Landon Donovan Secures Loan Deal to Everton


Landon Donovan, U.S. national team star and Los Angeles Galaxy captain, has finalized a three-month loan deal with Everton which will see the most talented player in American history heading to Goodison Park on January 1, according to sources close to SBI.

Donovan will join fellow American Tim Howard at Everton, and will have the opportunity to play against fellow Americans who ply their trade in the Premier League such as Clint Dempsey (Fulham), Jozy Altidore (Hull City), Jonathan Spector (West Ham United), Brad Friedel (Aston Villa) and others.

Pending work permit approvals, the first match that Donovan may be eligible for is the Saturday, January 9th game between Arsenal and Everton at the Emirates Stadium.

Now that the deal has been finalized, what are your thoughts? And what other American soccer players do you think should sign similar loan deals to play in England during the MLS off-season? Click the comments link below to share your feedback.

UPDATE: LA Galaxy has responded with the following statement: ““We are aware of Everton’s interest in Landon Donovan, as they are one of a number of clubs who have contacted the Galaxy about the possibility of a short term loan agreement for Landon. The Galaxy, MLS and Landon’s representative will work together to determine if and whether an arrangement with Everton or any other club would be beneficial to all parties.”

LATEST UPDATE: In the meantime, a representative from Everton FC said “Discussions are ongoing. We hope to conclude transfer in the next few days.”

25 thoughts on “Landon Donovan Secures Loan Deal to Everton”

  1. Nice!

    I’m not sure if he’ll do as well as some expect him to, regardless, it’s good news for other American players with Premiership hopes. A bigger club like Everton looking at American players could really make others start doing so too – especially if they get him for a good price.

    By the way, anyone know the transfer / pay rumors?

    Is Evertamerica the new Fulhamerica? :)

  2. Donovan is at the peak of his career. Rightly or wrongly, how he fares at Merseyside over these three months will go a long way toward how he’s perceived by U.S. fans. This will be his third stint in Europe and he has a lot riding on his shoulders. As the creative force in the USMNT, his success at Everton could push his skill forward and help guide the U.S. onto the knockout stages. If he fails, however, it could be
    In one sense, he has everything going for him (age, experience, recent desire to push himself). However, he’ll be playing in harsh Liverpool conditions, in a much more physical and demanding league. Also, I imagine he’ll be expected to contribute immediately. I’m only disappointed the loan is for 3-months. It’ll be very difficult to make a meaningful contribution for anyone under those circumstances. Why does Golden Balls get a full 6-month loan spell when Donovan has to hump it back in 3? Rather it be reversed, tell you the truth.

  3. This is actually his FOUTH foray into Europe…

    Great…now the useless Donovan fanboys will think he’s an even greater talent because he went on loan for 3 months with an English outfit.

    The fact of the matter is, this is good for USMNT, Donovan and that’s it. It really all depends on how Moyes uses him – if he is used in an attacking midfield/SS role, he has a chance to do some good things. If he is used as a winger…forget it – he lacks the pace or dribbling skills necessary to beat Premier League fullbacks as will be asked of him on the flank.

    1. Brian W. L”lacks the pace”

      That’s funny AND retarded. I don’t care if Donovan succeeds or not but that statement just stands out as the dumbest tripe I’ve heard today regarding Donovan.

  4. Donovan to everton is great news if he actually gets a chance to play consistently. At bayern last year he never got more than 20 mins of sub minutes.

    Te dream would be that ge excels and gets a chance to play in England full time. However, there’s a chance that he gets pounded by the English game.

    Can’t wait to watch him.

  5. I’m not sure he’ll do well. I’m not sure he can stand up to the physicality of the English game. I hope he doesn’t get injured and miss the World cup. I’m not sure how this helps LA, other than financially. It will be interesting to watch this one happen.

  6. It’ll be interesting to see how far Donovan has progressed since his disastrous time in the 2005 Champions League when Guardian minute-by-minute commentator Barry Glendenning described Donovan as “putting in the most inept performance of any professional footballer I’ve ever seen. His confidence is so shot to pieces that every time the ball comes anywhere near him he looks scared.”

    Read the following report for more Donovan gems from that game:

    The Gaffer

  7. Is Everton scheduled for any ESPN2/FSC dates during those three months? IF, IF, he’s playing, ratings will rock.

    @NYEFC… it. :-)

      1. I’m sure that if ESPN could slip Everton an “honorarium” to start Donovan that day they’d be only too happy to oblige! 😉

  8. Donovan’s playing time in PL matches will be largely based on how their injury situation is in a month’s time. I don’t see how he starts in front of Pienaar, Cahill, Arteta, or Osman coming straight in. Maybe he gets in front of Bilyaletinov, who’s been wasteful. I see him starting out on the bench for a few weeks.

    But I do think he’ll be given a run out to start in their Europa matches in February, and if they’re still in the FA Cup, then in there as well. At least he’ll likely have plenty of matches to showcase his worth, and adjust. January might be difficult though.

    1. I think you Americans are missing the point. Everton will have quite a few players missing in the net few months as the go off to the African cup of nations competition. The likes of pienaar and the yak will be going and as Pienaar plays on the left and the Yak up front, they probably see Donavan as a player who could fit while those players are missing. In addition that’s probably why they have only given him 3 months.


  9. Landon Donovan is such a puss.. … he can only play in the MLS… where he can bitch and only Americans will listen to the bitching. Play like a man .. not like teenage girls.

  10. Landon is the same player as Matthew Ettherington. and Matty could actually be better.

    and does it bother anyone else that the Galaxy have a corporate scammer on its kit?

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