Your 2009 UEFA Champions League Final Liveblog

Some years, it seems like the UEFA Champions League is one part football, four parts money and twelve parts hype. This year, however, the hype surrounding the Champions League Final certainly seems justified. Manchester United v. Barcelona. Champions of England v. Champions of Spain. Both clubs are goliaths. Both clubs have already won two domestic trophies. Both clubs have the biggest of the big-name players in football: Ronaldo, Messi, Rooney, Henry, etc. Both clubs have proven themselves to be champions this season.

Only one question remains: which club will top off their season with a European Cup? Will Barcelona’s potent attack prove unstoppable again, or will the Red Devils’ depth and defensive pressure win the day as it did in the semifinals a year ago?

I hope *cough* that all you American readers *cough* scheduled your doctor’s appointments for *cough* Wednesday afternoon. Once you’ve done that, bookmark this page and stop by tomorrow around 2:00 PM EDT for EPL Talk’s UEFA Champions League Final Liveblog. Then click here or the button below for the liveblog and join in our commentary as the big game unfolds. We might have drinking games. You wouldn’t want to miss out on that, now, would you?


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  1. I can’t wait to get sick around noon tomorrow and have to leave work. It’s the following my doctor to the pub just so I can get a diagnosis that troubles me. And everyone thinks healthcare is broken in this country?


    Commentators for ITV will be Clive Tyldesley and David Pleat, Martin Tyler and Andy Gray for Sky Sports, and Derek Rae and Tommy Smyth for ESPN.

  3. It’s going to be an exciting match, purely based on the attacking talents on display. Fergie’s organized team against the total football concept of Pep Guardiola. Team shape will be so important and who plays in defence for Barca equally important.

  4. For all Barcelona’s attacking brilliance, for all the oozing class of Messi, Henry and Eto’o, and for all the understandable hype about this being the ‘dream final’, it must never be forgotten that Barcelona should never have made it to Rome. It should have been anoher all-English between United and Chelsea, and it was only one referee’s ineptitude that robbed Hiddink and his charges of a deserved final berth.

  5. Who’s going to win ???? Is that a rhetorical question or what ??? For a side to win, they’ve got to score goals and Barcelone won’t get past United’s defence! … I mean they were lucky to get a goal against Chelsea’s … for the answer to the question, take a look at this!!!! …

  6. So now Barcelona will attempt to do what they FAILED to do at the 2006 Club World Cup. Good luck to Barca, but I doubt they will get past Gremio, Cruziero or Estudiantes in Abu Dhabi

  7. I love how the media in England has totally ignored the frivolous red card to Abidal or the clear missed PK call in the first leg. Yes the official was bad, and yes the Eto’o one at the very least was the PK, but Chelsea were getting those chances late because of an INCORRECT SENDING OFF.

    The chances Chelsea fans and Fleet Street complain about in their conspiracy talk all happened after the bogus sending off.

    I am so tired of hearing about. English fans need to stop playing the victim card everytime things go against them in international competitions of the national team variety or club variety.

    I love your country and your people, but you have a very unhealthy sense of entitlement when it comes to football. The pity of it is England would be the most likable competitive national side in Europe for an outsider if not for the constant whining and conspiracy talk.

  8. Are you Chelsea supporters still whinging while remaining blind to the slights that were made against Barcelona by the officials in their semi-final tie?

  9. Liverpool are the best team in England,i think thee table lied this year but what can you do?we can only imrove next season and no way can united get better.

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