Must Watch: Besiktas vs Manchester United

I had to laugh this past weekend when the commentator described the City of Manchester Stadium as a “cauldron.” To me, it’s a bowl. A bowl that removes the crowd from the game. Instead, a better analogy of a cauldron would be a particular stadium in Istanbul for tonight’s must-watch match between Besiktas and Manchester United.

My first introduction to Besiktas’s BJK Inönü Stadium was in October, 2006 when I was blown away by watching Besiktas versus Tottenham Hotspur in the UEFA Cup.

It’s not just the intimidating atmosphere of the BJK Inönü Stadium that’s impressive. It’s a combination of the sheer volume that the fans achieve as well as their unique chanting. All of those assets combine to create one of the most incredible football atmospheres you’re likely to see or hear on your television set this year, bar none.

It really puts the English football experience to shame. The other unique feature of Besiktas is that the entire stadium of supporters usually show up at the ground several hours before kick-off and sing for hours. Watch the above video to get an idea of how wonderfully crazy the Besiktas supporters are.

Get ready to watch a sea of black and white from Besiktas today at 2pm live on FSN. Visit the Fox Soccer Channel website for the complete listing of all of the games available on television today across all of the networks.

21 thoughts on “Must Watch: Besiktas vs Manchester United”

  1. To be fair mate they won’t let that guy in the middle of the pitch on in the game!! LOL. and I’d imagine after the first 20 mins they’ll probably be a couple of goals down! So could be more like a funeral.

    1. Typical English arrogance, nothing can be better than a night out at Old Trafford! Well it can. Declining Man U + thousands of charged up fans in an intimidating atmosphere will equal disaster.

      No way it is going to be as easy as you think it’s going to be.

      1. “Declining Man U?” You’re having a laugh. You refer to “typical English arrogance” and then spew out some ABU bullsh*t. Get over it- you sound like a broken record. You’ll warn us now, then when United run riot, you’ll be nowhere to be found. Now THAT is “typical.”

      2. Many many things are better than a night at Old Trafford believe me, like getting a tooth pulled for instance!! I’m no Utd fan, but I’m also no idiot I don’t think you will be seeing Besiktas topping group stages ahead of Utd even if they’re fans are firing AK47’s in the air through out the game!! Is every bookmaker in the world arrogant in including the ones in Turkey?

  2. I had a Besiktas UEFA Cup game on in the background once while working on the PC and after a while of some strange sounding, but very loud chants (compared to the commentator) i found myself tapping my feet to the cadence. It must be absolute bedlam inside.

    It’s like the cheers in a big college football game, but for the whole damn game. I think the closest America comes to that is the Tomahawk Chop at FSU.

  3. Indeed very impressive support & other teams could learn a thing or two from them. Unique and coordinated chants/actions are awesome.

    I’d actually liken it to a college basketball game in america (especially at Duke, Kansas, etc) where the student section bounces and screams and chants the whole game. Except besiktas has the whole stadium doing it practically which is a rarity in itself.


    1. I thought the same thing. That brought me right back the the University of Florida. “daaaaaaaa da da… daaa… daaa… daaa… GATOR BAIT!”

      1. My thoughts exactly. I went to this past Saturday’s UF game and even for a scrub team like Troy the crowd was fired up. I like the Oraaange! Bluuuue! chants during the game. It’s like a wall of noise hitting you. I’ve been to football matches all over Europe and this is as close to the real deal as you can get.

  4. “Get ready to watch a sea of black and white from Besiktas today at 2pm live on FSN. ”

    Not if you Live in Philadelphia the only city in the country where the game won’t be on till 10pm. Thanks Comcast Sports Net

  5. BTW, the commentary and sound for this game is horrible. Looks like a fox sit-in commentator, and there is barely any crowd noise. And what was up with the pre-game interruptions, randomly breaking away to interviews when the players were coming out, sound going in and out, etc. Maybe its just my channel, but I am a bit unhappy. Oh well, at least the game is on in HD.

    1. And he keeps saying Berbatov wrong. He says “Ber-bat-ov.” Lol. Sorry I just cant take it sometimes so I need an outlet! Hope everyone is enjoying todays games!

    2. I was thinking the same thing. I’ve heard golf galleries that sounded rowdier. And you’d think the commentator was covering a funeral.

      They did show the fans in the stands later in the game, and it was impressive to see virtually everyone in the stadium jumping up and down and singing. Must be hell to hear anything on the pitch. Was Fox deliberately muting the crowd noise? Does anyone know what that stadium holds? It looked like a lot.

      Made me think of the old Chicago Stadium during the Michael Jordan playoff runs. That whole building would shake, if you were in the upper level you’d think it was going to come down. Some of the players later said they occasionally thought the whole building was going to collapse on them.

  6. dstark, I had a solution to your problem but the link I was trying to pass on keeps getting deleted. Oh well..

    Gaffer, why do you keep deleting my messages? Are links to other blogs not permitted here?


  7. For those of you who watched the Besiktas versus Manchester United game, I have to apologize for raising your hopes for an incredible atmosphere. Unfortunately the UEFA feed that Fox showed was plagued by audio problems especially during the first 15-20 minutes of the coverage. The issues ruined the experience.

    Even after the problems were corrected, the audio of the crowd noise was too quiet while the volume of the commentator was too loud.

    That said, the home fans weren’t as rowdy as they normally are. They finally “woke up” around the 70th minute, which was beautifully captured by the TV cameras.

    Is it me or is UEFA having more issues with audio this Champions League than in previous years?

    PS – Tim White, the commentator, was as boring as watching paint dry.

    The Gaffer

    1. I figured that must have been an audio problem, especially when they showed the whole friggin’ stadium jumping up and down. Bizarre.

      And if that’s the quality of FSC’s broadcasts, I’m reconsidering whether I want to pay extra. I agree with AJ, it was so bad it almost made me want to stop watching. Tim White seems like he would be a great sports commentator if you were, say, a zombie from “Night of the Living Dead.”

      Although I have to say that ESPN seems to be having a lot of trouble with their satellite feeds, as well. It seems like the match has to be at the 15th minute or later before the random cut-outs stop. So maybe we can’t lay that problem at FSC’s feet.

  8. The commentator was really annoying with his ‘Ber-baah-tov’ and ‘Cinka Mokbuh’ (CSKA Moscow) stuff. I had no idea who Real Madrid were playing until half time when i saw it was Zurich. I thought he was saying ‘Sooreech’ or something and couldn’t understand it.
    Why was he giving the scores out from the other games anyway. Fox blanked out the Chelsea score at half and full time as they were broadcasting it later, yet White kept giving us updates.
    Plus, don’t go telling us that there is ‘activity below us on the bench’ when its obvious you are in a studio in LA or wherever!!
    Bring back Derek Rae and the Irish twit, all is forgiven!!

  9. I almost stopped watching Football/Soccer because of the terrible T.V. set-up for this game. When does the contract run out so I can start my countdown clock because I’ll be honest the television sucked. Sorry for having a little toilet mouth there but it was plain bad. Something everyone missed, halftime was really weird and random. Two segments without sound the John Herz pops and does the same thing over again. Although Fergie running across the field was rather funny. Fox needs to get better people for these jobs. Most of the time the voice-overs on the highlights Herz had no clue who or what was happening.

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