Rare Football Memorabilia Revealed From Sporting Auction

Bonhams auction house will be conducting an auction of rare football memorabilia this Wednesday in England, and some of the items available for bidding are incredible. Here are just a few of the items that caught my eye. Feel free to browse through the entire catalog to unearth other treasures.

1968 European Cup Final Postcard
1968 European Cup Final Postcard
1920-21 Burnley FC Commemorative Mug
1920-21 Burnley FC Commemorative Mug
1912 Blackburn Rovers Championship Medal
1934 FA Cup Final Programme: Portsmouth v Manchester City
1934 FA Cup Final Programme: Portsmouth v Manchester City
1929 FA Cup Final Programme: Bolton v Portsmouth
1929 FA Cup Final Programme: Bolton v Portsmouth
1886-1889 England Cap
1886-1889 England Cap

44 thoughts on “Rare Football Memorabilia Revealed From Sporting Auction”

  1. can you help me, I have a 1923 Bolton Wanderers v West Ham programme in good conditon, is it collectable. and i have a photograph of the man who bought it and attended the match. Hope to hear from you.

  2. Hi there,
    I have got an original signed photo of Danny Blanchflower in his villa kit shortly before he moved to Inter Milan. ( 1950s I believe). Just wondering how much it is probably worth. There are 5 other signed photos with it aswell in a proper photo sleeve. Look forward to your reply.

  3. Hi, i own a manchester united 1878-1978 centenary material wall hang with names of the immortal busby babes printed on the bottom also iv tried looking online to see if it may be worth anything but with no luck, i have pics i could send you if need be, many thanx

  4. I have 1nos of players Ticket for Carlisle AFC 1967-68 and 1nos players ticket for Port Vale 1970-71, are they worth anything?

  5. Can anyone help me, I have a hand made Pewter Tankard (stamped with ‘English Pewter made in Sheffield England’) On it is engraved ‘European cup winners 1977 & Legue Champions’ Details of the Liverpool team line up, manager, trainer, goals scored etc Immaculate condition and boxed. Any idea of value?

    1. I no its bin some time,since you asked about your tankard, i have one the same just onederd if you got any kind of reply.mine not in box but good condsion,but no if worth anything, could be for sale!!. if can call:07539216603.,.many thanks.john.,.

  6. i have a rare fixtures card 1923/24 for bury football club never been used very good condition any body interested please e.mail me at jelphick06@aol.com will get back to you as soon as possible thanks

  7. Dear All,
    I have a complete 1974 FKS World Cup Sticker Album. This is for sale if anyone is interested.
    07969 840935

    1. I had this 1974 Munich World Cup sticker album when I was a kid…unfortunately my evil ex wife kept it and won’t give it back. How much would you sell it for? I live In the U. S.
      Thank you,

  8. I have a Black & White, professionally printed large photograph, in a pine frame, of George Best playing for Fulham against Wolves in Division 2 in September 1976 at Craven Cottage. I was at the game and met George afterwards for his autograph, which he duly placed onto my Programme. I traced the above mentioned photo, taken at the match, bought a genuine copy of the programme, and displayed the autograph. I have these professionally mounted in the same frame. It looks fantastic. How much would it be worth?

      1. Hi there, yes I still have the cap. It belongs to my son and he is looking to sell it. We are just trying to find the best avenue to sell it.

        Are you interested in buying?

        Kind regards

  9. Hi everyone,

    I have a 1976-1977 Soccer Stars, Picture Stamp Album. Fully completed with all managers and players and in reasonably good condition. I had it when i was younger, but forgot all about it and found it just recently. Just wondering if anyone knew a value to this item. I have looked around on the web and pretty much everywhere else, but cant seem to find it. If you know a value for this item please do let me know :)


  10. hi,i have 1958 manchester united,bolton fa cup final (munich year) ashtray momento it has the clubs named embossed around the fa cup and i think is made of pewter or similar?oval in shape aprox 3inch long ,any idea of vaue? also 1951/52 season ticket book in great condition,cheers stan.

