Sneak Preview of New Arsenal Away Shirt


The Arsenal website has unveiled a sneak-peek of the new Arsenal away shirt for the 2009-10 season.

There had been rumors it would be green or white, but it will in fact be blue. In the picture on the Arsenal website (pictured above), a part of the kit has been revealed to show the blue color.

The shirt will be available for pre-order from the Arsenal website on May 21, 2009.

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What are your thoughts regarding Arsenal wearing the color blue as an away shirt? Click the comments link below and share your opinion.

17 thoughts on “Sneak Preview of New Arsenal Away Shirt”

  1. Im liking these. I like the blue and it looks like it has a collar. Will definitly be ordering one if it looks like i think it will.

  2. looks good.I liked the kit last time when it was blue and this one looks decent.Dont know if this is the actual away kit hope it is.

  3. It is the real one. I went to Arsenals site this morning and this message came up. So unless someone hacked the website it’s legit.

  4. the arsenal O2 blue kit was nice this one will be nice too and i am going to buy the kit come on you gunners

  5. it look nice…. i will defo buyin it as i buy arsealket every season..i dnt like this years yellow 1 i pofer the white 1 to b real……. but cum on arseal we can win the chapions leage this season

    fabigass and wallcott best 2 players

  6. It’s wicked!! I’m loving the blue…kinda reminds me of the pepsi shirt that cesc wears for the commercials! it’s quite a stunning colour – great way to build up anticipation by only revealing a teensy bit of the shirt!
    I think it’ll look great…one thing? the shirt gonna have stripes on it or something? x

  7. im the biggest arsenal supporter here, and i have all the kits since 2000, and by looking at this image, the kit looks preety gd. the piture isnt exactly brilliant, but its been a while since arsenal has had a blue kit. i think the yellow away kit this year, is horrible. so a blue colour would be a nice change.

    I have looked at other websites and it says that its going to be a green kit? i hope not, i hate green kits. not a greatest colour of all. i wud much rather have a blue kit, but anyway arsenal will play brilliant football in any colour.

    come on arsenal for the coming season!! 1st place!!!!

  8. are you guys stupid???..they have intentionally blocked out the strip fabregas is wearing in the pic on the arsenal website till the 21st may..just to keep you guessing..

  9. Biggest supporter here and kits since 2000!? And calv, not sure how much guessing is involved. You can see its blue and a collar, what more do you want?

  10. oi danny im the biggest arsenal fan here ive had all the kits since 1998 and all goalkeaper kits since 2000 so shut the f***k up

    appart from that i cant wait for the kit to come out

  11. Me personally, I don’t like it at all!!!!
    I’ve already seen the photos of this kit.
    Its Navy with baby blue thin stripes, with collars.

    Arsenal keep going backwards and its pi**ing me off.

    Why not Black, or a sexy blue like the old o2 one, something differant that stands out!

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