Questions for Rodney Wallace

MLS Talk’s Chris Riordan will be speaking with the DC United man. Leave your questions here.

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  1. Robert says:

    I’ve listed some questions/subjects I’d like to hear for Rodney Wallace:

    1) Talk about adjusting to MLS from college soccer — maybe get some talk of his ex-teammates now at the Galaxy — difficulties of longer season, changes in pace and physical style of MLS.

    2) His International career expectations — CR or USA, with updates on current status. Do the WCQ results effect his thoughts on where to play. Has he been approached by either side to this point.

    3) Though young, what he makes of the up coming CBA discussions. What has been the feeling in the locker room among the players — young and old — as to what they expect for next season. If CBA fails to improve the fortunes of the players, or they are forced to go on strike, what are his plans professionally for the near future.

    4) What kind of coach would he like to see DC United hire this off-season. What qualities of play could the right kind of coach help DCU improve.

  2. Tim says:

    Do you know what country you want to play for internationally? Will you wait whatever length of time you need to, to become a U.S citizen.

  3. george says:

    thoughts or take on ben olsen????

  4. Karen Bailey says:

    During one of the soccer games, a commentator mentioned that one of the players had trouble with the bottom of his feet because he had no shoes when he was growing up. How can I find out the players name?

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