How Much Attention Do You Give Premier League Games?


If you’re like me, you probably find that it’s getting harder and harder to watch Premier League games without being interrupted. And the interruptions are sometimes my own fault whether it’s my laptop and my inclination to open as many tabs as possible on my Chrome browser. Or my addiction to Twitter, or the ability to watch more than one Premier League game at a time. The list goes on and on.

It’s not just football supporters like you and me who have trouble concentrating on our beautiful game. Having watched hundreds of Premier League games, it’s not uncommon to see football supporters in the stadiums getting distracted by all sorts of things such as their mobile phones, streakers, hurling abuse at away supporters, or talking with their mates alongside them.

Something I enjoy quite a bit but I don’t get a chance to do that often is to go to a local pub and watch a game with friends. With four kids, it’s often hard to get out of the house. But even when I visit a pub and watch a match with a friend, there are distractions there too. The blonde barmaid, the annoying patrons or sometimes my mate who chats at inopportune moments when you’re trying to study the match.

This brings me to the main point of this article which is a question to you and me: How much attention do you give Premier League games? If you’re honest, like I am, it’s not as much as I used to. For example, when I’m watching Premier League matches, it’s rare that 100% of my attention is focused only on that game. It depends, but I’m often a casual observer doing a couple of other things at the same time while watching the match “out of the corner of my eye.” I may be surfing the Internet and writing an article such as this one with the game on. Or, I may be playing with my kids while the game is on in the background.

For me, the bigger the game the more likely it is that my complete attention is focused on the whole 90 minutes. If it’s an FA Cup Final, Champions League final, World Cup match or the final day of the Premier League season, it’s extremely likely that 100% of my attention is focused on studying that game. The same applies when it’s my favorite team that’s on television. Or if it’s a game that really matters to me.

What about you? How focused are you on the Premier League games that are on television? And what makes you more or less likely to focus your complete attention on a game? Share your experiences by clicking the comments link below. I look forward to reading your stories.


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