a deserved one.

  88. FootballFan – your hate will kill you. I reckon your gallbladder is about to explode and poison the rest of your body, to match your poisoned mind.
    So you think Wenger schooled Van Nistelrooy in cheating for Arsenal? What a lough you are. I bet you are very popular with other patients at your asylum. Now I understand why you support orange people and why your shameful team’s only tactics against teams like Arsenal is to kicked the out of the field. Then you rage on when they react to it.
    Enough said, I wish you a successful treatment and merry Christmas.

  89. I didn’t read all the comments, and while I’m a Gunners fan Nasri can be a little immature in certain situations, did he deserve a red card, honestly I don’t think so, would I have been surprised if there was a red card, no. Watching the video the 10 or so times, it wasn’t a kick to the ankle he wanted to step on the foot and grazed the ankle. I have been kicked in the ankle and has my feet stepped on more than a couple of dozen of occasions, that was ‘football drama acting’ at it’s finest.

    On Mascherano’s tackle, red card yes, intent to harm who knows… players get lazy in their tackles, or don’t react fast enough to ball movement to really say if he intended to harm the player, the studs were not up, anyone who says they were has a magical angle of video that shows more than the video above.






  91. @ ZIGZAG



  92. Whether Masch’s tackle deserved a straight red because it was dangerous is totally subjective, and even as a L’pool fan I can’t really argue it…I’ve seen much worse not even given a foul let alone a card, I’ve seen less dangerous actions given straight red cards. Masch really is our version of Paul Scholes, constantly making ugly unnecessary tackles, and this time it hurt him and us. But to imply the same intent to injure was there as Nasri’s stomp is WAY off target. Masch’s was in the run of play, when a fraction of a second makes the difference between missing the ball and connecting with it…the other was when play was stopped and the ref wasn’t looking.

    1. It’s subjective, but isn’t everything in football unless you’re a referee and he can add some objectivity to the game? Personally, I thought Mascherano’s tackle was obscene and could have easily ended Tal Ben Haim’s career. It was that bad. No intention to play the ball. He kneed Ben Haim between the legs and, as a result, injured himself.

      The Gaffer

      1. I agree it was ugly, and yes, it could have ended Haim’s career. And that is why I can’t argue a red, even as a die-hard Liverpool fan. I just don’t see automatic intent there, not during the run of play. And I’ve watched every Liverpool game for the last 5 years, so I know a bit about Masch…and a thug he isn’t. A clod, yes. But someone who is going to go into a tackle with no intent other than to injure? No, not even close. If he was going to do that, he would have done it in a smarter way that wouldn’t almost guarantee that he was going to get hurt himself!!

  93. If Nasri had been seen by Bennett, he’d have probably walked, it was a really stupid thing to do. Bennett has today said the cards were for the melee that followed, not for any offence, seemingly paving the way for further action by the FA.

    If Nasri is punished further and he probably deserves to be, then Barmby might well be punished too. Personally, I think that Barmby should be let off, as he played in the 5-1 win against Germany and Nasri is a frog twat, but that’s just my take on things.

  94. Both of them could have got reds. Nasri will get a ban, and he probably deserves it. (and yes I’m an Arsenal fan) However, it wasnt a kick and it wasn’t a stamp either, he “just” deliberately trod on his foot. If Rooney had done it, it would just have been a big joke and everyone would have been going on about the dive the other guy made.

    Everyone is going on about Masherano not having any intent, and I believe that, but he deserved the red all the same. It was dangerous, careless, reckless and made with sufficient force to injure. That is all that is needed for a red in the rules.

  95. It wasn’t a stamp or a kick. Nasri trod on his foot. Is that violent conduct? If so Robbie Keane should have been sent off every time he trod on Lehman’s feet before a corner. It was definitely a spiteful, unsporting piece of behaviour and merits a yellow. Violent? Language makes a difference – did Barmby slap or hit Nasri in the face (red) or push him in the face (yellow)? It looks to me like he pushed him. Did Nasri stamp on or kick Garcia? Doesn’t look like it. Looks like he trod on his foot – yellow.

  96. dear Mr. Gaffer,
    eehhh, which kick are you talking about. he stepped on his foot……….hardly a kick. plus, it did not merit a reaction such as garcia gave. i aint praising nasri but it is sad to see theatrics such as those from garcia. lets foward, if nasri was to be sent off, so was barmby, and so was hunt, for their reactions to the stepping of garcia;s toes. so, come off your silly high horse and lets be fair, you can say nasri desreved a red card, but i say, so did barmby and so did hunt. and hence it evens out.secondly, i say garcia desrved a yellow for theatrics intended to send the player off.
    so, hull get a pen, was it really? talk about justice on the spot. if a penalty is given week in, week out because of such, then the english football game would be decided on penalties and not outfield goals, every match!!!!!!!!!
    however you try and play it, you are wrong. you and the rest of these twats who are clearly biased against arsenal. in fact people like you are dillusional and clearly are a man utd fan or maybe spurs. blind idiot.

  97. I had the sudden realization this morning that only a handful of people in the UK actually saw the Arsenal against Hull City match in its entirety. Living here in the States, I sometimes live in a bubble and automatically presume everyone else saw it.

    So the only evidence that UK viewers are considering when viewing the Nasri incident is from the MOTD highlights which don’t show the close-up of Nasri kicking Garcia.

    When the FA reviews the video, let’s hope they’re reviewing the footage from TWI which gives a much better close-up of what really happened.

    The Gaffer

    1. I saw the close up and still think it was a minor offence. As was the push by Garcia just before hand and the push by Barmby.



    1. How very tedious you are. It was given, it was soft, you didn’t score it, you managed one meaningful effort on goal outside of that. You had a game plan that was doing ok but you lost three nil and but for poor Arsenal finishing it could’ve been more.

      The impression i’m getting of Hull fans from internet postings is one of a victim mentality. Turn the caps key off as well, its poor form.

  99. Seeing reports saying Nasri is getting no ban.
    Which is as it should be.

    Now Football Fan, or should I say NOW FOOTBALL FAN, time to move on. You’re gonna need to start whining about Man U in a few days.

  100. Can we now put away another chapter of skewer the foreigner? The petulant Nasri step was as soft as they come, the FA reviewed it, saw it as such, and passed on further punishment. I’m assuming they reviewed the “magic bullet” video that shows the supposed “kick” to the ankle that nearly ended Garcia’s life that this whole blog was built on. At any rate, it’s over, there’s nothing left to see here…everybody just move along.

  101. well….. if you dont support a premiership club and your not english then pack your bags and fu** off home. garcia is a pu**y end off. A STAMP! it was merely a tread u deluded tw4t!!.

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