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Finishing Up The String On This Terrible Season for RBNY

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For the last two weeks we have seen RBNY basically pick up the pieces and strung together some decent results for themselves without the services of Juan Pablo Angel who had been nursing a sore ankle he picked up at training before this three match road trip began. While it’s been a while ago that Juan Carlos Osorio has resigned from the club, it looks to be that the players are responding to the tactics of Richie Williams and has brought back that never die attitude that was so lacking from the start of the season up to the home match against FC Dallas in mid-August.

Heading back to the Home Depot Center to face the other tenant in Chivas-USA, RBNY had a strong first half facing the American goats. But when Sacha Kljestan scored in the 64th minute everyone thought it was going to be another bleak defeat. But once again a moment of brilliance to remember when you have one of Colombia’s best on the field. In the 84th minute Sinisa Ubiparipovic was at the near side of the field and looked up.

Making the run was Juan Pablo Angel who always continues to show that he will never stop working hard no matter how much time is on the clock and where in the table the club is at. Ubiparipovic crossed the ball towards the near post of the net and like a hungry wolf ready to pounce on his meal Angel put his head on the ball and converts the equalizer for his tenth goal of the season.

While the equalizer hurts Chivas-USA for Angel he has secured the hat trick of all club records. In 2007 he passed his countryman Adolfo Valencia scoring the most goals in one season with nineteen. On Sunday, August 23rd Angel’s brace past long time record holder and the clubs first striker Giovanni Savarese with career goals in the MLS regular season with forty-two & on September 26th Juan Pablo Angel past Clint Mathis with the most goals in all competitions. The goal against Chivas-USA was his forty-sixth tally.

But as it was a good performance for RBNY at the Home Depot Center they got cheated by a penalty against them that wasn’t a penalty. At Buck Shaw Stadium in San Jose, it was Arturo Alvarez who decided to act like a fish out of water and did the two footed plunge into the penalty area, like a fool Referee Steve DePiero took the bait and awarded a spot kick to the Quakes. Alvarez was never touched, yet he was given something he didn’t earn. What he should’ve earned was a yellow card for diving, but since these are the final matches for both clubs I guess it really doesn’t matter anymore.

The only shining jewel for Red Bull NY right now is Red Bull Arena. After so many seasons at Giants Stadium this club will finally play in a proper stadium. Playing on Astroturf, the current field turf, the NFL lines from August till October will be all over after this coming October 24th.

They have started to install the seats, the top soil has already been smoothed out on the ground and when the middle to the end of October comes around, the sod will be rolled on top of the soil. This magical stadium will be ready for MLS football on Saturday, March 27th and everyone around the country will see it on ESPN 2 at 7:00PM.

Not trying to mix up two separate sports here, but I think it’s worth mentioning. Last season in Major League Baseball the New York Yankees played their final season at their old stadium. Of course they had a bad year and failed to reach the post season since 1993 the year after there was a players strike. This past regular season the Yankees opened up their new stadium and have reached the post season.

If RBNY can have a successful off-season with some new signings and the college super draft while opening their new stadium, I have a strong feeling that things can become brighter and having Richie Williams at the helm would also be spectacular. But for now just finish this horrible season and hope for a better one next year.

3 Responses to Finishing Up The String On This Terrible Season for RBNY

  1. Neal Capuchino says:

    RBNY you have the best city in the world, you have a crown jewel of a stadium, this DC United fan is jealous, you have passionate fans their in the tri-state area, now just win, bring in a manager who knows MLS, just win, win, win, win. MLS needs New York to win. What is Jurgen Klinsman up to these days, there’s an idea.

  2. Editor Needed says:

    I’ve never really felt the need to make a statement like this. But honestly? Reading the first two sentences of this article made my head hurt.

    Does anyone proofread or edit these articles before they are posted? Golly.

  3. Louise says:

    I’m a huge NY Yankees fan and I’m proud to say it… My whole family has been split down the line between Yankees & Giants. Coincidentally, both my mom & dad are Yankees fans. Even if I had no connection to the Giants with my family, or if I wasn’t from NY, I used to attend their games and next weekend I’m going to visit my friend to attend them. I’ve before got tickets prices before from
    I can’t wait to be there!!

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