8 thoughts on “Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 Trailer In HD”

  1. I don’t understand the point of these trailers that show nothing of the actual gameplay. I guess it’s just an announcement that it’s coming, but I don’t really learn anything from seeing a pre-rendered movie of Messi.

    I saw the new Star Wars game trailer the other week. It was a mind-blowing cinematic short, but it told you zero about the game itself.

  2. PES will always suck and never be better than FIFA. gameplay is more important than how good messi looks. at least it is to me… Besides FIFA has a tralier up of actual gameplay.

    1. Gameplay is the reason I prefer PES to FIFA. Whenever I play FIFA it feels like the players are running through treacle. I do think it is on a level with PES now though. PES was miles ahead a few years ago but FIFA have caught right back up IMO.

      Anyway, interested to see how effective and easy to use the pressure, defensive etc sliders are.

  3. Akers, You have got to be crazy…when i play PES i feel like im playin some kinda atari game…I believe you have it all wrong Fifa is years ahead of PES on gameplay and FIFA 10 is going to be a good game. The only thing PES has going for them is the Champions League Tourney

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