EPL Talk Podcast: Peter Lupson Interview

across the park peter lupson EPL Talk Podcast: Peter Lupson Interview

It isn’t often that I interview personalities for the EPL Talk Podcast. In the past six months, I’ve interviewed two people. The first was Barney Ronay, the scholarly and humorous writer for The Guardian and author of a new book entitled The Manager. And the second is Peter Lupson, today’s guest on the EPL Talk Podcast.

Trust me, I’d love to interview more guests but due to having four children and a wife, it’s difficult to find quiet time, let alone any time. But for Ronay and Lupson I went out of my way to interview these two important figures from the world of English football. Both of them for very different reasons.

Peter Lupson’s newest book is entitled Across The Park. But before you get turned off by hearing that it’s a history of the formation and relationship between Everton and Liverpool football clubs, please realize that the book is much more than that. It is about the spirit and soul of football, which unfortunately has almost disappeared from the game.

If you care about football and the human spirit, the interview with Lupson is a must-listen. It’s not often that I say that, but Lupson is a wonderful storyteller, a charming person and one of the most inspiring football historians I’ve come across. His previous book Thank God For Football was a critical success. His latest one is a perfect one to add to your holiday wish-list.

In the interview, Lupson updates listeners on the latest developments after Thank God For Football, as well as his appearances as a guest speaker for the Everton Collection, the greatest-ever collection of football memorabilia. I implore you to listen to the interview. Keep an open mind and prepare to be enthralled.

6 thoughts on “EPL Talk Podcast: Peter Lupson Interview”

  1. “But before you get turned off by hearing that it’s a history of the formation and relationship between Everton and Liverpool football clubs…”


    1. Many football supporters are club-centric, so if it’s not about their club, they’re not interested. This is, I believe, an interview that will appeal to supporters of all football clubs.

      The Gaffer

    1. Thanks Lou. That means a lot to me. I appreciate it.

      I have the book on my list to pick up in the next few weeks too. Sounds very intriguing. Plus, I love anything to do with history, especially when it’s about football.

      My favorite football author is Simon Inglis. And Lupson reminds me of him despite them both covering totally different subject matters.

      The Gaffer

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