Can Hull City Avoid Second Season Syndrome?

Looking at the predictions that are currently flooding the world of Premiership football, two teams are entrenched in a dogfight for who will finish bottom. No-one, but no-one thinks both Hull City or Burnley will stay up. One if not both of them, in the eyes of everyone think they’re dead and buried before a ball is kicked.

I have to say, I’m more concerned about Hull staying up than Burnley. The run that they embarked upon from the win against Middlesbrough on December 6th was frightening. 9 points from 22 games was relegation form, no doubt about it, but thankfully Newcastle, Boro and West Brom were worse. Yet were Hull that bad? Only 3 teams put more than 2 goals past them during the last 22 games, Arsenal, Liverpool and Middlesbrough and lost 9 games by just one goal.

That cries out that all the Tigers needed was a consistent goalscorer, someone who could nick a goal off a shin, a backside or a deflection. Phil Brown has made no secret of his desire to add to the firepower at his disposal, but saw moves for Michael Owen, Bobby Zamora, Frazier Campbell and Marlon Harewood fail. In the last week though, he seems to have had more luck in his attempts and he’s taken the promising American striker Jozy Altidore on loan and is close to signing former Wigan striker Henri Camara.

Ideally though, looking at the Tigers front line, even with the two additions, looks still weak. Cousin, Fagan, Garcia, Folan and Kendall don’t seem to have the prowess between them to win matches. Why are Hull struggling to bring the required players to the club? The loss of Craig Fagan after Danny Guthrie’s cowardly tackle broke his leg was a big loss. Fagan’s pace can cause most teams problems, but that alone won’t keep them up. Geovanni has the skill and guile, but lacks the consistency. He needs to show more for the cause for longer. The attempts to sign Ross McCormack from Cardiff City seem to have stalled, the clubs a couple of million apart in their valuations. McCormack was immense for the Bluebirds on Saturday and City will be loath to lose him.

Of course in addition to the striker issues, Hull now face the fact that Liverpool have begun to unsettle Michael Turner in their usual way. Once again Benitez has begun to court a player in the media before making a bid, so no doubt Turner’s head will be turned. Most players would be delighted to play for Liverpool, so it would seem a matter of when Turner leaves. That would be a big blow for Brown’s men, but with Benitez claiming that he now has very little to spend, Hull need to try and get the price they want.

Strikers are always a premium in football, but surely it can’t be this hard to recruit one? Perhaps the solution to Browns issue is a quick one hour drive westwards on the M62 to Leeds. Would risking £3-£4 million on Jermaine Beckford at Leeds United be such a risk for the Tigers? 56 goals in less than 100 games for Leeds shouldn’t be sniffed at, regardless that he plays in League One. He doesn’t have to up root to Hull, living within easy distance of the K.C. Stadium and it surprise me that Brown hasn’t gone after him. He scored two on Saturday, both pure predatory goals, something Hull miss.

Sometimes you have to cut your cloth accordingly and sometimes the obvious solution can be staring you in the face and you miss it.To preserve Hull’s Premiership status, Beckford could be a hugely important signing. Worst case scenario, Beckford signs for Hull and they go down. Then they have the perfect striker to score the goals to fire them back to the Premiership. Take a risk Phil, what’s £4 million when a £50 million carrot is waiting for them once again if they stay up.

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  1. It’s all about their form week to week. If they can stay middle of the table for the first third of the season, it could go either way. Hopefully they find their form for periods of the season and do enough to sustain another season in the EPL. With that, they can hope for a better offseason than the one they had.

    That being said, I would like to think that if Altidore can continue his solid form as he did for the USMNT this summer, he can really help them.

  2. I can’t disagree. I think Hull are going to be in some serious trouble this year.

    Agree on Beckford, that would be a good signing, especially if you add clauses to the deal.

    Altidore, as much as I love and support him, is basically an unproven commodity. He can be brilliant, or invisible. If he breaks out, Hull stay up. Otherwise, too much will hinge on Giovanni, who as pointed out, lacks consistancy.

  3. 2d season syndrome is something of a myth. the vast majority of teams that survive their first season in the premier league also survive their second (19 out of 24 so far, with Hull & Stoke yet to be determined).

    With the new signings coming in, and Jimmy B hopefully fit before to long, I am cautiously confident.

