Martin Tyler Shares His Reaction to England v US World Cup Draw

Martin Tyler, the world’s number one football commentator, was on ESPN last week with Bob Ley to provide his reaction and analysis to the draw that will see England play the United States in the 2010 World Cup. In addition to Tyler’s analysis of that match, he also discusses the other groups and how he sees the other countries fairing in the tournament.

Hat tip: The Offside Rules.

5 thoughts on “Martin Tyler Shares His Reaction to England v US World Cup Draw”

  1. On a slightly unrelated note, though still to do with Martin Tyler, I was very happy to see FSC go with the Sky Sports commentary feed for the United-Wolfsburg match the other day which featured Tyler and Andy Gray. I can only hope this represents the status quo going forward versus this being some one-off emergency with unforseen availability of the usual crap commentary. Any insight on that Gaffer?

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