Must Watch: Besiktas vs Manchester United

I had to laugh this past weekend when the commentator described the City of Manchester Stadium as a “cauldron.” To me, it’s a bowl. A bowl that removes the crowd from the game. Instead, a better analogy of a cauldron would be a particular stadium in Istanbul for tonight’s must-watch match between Besiktas and Manchester United.

My first introduction to Besiktas’s BJK Inönü Stadium was in October, 2006 when I was blown away by watching Besiktas versus Tottenham Hotspur in the UEFA Cup.

It’s not just the intimidating atmosphere of the BJK Inönü Stadium that’s impressive. It’s a combination of the sheer volume that the fans achieve as well as their unique chanting. All of those assets combine to create one of the most incredible football atmospheres you’re likely to see or hear on your television set this year, bar none.

It really puts the English football experience to shame. The other unique feature of Besiktas is that the entire stadium of supporters usually show up at the ground several hours before kick-off and sing for hours. Watch the above video to get an idea of how wonderfully crazy the Besiktas supporters are.

Get ready to watch a sea of black and white from Besiktas today at 2pm live on FSN. Visit the Fox Soccer Channel website for the complete listing of all of the games available on television today across all of the networks.


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