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Beginning today with my visit to the US National Team training camp here in Miami until the end of the Confederations Cup my focus of this website will be almost entirely on the US National Team. With a minimum of five matches over the next three and a half weeks, all of the critical nature, my coverage of emphasis on MLS, WPS and USL will be put on hold.

This next month, I aim to provide for this website the best (almost)daily coverage of the US National Team and its most important matches since being eliminated from World Cup 2006 three long years ago. When the national team plays in matches of this nature I will admit it is difficult for this writer to give the consideration needed to cover the club game as thoughtfully as I would like.

Please continue to come to MLS Talk for the best daily analysis of Major League Soccer and the other professional leagues in the United States over the next month. Peter C, Daniel Feuerstein, Mitch Howard, Brian Zygo and the rest of of our writing team.

Thanks for your continued readership and support. June 2009 will be a big month at MLS Talk.


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