Nothing Bounces Like Beach Ball: Ask Liverpool FC


Did Mike Jones blow the call? Yeah, sure. I suppose it could be also be argued that Darren Bent struck the ball flush, that it’s path was not diverted by the beach ball and that Pepe Reina should have kept his eyes on the more important ball. But the question of far more importance is why would any fan, let alone one at his own team’s end, bat a beach ball onto the pitch? Hideous. Embarrassing. And all too American.

At Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles the fans have a tradition of knocking a beach ball around the stands. It’s all rather fun and diverting. But it’s sunny southern California. More importantly, it’s baseball. The only things a football fan needs at a match are a belly full of beer and a throaty voice. Liverpool fans would be wise to remember that while they continue cursing the hateable inflatable.

17 thoughts on “Nothing Bounces Like Beach Ball: Ask Liverpool FC”

  1. Idon,t think if that is a fair thing. if the goal that Sunderland gave to Liverpool is seen to be unfair then three marks deduction has to be made or the coach has to pay for miss charging our team Liverpool. Every team in England wants to win the title and Liverpool can be the winner, how can we win the trophy if we are down let? Rafael Benitez and Liverpool Management, dont guys give up. We wish to see Liverpool on top of the Barclays table. To our players specifically Gerrard, Torres, Dirk Kuyt, Benayoun and Johnson keep up that good form. Amboto Edmund A.K.A Alonso , Namibia the land of the brave.

  2. Should the referee stopped play? Yes. Should Reina have cleared it sooner? Yes. Should Liverpool haved actually showed up to play? Yes. Everyone whinges about Sir Alex blaming our poor play on the refs but who are the scousers blaming for their poor play???

    1. Actually, I haven’t heard any Liverpool fans I know blame the loss on the beachball. We all know the team was horrible on Saturday and deserved to lose. Even Rafa didn’t complain.

  3. All too American?

    I’m pretty sure drunk Brits could teach Americans a thing or two about throwing things onto the field of play. And seeing as the kid is a Liverpool fan, it seems that he’s been paying attention to his favorite team’s fondness for shooting themselves in the foot. Seems like he just wanted to get in on the action. Job well done.

  4. Benitez tried to sign the beach ball.

    But United, City, and Real tapped up the ball.

    So Statler and Waldorf said they couldn’t afford it.

    They re-upped Voronin instead.

  5. I’ve seen an Inflate-A-Mate batted around at a White Sox game, but especially noteworthy is the giant inflatable penis that gets bounced around in the student section at Purdue football games.

    Either one of those might have been shocking enough to cause Reina’s lapse, I suppose. Still, the refs blew it.

  6. To be fair, I don’t think anyone in the Liverpool camp has blamed the game on that beach ball.

    Most fans and, I believe, the team know that we seriously were terrible on the day. Beach ball or no beach ball – you need to score.

  7. No matter what, the best result Liverpool would have gotten from the game was a draw against Sunderland. At best, it’s the difference between a point and zero.

    Any report on whether the fan got the crap kicked out of them afterwards or after TV showed the replay?

  8. Although I haven’t read a final report yet, I don’t see any beachballs to blame for today’s result. HAHAHAHA

    Who will be on the touchline to shake Sir Alex’s hand on Sunday???

  9. When you walk through a storm
    Hold your head up high
    And don’t be afraid of the dark

    Effing owners are cheap
    And they would not buy
    And now fourth in the Prem is no lark.

    Walk on through the wind
    Walk on through the rain
    Though your dreams be tossed and blown

    10th place in the Prem
    No Europe next year
    And they can’t finance their loan.
    Their “Big Four” days are blown.

  10. Worst article I have ever read. On any site. Hands down. I’m not even a liverpool fan that atricle was just awful. Get the ref right. Spend more than 2 minutes on a piece before you post it mate.What’s with the all to american reference anyway? If were American I’d be angry

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