  4. I would be suprised if Hull stay up..I like Phil Brown but I think he’s totally lost the plot..when you look at all the strikers he wanted to bring in (Michael Owen, Bobby Zamora, Frazier Campbell) I do not think any of these men would be a good fit at Hull and it would be a surprise if they scored 10 goals for them this season so he brought in Jozy ..again a Suprise if he scores 10 goals at this level 1st season..The team is just in a shambles and really doesnt have any goal scorers..please no1 agrue Jimmy B..if from the mid field he scores 10 again a suprise..he wont!..I just do not see how Hull can stay up..I dont think they’ll match Derby or Sunderland from a few years back but I think they’re done

  5. Thanks for your comments chaps. But as you can see , we are addressing the problem. There is no problem with Phil Brown, just that the Arsenal fans know we got at them last season and frightened them silly. He’s the man for the job, took us to the EPL and kept us in the EPL, no other Hull City manager can say they did that in 104 years.
    New strikers in today – Altidore and Camara – Possibly, Hunt and Ghilas.
    Everyone at the club knew that we needed a striker, had we got one in January instead of being let down (again) , King going off on one, there was no way we would have finished so poorly.
    Keep hold of Turner, get a new right sided defender, Jimmy B fit and away we go.
    As last season, i would still hope for a 17th position finish come end of season. I know we need to improve on that but this season will be to establish ourselves in the EPL.

    Lots of surprises from Arsenal14, i’d be surprised if they finish in the top 4, i think they need to worry about there own , not ours.
    Anyway, hope Fabregas goes, he need a a better team (winning trophies) to spit and polish – Barcelona here he comes.
    Anyway, enough of the Arsenal. Come end of August and all the signings in , we will be a different opposition from last season, stronger and meaner, hopefully.

    Onwards you Tigers

  6. There is no way Arsenal will not finish in the top 4.any1 who thinks they wont is nuts!.I said I LIKE PHIL BROWN..i think he is a great personality for the league but clearly he’s lost the plot.The team was on a free fall last year taking I think 9 points or something like that from the final 20 games.Clearly the on field talk at Boxing Day was the wrong thing to do because it didnt fire the team up it pretty much shut them down for the rest of the year.As for your win at the Emirates last year.Congrats on it..It was an exciting game and a memorible game in the season.I dont see though how you can stay up this season if you do Congrats but I see the Form at the end of last year carrying over..As for Cesc he will go within the next few years. He openly courts teams like Ade did but none of the fans gets on his case.I like Cesc he’s good for the team but if he doesnt want to be here and all he can do is say how he d love to play in Spain. Eventually he’ll go.If it was up to me we wouldnt have a captain that says” I want to stay here and win titles” then the next day says “my parents would forgive me if I play for their rival team in spain” Arsenal made him giving him chances he would not have gottin in Spain.He should be saying how he loves Arsenal and Wenger for making him into what he is today.thats just my view though

  7. arsenal14.
    not having a pop at you. But, how can you say there is no way Arsenal will not finish in top 4. its not a foregone conclusion. I know its been said before but there are up and coming teams this season, Tottenham (same as last year), Villa, Sunderland even , not to mention Man city.

    Anyway, as i said above Hull City will be a different poroporsition this season, read the papers , new signings in others on the way, differnt team altogether. Just keep Turner in defense and get a right back then thats it.
    Talk of Negredo today for £10m , you may laugh, but we are looking forward now , not backwards, we need to be after players like this . Not Campbell , zamora murphy etc.
    Regarding Phil Brown, he is liked a lot in this area, OK lots of others dislike him , he does have some strange attitudes which a lot dislike (me included) but he is the one for the job. Regarding the half time at Man city, i would have done that, it had no effect on the players for the second half of the season. I’ve paid hundreds of pounds travelling the country for our first season in the premiershp , and to see a first half like that at Man City on a cold frosty boxing day, warranted some action , and thats what Brownie did. It worked , we drew the second half.
    Looking forward to my visit to the Emirates again and to some i couldnt get to last season (ticket allocation). Really do like Fabregas and only wish to someone like him at City, but as you say , one day he will go.
    So heres, wishing you a great new season and hopefully, hopefully, CITY in mid table and no nailbiting.

    Onwards you Tigers.

  8. Enjoy your season to Tigersinprem I think this will end up being 1 of the best all around premiership seasons we’ve had in a awhile

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