  11. Can anyone help me???

    My dad had a rememberence mirror for the Man U Munich air crash. It had all players that had died and survived written around it with some other things on it also.

    I am currently on the search for another one but unsure as to where to go.

    Can anyone have one for sale or direct me to one??



  12. have a 16 signature singed Chelsea record and sleve from 1972.Genuine as taken to the club by Peter Bonetti as he lived just down the road,Would like to know what it is worth,as may concider selling.
    David webb. peter osgood.alan harris.john phillips

  13. I have a Newton Heath (pre Manchester United) 1929-1930 runners up medal, 9ct solid gold hall marked with a players name. Was the manchester cup final and Newton Heath were runners up. Similar less know club medals are fetching £350 on ebay but I wondered with this being man united technically is it worth more.

  14. Hi My Granddad gave me a piece of United Memorabilia. Its
    the ‘Manchester United Season Ticket 1878 to 1978 Centenary Year’
    season ticket celebrating 100 years of Manchester United. Any
    interested in this? if not how much do you think I might get for
    this? Thanks people! My e-mail is coojiuk@hotmail.com.

  15. I have several autographed programmes. One is Tottenham Hotspurs verses Crewe Alexander which spurs won 13-2. It is autographed by all the players over their names. I have about 20 proghrammes in all, mostly autographed by spurs players between 1955 to 1962. I have 2 Tottenham yearly handbooks which are autographed by all the spurs players. I have Spurs V F A Select XI which is autographed by the F A players. I have 4 Tottenham v Russian opposition autographed by both sets of players. Others too. Do they have any value?

  16. Hi.
    My grandfather, name of Norman Higham, was a professional football player with Bolton, Middlesborough, Sothampton and finally Everton pre 2nd world war 2.
    I am looking for any photos, cards or other material on him.

    Can you help??

    1. hello

      As one of Southampton’s Official Historians, I am, this every day, in the process of editing a profile of your granddad for publication in the Official A-Z of Southampton FC 1885-2012. We have two pix – one of him at Middsboro and the one, that we’re likely to use in the A-Z, of him being greeted by Saints’ manager on 31.07.39.

      Might we exchange notes, do you think?


      David Bull
      Official Historian
      Southampton FC

  17. I have a football cap from the England vs France game in 1968 – 69. It is blue velvet with silver tassel. I have the all the details of who it belongs to and its history. Excellent condition. I am not looking to sell it but am wondering how much to insure it for. Can anyone help?

    kind regards

  18. hi can you help me? i have a barcelona football from 1999 which every player signed does anybody know if it is a collectable? or worth anything?


  19. have a book by JACKIE MILBURN Newcastle United F.C., Linfield and England. called golden goals ( illustated ) some great photos of the past in good condition. looking for offers

  20. Hello I have the following collectables and would welcome your opinions, valuations or offers.

    1. Autographs of the 1948 Manchester United FA Cup winning team
    2. Denis Law testimonial programme
    3. Denis Law back heel programme
    4. 1976 and 77 Fa Cup final programmes
    5. England v Poland 1973
    6 League Cup Final ticket stubs City v Wolves and City v Newcastle

    Many thanks


  21. Hi there,

    I have a small autograph book with signatures from the Liverpool team which I got in 1955 – Bily Liddell, Tommy Younger, Roy Saunders, Alan A’Court, Brian Jackson, John Molyneux, Louis Bimpson, Dick White, Laurie Hughes, Geoff Twentyman, John Evans, Tony Rowley, Alex South and Don Woan (?).

    Can anyone tell me if there is any value for it?

    Many thanks

  22. Im interested in any early FA cup final programmes, anyone have any for me to buy, personal collection, not for resale,

  23. i have three inscribed medals 2 from the calcutta football league dated 1929 and 1930 also one from the bon accord lge dated 1927 do these hold any value?

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