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Is This Man United’s New Home Shirt For The 09/10 Season?

new man united home shirt 09 10 season Is This Man Uniteds New Home Shirt For The 09/10 Season?

new manchester united home shirt Is This Man Uniteds New Home Shirt For The 09/10 Season?

Two new photographs have been leaked of what is allegedly Manchester United’s new home shirt for the 09/10 season. Both designs featured in the images are quite similar. The major difference being the collar. But whether either of these photographs of the new home shirt is legitimate is unknown at this time.

What we do know is that the ‘V’ is supposed to be part of the design in honor of the first Manchester United team that played in a FA Cup, in 1909. The team that day wore an away shirt with the ‘V’ prominently displayed on the front of the shirts.

Which one do you think is real, if any? Click the comments link below and share your opinion.

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Source: Football Shirt Culture.

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52 Responses to Is This Man United’s New Home Shirt For The 09/10 Season?

  1. craig wood says:

    when does the new home kit go on sale

  2. Mohammed Yusuf says:

    This can not be correct, as AIG is no longer their sponsor.

  3. Rene says:

    No like. Black with Red = too fascist!

  4. bonga says:

    hahaahaha…..rubbish…..if it is the new kit, then it suxxx

  5. nick says:

    the new kits will be available while united are in asia

  6. mikeunited says:

    AIG is under contract with Man Utd through May 2010, so they will be the shirt sponsor next season. Unless the team finds someone this summer and lets AIG out of the current contract(HIGHLY UNLIKELY). If that is the new shirt, I can’t say that I like it.

  7. Squinn says:

    They are only getting an away kit so its fake

  8. Phil Hall says:

    The ‘V’ on the original 1909 cup final shirt (United’s first of a record 11 cup final wins) came down from the shoulders to the centre of the chest and was in red on a white shirt so this looks nothing like that. That shirt had a tie at the neck so if this design is intended to commemorate that particular shirt, then it’s a very poor attempt.

    United are dropping AIG as sponsors because AIG are in financial difficulties in the states and for one thing, can’t afford the sponsorship fee. United will be looking for their chief sponsor to come from Malaysia or another far East country to strengthen their links with that part of the world.

    United have played in the current red shirt for 2 seasons now and are due to change it for the start of the 2009/2010 season. They will change the away kit at the beginning of the season after next.

    The new home shirt will be unveiled at the beginning of the Asia tour before the start of next season, and will be in the shops a day or so after, although advance orders will be taken at the Old Trafford Megastore and on MUFC.COM some time before then. Unfortunately the advance orders will be placed while the exact design of the shirt is still a mystery. One benefit of placing an order before the shirt is released is that it will be delivered to the purchaser, via post, on the day of release.

    Hope that clears a few things up.

  9. madukah says:

    its no longer AIG as their sponsors but saudi telecoms, and its a white v not black

  10. Hugepdt says:

    seriously man, u not read phils comment.??AIG is the sponsor for next season-FACT. unless they pull out of the contract, which they wont because it will cost them more to do that. Don t mind the shirt actually.think it will grow on us. will look good with 4 stars over the crest in champs league games, COME ON UTD.

  11. William says:

    Red and black are the colours of anarchist groups, the CNT in spain would be a good example of this. Very un-fascists me thinks.

  12. mk says:

    this jersey is so fake!
    look at the quality, the fabric & the printing. rubbish fake, lets just all be patient ok?this discussion is useless

  13. ahmad zakaria says:

    what ever it is…………….it still manchester united…………
    we like………..

  14. Edward says:

    I don’t really like the look,but if it’s Man United I’ll support it 100%.I think this is probably a hoax.No matter,it’ll look great hoisting next season’s EPL trophy next season.

  15. didkshdisj says:

    Trust me the top red and black one is 100% authentic, let’s just say I’m involved in some way ;) photoshoot took place few days back, gna be unveiled 17 July officially

  16. osmani says:

    aig may have stopped sponsorship but man u have to use it for next year, you idiots, they have to find a new sponsor for 2010/11 season, everyone should know that

    i think it looks good, certainly very good compared to the horrible strange away kit with the strings on it, the other strange home kit wasn’t too bad…

  17. boratmufc4eva says:

    manu r changing sponsor ship next may
    but a think the “v” spoils the kit

  18. Zissu says:

    It’s looks ok..I guess.. the 07-09 jersey was much better but i dont mind this…AND YES AIG IS THE MAN U SPONSOR FOR 09-10 SEASON!!

