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Quick Training Camp Notes

A larger number of press than usual at USMNT camp today in Miami which tells us about the attention this “summer of soccer” has created.

Several of the media members present are attending training here in Miami tomorrow morning and then flying to Mexico City for game. Several others are staying in this area to cover the game off of Television. In twenty plus years of following the national team, their has rarely been this level of interest and enthusiasm both from the media and fans before a non World Cup match. This is further proof that the world’s game has arrived stateside.

Bob Bradley and Carlos Bocanerga addressed the media after a short morning practice session. Bradley stated that Azteca was the toughest venue to play away from home in CONCACAF. Mike Sorber spoke to the media in Spanish. Marcelo Balboa, who will be the color commentator for MUN2 was also at practice and that drew a few old time USMNT fans who came to watch training into autograph seekers.

Oguchi Onyewu spoke to us just outside the team bus. Look for more coverage from my colleague Juan Arango and myself on later today, as well as a pre-game podcast and more practice notes a little later here at MLS Talk.

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10 Responses to Quick Training Camp Notes

  1. T Z says:

    They are training in Miami? WTF aren’t they in Mexico yet?

    Isn’t Miami at sea level? Bradley hasn’t got a clue!

  2. Larry says:

    Do they go to Mexico this afternoon?

  3. DrJonS says:

    I agree with TZ, we need a week or so to acclimate to the altitude, ideally. It is tough though, I concede, when you have people flying in from all over the world.

  4. Rex says:

    Bradley was quoted as saying the following:

    “if you don’t have enough time to acclimate, which takes 10 days or so, then going in late is your best bet.”

  5. Joey Clams says:

    It’s either last minute of 16 days. Anything in between does not good.

  6. former_mls_fan says:

    I say clog the middle and play for the tie. The Mexicans are panicking that we’re gonna play 1-5-4 and draw it. They need points, and one point doesn’t get them out of 4th in classification.

    If you read spanish, here is an excellent assessment of the USMT from the Mexican point of view:

    “Los gringos” by André Marín

    He is right to be worried. Mexico’s qualification effort is in serious trouble.

  7. AVR says:

    I believe they are in Miami tomorrow also. They go to Mexico Wednesday morning.

  8. Simon says:

    They leave Tuesday afternoon.

  9. Lars says:

    I don’t think the US can go down and just bunker down. I have never been a fan of bunkering down in ANY sport. I have seen Team Canada lose so many games in International hockey competitions because they decided to play defensive hockey after achieving a 2-0 lead. I watched the United States blow a 2-0 Lead in South Africa in a football competition. I watched the Montreal Impact blow a huge lead against Santos Laguna.

    I’ve watched NFL and CFL teams blow games at the last minute playing prevent defenses.

    The United States cannot bunker down until after the 60th minute if they have any intention of drawing this game. Some sort of mixed approach or attacking football is needed before then.

  10. soccer goals says:

    Adjusting to the altitude will be a difficult task. They need to manage their energy levels.

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