What will we see from Mexico?


Mexico’s form in World Cup qualifying has been less than stellar. After qualifying for the Hexagonal based solely on goal difference, El Tri now finds itself in fourth place in the final qualifying group.

On its third manager in 17 months, Mexico desperately needs a victory. Javier Aguirre has recalled the veteran hands of Cuauhtémoc Blanco and Guille Franco to lead the attack for El Tri. The continued injury problems of Rafael Marquez puts pressure on the Mexican back four. Aaron Galindo could get the start but more likely it will be Jonny Magallón who scored twice last year in Houston versus the US.

Aguirre’s continued willingness to exclude Pavel Pardo from the El Tri setup is risky. But part of Aguirre’s challenge since taking over from Sven Goran Eriksson was to root out locker room cliques and factions, and it appears Pardo is a causality of this policy.

Gio Dos Santos used to Gold Cup to return from the international wilderness that developed after Aguirre’s hiring. Dos Santos can play out wide or up top, depending on the formation or player selection Aguirre chooses to employ.

Andres Guardado’s fitness is in doubt after picking up a knock late last week. But the left winger appears to be ready for the game talking about winning three to nill which is sure to stoke the flames further on this rivalry.

Carlos Vela remains the X-factor. The Arsenal man is dangerous on the counter attack and lively and energetic. But, the US defense acquitted itself well in the Confederations Cup against more seasoned and talented strikers than Vela. Thus, Vela despite his amazing second half performance against a US “B” team in the CONCACAF Gold Cup Final isn’t a lock to start in this game.

Aguirre may choose to use Vela late if needs an equalizer or a winner, while starting the safer and experienced Franco up top.

Here is my projected Mexico Lineup:


Juarez Magallon Osorio Salcido

————- Torrado—————


————–Dos Santos————


16 thoughts on “What will we see from Mexico?”

  1. why blanco franco over medina, castillo, and vela?

    Both blanco and franco may lack the pace needed to disrupt the US backline. Vela might be a super sub but why not have him play the 90 minutes. With Center backs like Onyewu, demerit, and bocanegra, mexico will want to have pacy forwards

  2. There are rumors that Guardado might be in as a Sub in the half, and Franco too. this is the formation

  3. Ken….LOL
    You’re too funny. In the last game (the one agains the so called u.s “a” team we lost 2-0, yes. But we were missing key players and we had players that needed to be kicked out (oswaldo, pardo etc). This is a totally different game. This is not Spain, or Brazil, this is Mexico vs. U.S. When these 2 play is a totally different type of game, cant compare. I love to watch mexico beat brazil, but i love it even more when we beat the U.S. Yes, mexico (before the GoldCup) hadn’t won a game in U.S soil in the last 10 years..well the U.S has won a game in mexico in the last…umm never.
    U.S fans talk about being Finalist int he Conf Cup….so what? U.S beating spain is like bolivia beating Argentina 6-0…doesnt prove anything, it wont happen again. Mexico will win this game.

    Who will start:
    Memo, Magallon, Osorio, x? (Juarez or Salcido )
    Torrado, Cuauhtemoc, Giovani, Guardado (Castro will come in in the second half)
    Franco Vela (nery will come in in the Second half).

  4. I really dont think Galindo will be in the starting 11. He is an ok defender, but I think Aguirre will lean on the experience of Salcido or the consistency of Juarez. Galindo hasnt been showing much in his club. He seems distracted and that was part of the reason why Chivaz lost agains…was it Tigres?? He could be a sub, but very unlikely.

    Another thing, any idea why Aguirre didnt call Hector Moreno?????? This kid is great. Up until his injury he was titular in his team.

    1. Good question about H. Moreno. I still think at some point going forward Aguirre is going to have to make peace with Pardo. Perhaps that is a naive American perspective but how many guys in CONCACAF have led their team to a title in a major European league? Marquez is a supporting player for Barca and Osorio didn’t play all the time for Stuttgart. Onyewu and Liege is not what I consider a major Euro league. Suazo played a bit role at Inter.

      I count one player, Pavel Pardo. Yes he’s getting on in years now but he’s a refined and smart player. I know the situation somewhat as to why he is on the outs with Aguirre but assuming Mexico qualifies, I’d bury the hatchet and bring Pardo to South Africa.

  5. No i wouldnt want Pardo or Oswaldo back. Aguirre likes to have a healthy atmosphere in the looker room, and those players only bring negative things. I know this for a fact, dont ask how…
    Time to get rid of the vaca sagradas…2 left (Osorio & Rafa, though rafa is one of the best mexican players, so dont think he will ever be left out)…but i will never forget what they did on the Copa America 2007.
    If mexico qualifies, then Aguirre should keep the base, maybe get rid of 1 or 2 players than dont perform and bring in better replacements from the local league ahh…and bring Moreno.

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