  19. Andy Ramsden says:

    READ THIS!!!!!!!!!

    This is exactly what uniteds new kit looks like apart from the black line across the badge is white, and the sponsor is saudi telecom.

  20. Danny says:

    aon is the kit sponsor for 2009-2013!!!
    Aon is based in Chicago and specialises in reinsurance, which is the selling of insurance to other insurers
    the 2nd kit is just 2006′s kit with a v sown on they are both fake we wont have long to wait before we see the new one:D

  21. Fletcher Moss says:

    Although United have secured a new sponsor (AON), AIG will remain on the new shirt for next season.
    As for the team, they entered 5 competitions last season, won 3 and got to the semi-final and final of the others. Major changes needed? I don’t think so! In Ferguson we trust.

  22. SalfordRed says:

    I agree. The team is in great shape. Rio, Vidic, Ronaldo, Fletcher, Anderson, Rooney etc are all top quality. As for the future, Foster will be numer one soon, Rafael is class, Hargreaves is on his way back and Berbatov will come good.

  23. nathan lang says:

    i believe the white collared one is correct, and by the way Mohhamed, AIG is the sponsor for another year, then AON take over as new sponsors. AIG are struggling to make the final payment to manchester united and it is believed that American taxpayers will be paying the final payment

  24. nathan lang says:

    Berbatov won’t become good! he’s lazy and doesn’t have the heart to play for united! Tevez should be permanantly signed. he runs around like crazy putting pressure on the defenders, and thoroughly deserves to play ahead of berbatov

  25. Chris_Red says:

    We are being sponsored by AIG for one more season. Company called Aon are taking over then, so we are gona have a change by two letters! lol This new kit is alright, but would prefer to see somethin a bit more different. If this is genuine I will be buying it, as I do all of the tops, and I am sure it will grow on me!

  26. sean (100%unitedfan) tucker says:

    the top we wear is the top we ply in nd the top we win in C’MON UNITED !!!!

  27. manchester city owner to buy man united and close it down

  28. mufctreble99 says:

    i think the new shirt with white collar looks cool, the black ‘V’ is cool i like it also Utd’s new sponsorship two take ova from AIG is called Aon which is for 2010/2011 i saw it on utd’s official website today “Come on Utd”

  29. Eamann says:

    Man this top is sweet.I love it best top Utd have had in ages.It got a nice design and looks a good fit with nice sleeves an that.Ah yeah!!

  30. mark doherty says:

    what a state

  31. Anders says:

    The new kit is out the 17th of July..

  32. JAMES TABONE says:

    Hi my name is James Tabone..The home kit is awsome..great

  33. i8manu09 says:


    arsenal kit much better!!!!!

  34. cris says:

    the black collar shirt IS man utds kit for next season, check the man utd website, they’ve released blurred pictures of the kit until the release although u can still clearly see what it will look like

  35. TallFace says:

    Yeah, the first photo has to be the new kit.

    I Just got an email from Kitbag telling me they’re available for pre-order. There is a darkened photo of Mr. Rooney, arms out stretched, wearing it. After a little lightening in Photoshop it revealed the kit in the first photo above. I’d post it here but don’t know how.

  36. Dsalgado says:

    Got to agree with you TallFace. i also got that email. i think the jersey looks better then last years. i love the black V. im definately buying this one

  37. ross says:

    i think it is nice it has got 2 be better than the outher kits we hav had

  38. Shehzad says:

    omg it is the black collar one that will be our new home kit next season. google it and then go to the telegraph one. they have lightened the image of park ji sung sporting the shirt. it is so crap. im rele disappointed.

  39. jimmy m says:

    The top shirt with the black collar is the real manchester united home shirt, not the bottom one. My friend works for a company that is manufacturing some of these and he has shown me photographs. Personally im not sure whether i like it, and i am a UTD fan.

  40. teejay says:

    Wcheva jersey or sponsor wia using,we want 2 no in time cos AIG as bin a winning spree,so d new one shld nt b otherwise.

  41. luke hibbert says:

    the new home kit is brilliant the best 1 yet ha ha ha lol

  42. craig says:


  43. Man says:

    There you go. the official man utd kit



  46. I think man u to sign paul pogba from france and david silva , duoglas costa , mame biram diouf and alan teixera and cro giliano captain of brazil all this three players from bazil world cup under 20 ? thank u very much good bye???

  47. moe's says:

    i believe man utd remain the best.

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