My Big Problem With Liverpool’s New Sponsorship Deal…

I have a big problem with Liverpool’s new sponsor. While I’m glad to see a deal that will provide the club with £80m over the next four years, and while the hope that new stadium plans and healthier transfer budgets will emerge gets me giddy… it’s Standard Chartered Bank… I can’t drink it during matchtime. It does nothing for the superstitious pubside fan.

Let me explain.

Liverpool’s outgoing sponsor is Carlsberg. It’s a beer. It’s not the greatest beer on the planet, but it is something I can latch onto during a match. It started at some point in the 07/08 season. Liverpool were struggling to find a goal. A friend in the pub where we watch jokingly scolded me for drinking Guinness instead of Carlsberg. “Think of the next transfer window! Support your team!” he cried. I ordered a Carlsberg. Liverpool scored. I ordered another. Liverpool scored another.

Well, the goals didn’t actually come as my drink landed in front of me each time, but it was close enough to turn this into a ritual. When Liverpool were struggling, I would switch to Carlsberg. It didn’t mean goals on every occassion but it became a source of comfort to me. Having a specific thing to turn to helped me cope with the dry spells – so to speak.

So what am I to do with Standard Chartered Bank? Open a savings account every time Liverpool can’t score? Liquidate some assets? No help at all. Still. It could have been worse…

Worse Sponsorship Choices for the Superstitious:

AIG – I’d have to get myself bailed out by the US government every time Liverpool can’t find a goal. No good…

Fly Emirates – I’d have to fly to Dubai every time. I don’t know anybody in Dubai and also I’d miss a lot of matches. Next…

Samsung – Buy a new stereo. I love music but this could quickly get out of hand. The two stereos in my current apartment are quite enough, thank you…

Reebok – Buy a new pair of trainers every time. I also love shoes. But I’d quickly run out of closet space…

Crown Paint – Paint the inside of the pub. The pub’s owner would get irritated as I’d surely mess up the trim while trying to keep up with the match. And a Torres scorcher would result in paint flung all over his paying customers…

32Red – Many gambling sites to choose from. This one would be the obvious choice for the Reds. But I can’t gamble away my money every time Liverpool need a goal. Might as well blow it on drink…

Famous Grouse – Or any other hard liquor. It is bad enough inhaling three Carlsbergs in a flailing half. If I down three whiskies (especially in my tense quick-sip mode) I’ll quickly be done for…

On the other hand…

Good Sponsorship Choices for the Superstitious:

Guinness – Can’t go wrong with the beer ritual and Guinness has always been a favorite. Watching most of the matches in an Irish pub, there’s plenty of Guinness handy, and since it is low in alcohol I’ll remember who I am after a tense outing…

Stella – Again with the beer theme and Stella is a much better lager than Carlsberg. I also would enjoy doing my Marlon Brando Streetcar Name Desire impression by yelling “Stella!” several times throughout a match…

Acorns (or Unicef) – I admire Villa and Barcelona for using their kits to promote these charities. If Liverpool had a charity on the kits, I would happily make a donation whenever we need a goal…

Naked Women – I’ve never seen this as a sponsor, but it’s worth a try. Without going into too much detail, I’d love to have to find a naked woman everytime Liverpool are in a slump. Might help with my own slumps as well. Not as gallant as choosing Acorns or Unicef, but I must admit this is my favorite plan…

Naked women probably won’t give Liverpool £80m over the next four years, but they would still – in their way – help bring in eager young players. Besides, it’s not always about the money. So somebody get Christian Purslow on the phone, quick! If the ink’s not dry on the Standard Chartered thing, we’ve got a winner!

24 thoughts on “My Big Problem With Liverpool’s New Sponsorship Deal…”

  1. As much as I would miss the green guys. It took me a while to get used to the switch from the previous sponsor “Candy” but it’s business I suppose. I’m glad it’s not another gambling site.

