What Next for Liverpool?

Liverpool have come close to the title this season and if it hadn’t been for some silly points dropped along the way could have been even closer to Man United at the top of the table. It is still possible that they can win, but it looks increasingly unlikely.

Benitez has built up a good squad and has some exceptional players in the team but what is next for Liverpool? What do they need to secure the title next year?

Going through their team they have some excellent players from front to back but their squad does lack the depth that the Man United one does for example. They have been linked with quite a few potential signings in the summer some of which would take the club forward and some which would be a step back. We of course don’t know which ones are true and which false so we can’t debate the choice of signings into much detail yet but we can comment on the speculation.

Gareth Barry has again been linked after Benitez failed to land him last summer. Barry seems keen to pull on a Liverpool shirt too, but I think this would be a poor signing for Liverpool. They already have Alonso and Mascherano in that position, both of whom I rate higher than Barry. Alonso is one of Liverpool’s key players and doesn’t get the credit he deserves.

Stewart Downing has been named as a potential target but this would not be a good signing for a club with aspirations of winning the league. The winger has not scored all year and hasn’t even particularly stuck out in a team fighting for relegation. There are better players at the club.

David Villa would be a phenomenal signing for Liverpool, and if he is willing to move to the Premiership then Liverpool would certainly be favourites to sign him. He would certainly add quality to the team and give Torres a run for his money to see who the fans love the most.

David Silva, who currently plays alongside Villa at Valencia, is another top quality player who would certainly add a bit of quality to the team. Plus with Valencia being in financial trouble both players could be available at knockdown prices.

If, and it is a big if, they sign Villa and Silva then the problem becomes who you play. Kuyt has had a fantastic season, you can’t drop Torres, Gerrard needs to slot in there, what about Riera and then there is Benayoun who has scored some very crucial goals for Liverpool recently.

I think Liverpool needs another top quality defender as cover for Skrtel and Agger plus if they can get rid of some of the fringe players who haven’t quite cut it and possibly bring in one of the quality players above then Liverpool have a fantastic chance of winning the title. They showed this year that they have the potential to last the distance but haven’t quite made it but with a couple more well placed signings could change that.

Written by Danny Watson, a professional sports writer who blogs about football news.

14 thoughts on “What Next for Liverpool?”

  1. “David Villa would be a phenomenal signing for Liverpool, and if he is willing to move to the Premiership then Liverpool would certainly be favourites to sign him”. Why? We are skint.

  2. To push on from this season, Liverpool will need to buy. For me, they need another striker. A more fox in the box type striker would be ideal, thats why David Villa would be tops on my list.
    A right winger should also feature on Rafa’s wish list. Though David Bentley has had a poor season with Spurs, I believe he is genuine quality and will definitely look very good in Liverpool red.
    With these signings and the players that Liverpool currently possess, we shall see if they can emulate the great Pool teams of the 70s and 80s.

  3. “what about Riera and then there is Benayoun”

    DEPTH. LFC lack bench depth to suit top class XI in any match.

    Frankly I’m 50-50 on Riera but both he and Yossi do what few other Liverpool wingers do. Attack head on. That means some lost possessions certainly but when they challenge and win, good options emerge.

  4. I like the idea of Barry in the midfield, as long as its not at the expense of Alonso. They need to have three quality central midfield players in case of suspension, injury, etc. Lucas is atrocious and should not see the field. Bringing in a world class striker the likes of Villa will only cause squad selection problems. They need a veteran striker that can poach a goal or two and play up top for the inevitable Torres injury and not bitch to the media about playing time. Could certainly bring in another quality left or right back, unless they feel Insua is the answer. I like Riera, but he might only be a squad depth player. Holding on to Agger is required unless they sign another center half. So, Barry, veteran striker and a winger/fullback.

  5. This was well and truly Liverpools year. United, Chelsea and Arsenal all performed terrible many times during the season and Liverpool had the chance to capture the title after such a long time of trailing the other teams and not being in contention for the title.

    If United or Chelsea go back to the form of the previous season and not have the problems that plagued them this year next year Liverpool will be back in their normal 3rd or 4th and a mile away from the title as usual.

    It’s unlucky United and Chelsea will have so many problems for another season and slip up so badly so Liverpool to me have blown their chance at a title for another few years.

  6. Let me rephrase that last paragraph:

    It’s unlikely United and Chelsea will have so many problems for another season and slip up so badly so Liverpool to me have blown their chance at a title for another few years.

    Edit button would be nice.

  7. I agree with on that Liverpool need to add top players to push harder next year but the diffrence between Liverpool and Manure is 6 points and they are simply very bad refs (bolton and blackburn games in the beging of the season and the spurs game if you can remember)

  8. Abdulla, please grow up. I’m so sick of Liverpool supporters blaming their team’s failure on the referees. Why can’t you be proud that your team did so well, congratulate the winners, and hope that your team does even better next year? You lack class – and your whining is exactly the reason why negative stereotypes exist about Pool supporters. Speaking for the rest of us, we’re tired of your whinging and your far-fetched excuses.

    Sometimes you get a gift from the ref and sometimes you get robbed, but it all works out over the long run. The idea that United are just lucky (or worse, there is some dark conspiracy to gift United the title every year) is ridiculous.

    United got some calls this year, but there were calls that went against them too. The same goes for Liverpool and every other team in the league.

    Your team fell short again. They weren’t good enough. They probably won’t be good enough next year either. Deal with it like a adult.

  9. Liverpool definatley need another quality striker, Tevez should be top of Rafa’s list. Although to save money, buy a winger and use Kuyt up top as he is now scoring more goals and always come into the centre anyway. Rather have Tevez though.
    I hope Alonso stays, one of the most under-rated players to appear in the Premiership – hes pure quality. Rumours of him leaving, Liverpool should do all they can to keep him but if not Barry is definately the best replacement as Lucas is nowhere near this level.
    Im liking Arbeloa in this more attacking full-back role but he needs to do his share of the defending also and track back, honestly would rather see Glen Johnson there though.
    Please, no Stewart Downing! completely no a top-premiership team player.
    But yes to David Silva alhthough Riera and Benyoun are capable of a role down the left.
    Hyypia looks to be going and rumours Agger is wanted by a host of top clubs, clearly the need for a new centre back for cover, maybe a young one such as Micah Richards i would like to see.
    Rafa should also play the likes of Plessis, Insua and teenage Daniel Pacheco who is meant to be one for the future. – more often.

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