9 thoughts on “DeGuzman Signing Open Thread”

  1. A holding midlfield like DeGuzman is a perfect match for DeRo. Boy and girls, MLS playoffs are shaping up to be the most exciting in recent memory.

  2. De Guzman won’t be a holding mid, Rex. They have Robinson and Cronin (and the rising young Gambian, Amadou Sanyang) in that role. De Guzman will be an attacking midfielder. Even though TFC’s midfield already looks good in that role (Guevara and Vitti), neither has done a particularly good job linking up with the strikers. There’s a bit of a disconnection there. De Ro may take on a complete striker role now, rather than midfield, as he’s a bit of a lone soul these days. He seems bent on doing everything himself going to goal — maybe he needs De Guzman to feed him.

  3. Too many cooks in the kitchen.

    Paying that much money for a player never known for scoring goals is right up there with Red Bull signing Reyna. I don’t think it will turn out that bad for TFC obviously, but 2.5 mil for a holding midfielder seems a bit steep.

  4. I see this signing as clutch. While finishing will remain a problem, and our defense is lackluster at the best of times, we have a problem getting delivery to our forwards in the first place. I watched the TFC-Rapids game and all I saw was poor delivery followed by moments of half decent finishing. O’Brian White is shaping up to be quite the draft pick.

    De Guzman will improve the quality of delivery into the box and will probably make the game more watchable at the very least.

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