Champions League Final: Who Do You Want To See?

Manchester United and Arsenal both proceeded to the Champions League semi-finals last night after beating Porto and Villarreal respectively. Such is the dominance of English clubs in the semi-finals — for the third year in a row — that you can almost guarantee Michel Platini and Sepp Blatter will be expressing their disgust of the English monopoly.

But, for now, let’s enjoy the spectacle of who could be in the final. We know that one English team will be there, but what for you would be a dream final? Vote now.

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8 thoughts on “Champions League Final: Who Do You Want To See?”

  1. Arsenal v Barca. Zzzzzzzzzz, snoozefest, Barca only have reputation, same as all, non-UK teams in Europe. UK teams are the new order.

    If Real, Barca, AC Milan, Inter and Bayern where in the Premier League they would be mid table or fighting relegation. Leicester City could beat them…

    Flame on…

  2. Chelsea vs. Arsenal would be the most exciting game, but I’d also like to see the Blues revenge their loss from last year against Man U. Man U. vs. Barca would probably be the biggest draw tho, the top Spanish side vs. the top English side etc., so maybe the refs will be encouraged to let that happen.

  3. This years Champions League is just fantastic.

    Chelsea vs Barcelona is a dream match and if Chelsea don’t just turn it into a goal scoring match and focus on their defense a little they have a good opportunity of beating Barcelona. In fact I’m going to go out on a limb and predict Chelsea beat Barcelona.

    Arsenal vs United is another dream match in some ways. Arsenal is a good team with some pretty talented players and their way of playing football is exciting. Thing is if Arsenal get United riled theres no doubt United will bring the heat. It could turn into a real battle.

    Problem is with Arsenal’s counter attacking prowess and Manchester United missing both Owen Hargreaves and Wes Brown the two main guys who are capable of breaking down counter attacks. That match may just be a good team vs a team that is suffering from injuries.

    On the other hand I’d love to see United vs Barcelona.

    I think if United get Wes Brown back they can at least break down counter attacks more effctively.

    If United have no worries in the back they don’t need 10 players playing like they need to defend as well as attack.

    Take care of the back line on the United team and your talking about a team with its defensive confidence back and now focused on attacking their opponents.

    Now Barca and United going balls to the wall attacking would be something to behold.

    If United can get Wes Brown back a showdown against Barcelona would undoubtedly be a thrilling war.

  4. i wan a man utd – barcelona .. there are europe’s 2 most in-form team at the moment.. so best final i could think of.

    and to Pedro, the ONLY reason why english teams are at the top of the tier is because of MONEY .. and such an insult to teams like milan, madrid and barca, who had won more titles than all of the english teams put together .. heck chelsea, and arsenal won ZERO champs league ..even nottingham won it twice .. what a shame ..

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