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GolTV Renews Bundesliga TV Rights For Next 3 Seasons

goltv logo GolTV Renews Bundesliga TV Rights For Next 3 SeasonsGolTV has renewed the TV rights to showcase the Bundesliga for the next three seasons.

GolTV, who currently own the rights in the United States, will continue showing German league games for the 2009-2012 seasons. In addition to the TV rights, GolTV has acquired the Internet rights, too.

The deal will allow GolTV to show 2-4 live Bundesliga games a week, depending on schedules.

“We are getting a lot of requests, especially from fans of La Liga, but also from those asking for Bundesliga matches, to see more of the games live,” said Lombello, who notes in Multichannel News that Gol TV is considering sublicensing the matches to another carrier, or developing an Internet package. “When it comes to broadband, a lot of Hispanics are not there yet, and the quality is not the same as on TV. We are assessing our options.”

In the Multichannel News article, Lombello said Gol TV’s goal is to have a game plan for multiple match presentations in place for the kickoff of the new Bundesliga and La Liga seasons in late summer. “We’d like to make all of the games available. If not all of them, we want to three or four others live concurrent with the match airing on Gol TV, ” said Lombello.

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9 Responses to GolTV Renews Bundesliga TV Rights For Next 3 Seasons

  1. Double Pivot says:

    Thanks Chris.

    Hopefully this renewal will see them reinvest in the Bundesliga so we can see more than the Bayern game each week. Hopefully the Friday game will return and the new structure should allow for them to cover up to five live games, rather than 3 as is currently the max.

  2. diana says:

    DP, consider yourself lucky. While in the inital stages of this season there are three matches shown here (with the Friday action in the mix, except for once where it was the Rhur derby on a Friday before it was shown on delayed telecast)…now of late, two for each matchday.

    Alright, there is the weekly highlights programme… :P

  3. Stearling says:

    I wish DISH network would f*cking get a deal done so I can watch the Bundesliga again, this has been a sh*t year, especially with my boys at Hertha making a title run….damnit!

  4. Luke says:

    I’ll believe it when I see it with GOLTV. To me it is incomprehensible that they have completely eliminated live Saturday matches. And that had to be their own decision, as it was just randomly institued early in this season. It would be one thing if they were using that 9:30 EST block to promote La Liga coverage or something that is more “Hispanic”, but they fill that slot with their worst original broadcasting and often times, programs that promote EPL or Serie A teams!
    The Friday matches, I can understand–there are some real dogs in those Friday matches. But, often times that’s the only chance a Cologne or Bielefeld fan is going to get to see their team. They did show the Bayern-Hoffenheim match on a Friday in December, to their credit, and the match did not disappoint.
    It’s also an odd decision to cover the Coppa Italia and *not* the DFB Pokal. They could do a lot of great cross-promoting of their Bundesliga lineup by covering the Pokal, but instead, they do FSC’s Serie A promo advertising for them.
    I don’t trust them to even show the final matchday live if the title isn’t decided. And that kind of neglect is simply unacceptable. Maybe Wolfsburg will spare them the dilemma.
    DP: I will say this about their Bayern coverage: I do think that in large part this season, they were motivated to cover Bayern for the “American” angle re: Klinsmann’s staff and later, Donovan. They went away from Bayern almost entirely the last month or so of the 06-07 campaign when the fork was firmly planted in Bayern’s side, and that angle didn’t exist. And they made the right choice with these week’s coverage, though anybody that really cares, or receives texts from German friends, will be firmly planted in front of their computer 2 hours earlier.

    • Double Pivot says:

      I hope to find out more from them with an interview the Gaffer is trying to set up.

      I will ask if the delayed games have something to do with the west coast and how next year’s min 5 live games per week will play into their plan.

  5. alex says:

    Forget GOL=TV, if you have DISH you can watch excellent coverage on ProSiebenSat1 Welt They cover ALL of the matches simultaneously, yes it is in German, but it is the best Bundesliga coverage by far!

  6. Luke says:

    That’s true Alex, but an add-on package that requires a second dish is probably for die-hards only and isn’t going to reach a “new” audience. I think GOLTV has the power to do that to some degree, if they manage this thing right. I also think the “Konferenz” feed is an acquired taste. It’s actually a good thing in cases like this past Saturday, but most weeks, I would rather just see my team uninterrupted.

    DP: Good to hear that we will be hopefully hearing more directly from GOLTV here. I had hoped when they sent Kelly O’Donnell over to Germany to interact with the DFL production crews for the start of last season, that it was a sign of an expanding relationship, but it seems that they’ve put the Bundesliga more and more into the background since then. One question I’d have is whether we’re going to see the relegation playoffs on GOLTV. You’d think not, but they did cover the “Supercup” thing between Bayern and BVB which I hardly expected.

  7. Thank you for showing the “Bundesliga” Games live.
    I hope we get the Friday games.

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