Welcome from Land Shark Stadium in Miami. Honduras, a World Cup qualifier from CONCACAF takes on Peru here. Down in Montevideo, Costa Rica fell 2-1 on aggregate in Uruguay for the final spot in South Africa. Earlier today, a US side made up largely of reserves was beaten by a Danish side made up almost completely of reserves 3-1. Leave your comments on all the matches here and I will be back shortly with more thoughts.

Some thoughts on the US game:

Jeff Cunningham’s goal was a piece of class, and Stuart Holden once again showed he rarely if ever runs out of ideas. But otherwise the US attack looked dysfunctional.

The US back four was terrible, particularly Frankie Hejduk, for whom age may finally be a factor. Jonathan Bornstein, whom I complimented just four days ago was poor as well. The central midfield pairing of Benny Feilhaber and Michael Bradley were terrible, and Jozy Altidore was again a big miss.

But the news isn’t all bad for Bornstein his picture is all over this stadium. He is a hero in Honduras, even if unknown at home.

7 thoughts on “CONCACAF Matchday”

  1. Kartik,

    1. Feilhaber did not play central midfield. Do you watch the game?

    2. You complimented Bornstein a couple days ago when he caused a penalty now you are ripping into him when he didn’t make any huge mistakes (only a bunch of small ones). Of the back four, he might have been the best which is not saying much because they were all pretty awful.

    As usual you got one or two things right. Altidore is just terrible…..can’t trap or pass, put Rolfe or someone who knows how to play soccer out there. And Hejduk looks pretty much washed up like you said.

  2. My estimate was that Hejduk was bad. Too much of that MLS physical/athletic but no skill play. Bradley was horrible. He made some good defensive plays but his passing was laughable at best. Bornstein did not do all that great either. I would give him a 4.

    Holden looked pretty good and Feilhaber seems to be the only one on our team today that can pass the ball creatively. He kind of fell out in the second half but always looked comfortable on the ball. EJ and Altidore..WTF did EJ even want to be there? Altidore??? As much as I wanted him to be our great striker he just looks worse and worse.

  3. No applause for anyone on the US team including Coach Bradley. When an entire team looks flat, the coach has to be part of the problem. If everyone treats the games as throw-aways, the players will too.
    –Hejduk can no longer be depended upon as a starter. Open question as to whether he should be at WC. Beasly is in the same category.
    –Spector is physically competent but lacks vision and field sense. His passes lack intent.
    –Johnson needs to be dropped until he plays himself into a regular starting position somewhere. He’s taking valuable time and a slot away from others with more potential–like Chris Rolfe
    –Feilhaber, Clark, and Bradley are all potentially good/great midfielders but Bradley(coach) needs to sort out where in midfield they each belong. Feilhaber is the most creative and skilled passer; Bradley is a strong and aggressive defender and excellent passer ; Clark is fast, strong , and tenacious. How about Feilhaber as the creator, Bradley as the link and Clark as the Armas-like-stopper? In this game Feilhaber and Bradley didn’t seem to know where to be relative to one another, likewise Clark.
    –Altidore is young and he won’t mature on the bench. He needs to be back in MLS where he can play regularly. There is still time before the WC

  4. I dont know what people see in brnstein… in every game of the USMNT that guy has either messed up or done nothing at all, taht guy is a effing joke.. Take him out the squad immediately.. as for Altidore he is always slow in the box, he never runs, he is always walking.. He sucks as well..

    Holden is goodm he has always showed midfield skils and is knowledgable with the espherico.. keep cunnungham and holden and donovan.. hedjuk I guess is getting older, whate ever happen to casey, he was pretty good.. what teh USMNT needs is more fluent and fast thinkin midfielders…

  5. Micheal B. plays bad again, yet hes in the lineup again. If its a big game. Bradley is in the lineup. If its a friendly for testing out new players, Bradleys in the lineup.
    This year:
    Our back four have shuffled around. Our strikers have been shuffled around. Clark, Feildhaber, have been left off for games. Heck even mainstays like Dempsey and Dovovan have been moved around. WHO IS THE ONE PERSON ON THE USA TEAM THAT HAS BEEN CALLED UP FOR EVERY MATCH AND NEVER MOVED AROUND? Michael Bradley. Why is he so special?
    I thought this wasnt right when he was playing well, now its just ridiculous.

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