Man City To Launch New Home Shirt With Rock Concert


Manchester City are scheduled to announce on Friday a one-of-a-kind concert to coincide with the launch of their new home football kit for the 2009-2010 season, according to an insider.

The event will be organized in conjunction with Umbro and is entitled “Live From City.” The concert will feature headliner Doves, while the opening acts will be Mike Pickering (doing a DJ set), Twisted Wheel, Kid British and The Answering Machine.

The concert is scheduled for July 17, 2009 in the east car park at the City of Manchester Stadium, the home of Manchester City.

As part of the marketing for the concert event, Manchester City fans can get a free ticket to the concert after they pre-order the new Manchester City shirt from

The city of Manchester has long been famous for its music and football tradition.

9 thoughts on “Man City To Launch New Home Shirt With Rock Concert”

  1. Looks like they have opted for an all City line up on the musical front. If United were to do somthing similar they would have to go for Chas and Dave, Blur and Status Quo.

  2. Hm, while what I’ve seen on the net the new shirts look fabulous – I won’t be going to the gig though, Doves are just so dreary – which is the same world I’d use to describe their City song.
    “liiiive f’Citeeeeeeh” he moans over a rejected Cbeebies tune.
    Sky have adopted it too haven’t they?

  3. Excellent news, I love the new shirt and now I get to see the Doves for free too!! Imagine the rags giving their fans something for nothing like this! Now wake up!

  4. this is what happens when you are a big club my friend. watch out big four. There is anew kid in town…..
    at the end end of the day the only way to challage the big four in this day and age is having the financial capabilty. simple.
    you just got to live with and roll with it.
    waited all my life.the biggest highlight for me was the FA Cup against Spurs and we lost.

  5. Oasis need to pull their finger out. Gutted. They play a free show to 40,000 people when a generator brakes down but they dont play for the good of City? Thats just crap if you ask me..

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