Manchester City Experiences Technical Difficulties


It’s only fitting that with all of the hype and suspense surrounding the launch of Manchester City’s new website that the site came crashing down and never launched as planned at 9am BST today. In many ways, it has parallels to Manchester City last season after all of the hype was generated by the Middle Eastern owners, the purchase of Robinho, the ridiculous attempt to sign Kaka and how Manchester City’s season fell flat on its face.

The message on the site this morning reads “Despite extensive testing, we have experienced some technical software issues outside of our control, resulting in a delay to the launch of the new Manchester City website.”

When the new website is launched, it’ll be available in both English and Arabic. And is built “around social media elements and focused at targeting under-25s who were fans of Premier League football but were yet to decide whom to support.”

Part of the hype around the new website was also around the new Manchester City home jersey which was going to be available for pre-order today.

Let’s hope City gets their act together both on and off the pitch this season.

UPDATE: As of 10:20am ET/3:20pm BST, the Manchester City site finally went live — six hours later than scheduled. Check it out at

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31 thoughts on “Manchester City Experiences Technical Difficulties”

  1. “Due to extensive” that actually reads “Despite extensive”
    You take the pzzz out of Man City for not getting it right and you can not even quote what is on the screen.

  2. Wow. It takes a really, really bored or spiteful journalist to be so petty as to insult a club for not unveiling their website on time. What’s next? Criticising City because when you magnify a shot to 100x zoom you can see a loose thread on someone’s shirt?

  3. Another jealous cunt without the talent to write for an acknowledged publication. All the hype? There was no hype prior to last season as the owners only took over on the 31st August. It might have escaped you (a lot would) we are a Club building a Project, there was no pressure to finish much above how we did last season. Keep on with the vitriol and we wll have the last laugh, like I said you are a cunt.

  4. “The Gaffer”
    What a self important prick you are, suggest that you go out a little more after this chidish and frankly embarrasing rubbish .
    Shows you as a pathetic jerk but guess you must be, and to stupid to realise that this piece of crap say’s more about you than the Football Club.

  5. Oh, and I’m surprised how precious the Man City posters on this thread are.

    Look at it objectively: The club drummed up a bunch of press about the launch of the website, and the website is down. That’s serious egg-on-the-face time for an organization of Man City’s resources. They can’t even fail-over to their old site. So why not call it out on a blog? This is not the ten o’clock news or the Hansard.

    If the Gaffer was upgrading his blog and it resulted in hours of unplanned downtime, I’m sure he’d be pretty embarassed about it. And last time I checked, he’s not funded by a billionaire oilman.

    1. “They can’t even fail-over to their old site. So why not call it out on a blog?”

      Because it’s boring and not worth talking about, that’s why. You might as well write an article talking about why I wear odd socks because I can’t be bothered to find matching pairs.

  6. The hype you refer to was generated by certain sections of the media and lame websites such as this in a feeble attempt to drive up web traffic on the back of City’s transformation – it was not instigated by our owners.

    How can an attempt to buy one of the world’s best players be termed “ridiculous”? I suppose that not being one of the “big four” we should probably aim a bit lower and know our place, eh?

    Yeah, we signed Robinho… what’s your point? Maybe he didn’t set the world on fire but I’d back his scoring record and performances against Berbatov who was bought at the same time for a similar fee by the almighty Salford Redsox. Any articles on that runaway success AIG coming up? Didn’t think so.

    The season was what most City fans would have expected during this time; a little disappointing but relegation would have been “falling flat on our faces”. Most saw positive steps in the right direction with the promise of much more to come.

    You may smile wryly at this negative response actually generating some of the web traffic you so desperately desire but this is not job-done, my friend, because I (and possibly many others) will not be back. In effect, you just lost a customer Gaffer.

    Which brings me to the only valid point you raised – the website didn’t launch on time – true, but I have to say that if it turns out to be as feeble as this one, I hope it never does.

  7. “I’m sure he’d be pretty embarassed about it.”
    But (patently) not embarrassed by piss-poor spelling.

  8. Is “The Gaffer” any older than 12? You can’t even copy the text on the screen in front of you, you idiot. How, or more to the point why do people like you insist on trying to write articles in the public domain when it’s obvious that you’d struggle to recite the alphabet?

  9. Deflect…deflect…deflect…let’s talk about spelling and transcription skills…deflect…deflect

    “The hype you refer to was generated by certain sections of the media …it was not instigated by our owners.”

    That’s just plain wrong, I’m afraid”
    David Pullan, chief marketing officer of Manchester City Football Club said, “Our new web platform is going to be a one-stop shop and the first place to go for anyone with an interest in Manchester City. It is the kind of site that our supporters, who are at the heart of our club, deserve.”

    Google News has 20 articles from today about the website. Coincidence?

  10. You cockney reds need to get real. Wow, a site had technical difficulties so couldn’t be aired live! Massive companies such as ‘Apple’ and ‘Windows’ have suffered technical difficulties similar to this in the past, big deal. I think you rags need to concentrate on your own deteriorating and debt ridden club rather than getting involved in a separate city’s club matters.

  11. Why doesn’t this hack writer stick to a topic he knows? Something like Netball (basketball), Rounders (Baseball) or Tag Rugby (American Football), “The Gaffer’s” opinion on “soccer” should be totally disregarded! Yanks know nothing about Football!!

  12. The big Four ( my arse) will start to look over their shoulders. we must break this big four dominance and city are the only club who can do.
    And we have the most loyal supporters in the world.

  13. No doubt a typical “Big 4” fan content in the endless monotony of Man U/Chelsea/Liverpool/Arsenal which allows a monopoly via TV/European revenue, hence creating a greater divide between 4th and 5th. A divide City and, to a lesser extent, Spurs show signs of possibly breaking, thus creating the possibility that glory hunters like “The Gaffer” will see his team lose income and no longer be able to buy OMGSUPERSTARZ, forcing him to switch his allegiance to another team.

  14. Why did my last message not appear and I now notice that your inaccurate reporting has now been changed?! Its a right mess, maybe it not only city that has problems with their website?

  15. What an awfull article, how baised do you want to be lol. Do you really think that our websight having technical difficulties is news worthy.
    As for your points actuly regarding football they are laughable.

  16. If it’s not a real news story as you are criticizing him for… why are you all getting so upset about it?

  17. I see the yanky doodles still don’t grasp hold of any football knowledge or they wouldn’t write such drivel tut tut…..

  18. Just another sad scum loving prick. Get a life Gaffer!! We’ve had 33 years of that kind of bollocks we can take much much more. Bring it on. You’ ll soon be laughing on the other side of your face. City forever.

  19. So a website has problems on launch – happens every day of the week – and I know because that’s my job.

    Is it really a worthy news item? Must be a slow day at school.

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