Take Me Out to the Ballgame – Week 6


Week 6 attendance was an improvement over last week.

This week’s nine matches averaged over 15,800, about 100 more than last year’s week 6 matches.

First place Chivas disappointed again, drawing only 14,611 with clear weather and 67 degrees. On the plus side, they are drawing about 2,000 more than last year through the first 4 home games.

After week 6 the numbers look like this…

2009 – Week 6: 15,873
2008 – Week 6: 15,769
2007 – Week 6: 14,450
2006 – Week 6: 13,990
2005 – Week 6: 12,029

TFC drew its usual 20,000+ twice this week and Seattle returned home to over 28,000. I am not one who will say the 2009 numbers are skewed by the Seattle attendance. The Sounders are part of the league and that’s all there is to say. They’re raising the bar for the rest of the teams.

Of the clubs that have played at least 3 home games, here are the attendance comparisons to 2008’s equal number of home games :

Chivas(4): +15.2%
Columbus(3): +8.2%
DC United(3): -24.4%
FC Dallas(3): -26.1%
Houston(3): -12.6%
Kansas City(3): +1.8%
Los Angeles(3): -18.1%
New Jersey(3): -18.2%
Real Salt Lake(3): -36.2%
San Jose(4): -9.7%
Toronto(4): +.6%

In week 6 ’08, RSL drew over 25,000 for the LA Beckham match. We shouldn’t see major deviations in KC or San Jose with their limited capacities or Toronto, who draw near capacity and will continue to do so with their club on top in the East.


Are the Red Bulls snake bit or just not that good. Just when they seemed to be righting the ship, they dropped 2 games this week, including a heartbreaker against DC United. Two goals after the 88th minute gave United the victory.

Over the years I’ve heard many commentators say that 2-0 is the most dangerous score and Chicago seems to embody that. Last week they blew a 2-0 lead and were drawn by KC and this week they turned the tables and came from 2-0 down to tie Columbus. Interestingly, both comebacks were on the road.

2 clubs remain winless, the Galaxy drew for the 4th time in 5 matches while Columbus drew with Chicago. Chicago is the only team without a loss. The Galaxy may be winless, but they’re not losing either. Are they really better than last year? After giving up more than 2 goals a game in ’08, the Gals are giving up 1.4 goals per game so far this season.

DC United defeated FCD in a Lamar Hunt US Open Cup match last week. Real Salt Lake visits Seattle on April 28th in the next MLS play in match.

5 thoughts on “Take Me Out to the Ballgame – Week 6”

  1. Warmer weather does help. The fair weather this weekend made people want to get out, even with NBA and NFL playoffs on TV and the wall to wall NFL draft coverage, not to mention MLB and NASCAR.

    Chicago is a team that seems to be able to turn it on and off. At times this season you could of as the man said drop them into the EPL and they would be mid-table, at other times they look like a second division club.

    With Seattle and TFC packing the crowds in and more good soccer markets coming on board soon maybe somebody in the MLS front office knows what they are doing. Not to mention a cash payment for Beckham. Give credit where credit is due.

  2. Seattle brings more than crowd numbers. I’ve been in Qwest Field for sold-out Seahawks games, and this is different. At Seahawks games, they actually USE the chairs, but at standing-only Sounder’s games it’s a waste of space.

  3. SI has good things to say about attendance in Seattle and the leagues over all popularity. Apparently mainstream media thinks something good is happening on the pitch in the States.

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