  2. err… some ppl say that, carlsberg is a jinx… pool never won a league title since they came on the shirt… lol…

    hope new sponsors will bring luck with them…

  3. Carlsberg should be replace long time ago cause it not make us the league champion. I’m happy that they change the sposorship and worthwhile. Carlsberg is the pee of the Devils. 😛

  4. These articles are getting lame. Can we have more just about the League and less about some moment where you had a beer and they scored and then it became a lucky ritual that no one thinks is amusing? Alot of people have drank beers watching a game.

    this blog should be called

      1. I would love more stories into the financial aspect of clubs. Or more tatical analysis of clubs. But stories like this don’t interest me in the least. It offers nothing except useless dribble. I would love though-provoking articles. I may not agree with them (such as the some of the diving articles lately), but they offer opinion and arguements with evidence behind them. I can appreciate those articles. Not this

  5. It’s tuff when a team gets a kit sponsor with either an ugly/clashing logo or for a company that’s completely irrelevant to anyone’s daily life.
    I’m no bizness man, but I’ve never understood what was in it for some of these companies. It’s one thing if you have a beer/food brand where consumption goes up and down and marketing can help sway people to quaff or gobble your product. but banks or other financial institutions? For example, insurance is a serious purchase, I don’t most rational people are swayed to pick AIG based on their Man United sponsorhip. Or Emirates Airlines. People pick airlines based on where they’re going, the price and then maybe amenities, NOT because they are on Arsenal’s shirts.

  6. What about Canterbury of New Zealand (they sponsor Portsmouth, they’re a rugby gear manufacturer), you’d have to buy a scrum cap every time you needed a goal. Those things are expensive! And quite useless if you don’t play rugby.
    Damn I thought I would have more than that but I guess not.
    Also I tink it would have to be a bit more organized than just Naked Women. Perhaps Coalition of Naked Women? Or Naked Women United for the Furthering of Football? Naked Women R Us?
    P.S. I love you football experience articles, don’t listen to those people up there. They can go somewhere else if they like.

  7. Hmm. Looking at the Standard Chartered logo.. It’s Blue & Green, both the font and the squiggle.

    Surely we’re not going to have that on our shirt are we ?

    The blue and green will clash horribly with the Liverpool Red.. and we don’t won’t a blue logo at all !

  8. HIcks has said that Carlsberg will still be a sponsor of ours so I take it we will still be able to buy it at the ground, it just won’t be our shirt sponsor. SO don’t panic it will still be around.

  9. My biggest problem is that I thought Carlsberg was a pretty cool sponsor…not a bad beer, cool looking logo, and a little more character than a massive international bank…but the cash influx will hopefully be useful

  10. Are you havin’ a laugh!?

    This is neither LFC-centric or even funny mate.

    Why don’t you write what you know about football on the back of a postage stamp, in marker pen… twice.

    Be relevant or don’t bother!

  11. Liverpool get a sponsorship from a bank in the midst of global banking crisis!?! Are the Americans taking the piss?

    The best sponsorship would be Chuck Norris… that way you could just take a roundhouse kick to the face everytime Liverpool couldn’t score.

  12. Hey! I bet no one knew this. But here’s a little insight that may help you smile a little.

    The biggest single shareholder of Standard Chartered Bank is the Government of Singapore’s Investment Corporation.

    And the biggest shareholder of Tiger Beer is the Government of Singapore’s Investment Corporation as well?

    Hahah… Go ahead. Have a Tiger!

  13. Nice article but according to the popular mr.Hicks then you don’t have to stop drinking Carlsberg because they will continue to sponsor Liverpool:

    “Between now and then, we will finalise new arrangements where we will retain the Carlsberg special sponsorship packages and pour Carlsberg products in the stadium. They will be one of our key sponsors, just not on our shirts.”

    I’ve also never liked the hypocrasy of many high and mighty fans who condemn beer ads on our shirts. Why is a soft drink, a bank, an airline or betting companies any morally better? Cola drinks damage teeth, banks ruin economies, airplanes polute and betting bankrupts. Is that better than drinking a nutritious, low in alcohol and culturally normal beverage??? Beer is not a narcotic so take a chill pill you apostles!

  14. Straw man! You criticize Standard Charter Bank with the fallacy that you’d have to open a savings account any time you need a goal. But when you get around to the benefits of having a charity on your shirt, you’d be more than happy to make a donation when Liverpool can’t score. Why not just make a deposit any time you need a goal?! Just bring your laptop to the pub, make an online transfer for about the amount of a pint, and order a glass of water.

  15. I’ve got to say – i too used to drink Carlsberg for good luck – but the last time i did that was the CL final in athens, not bothered with it mkuch since.

  16. I personally don’t care who the hell is on the shirt if it helps the club out.

    “While I’m glad to see a deal that will provide the club with £80m over the next four years…”

    Is this much more than the current contract with Carlsberg?

    Has there been any talk about where this money will go to? Is it going to just pay off the owner’s debt as it popular recently? Have any promises been made about freeing this up for Rafa or the new stadium?

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