John Utaka Launches Premier League Game Show In Nigeria

john-utakaIn another example of how popular the Premier League is worldwide, Portsmouth forward John Utaka is hosting a new game show in Nigeria entitled the “John Utaka Premier League Challenge TV Quiz show.”

The show was unveiled this past Friday in Lagos, and will run on most Nigerian TV stations.

The concept of the game is to challenge Nigerian soccer fans on their knowledge of the English Premier League. Contestants on the show get a chance to win 11 million Nigerian Naira (the equivalent of $73,000) if they can successful answer 11 consecutive Premier League-related questions. Other prizes include all expense paid trips to watch Premier League matches in the UK as well as signed Premier League memorabilia.

Production will be shot in Nigeria and England.

Nigerian international John Utaka is always a joy to watch on the pitch. His dribbling skills are incredible but he sometimes misses that final all important touch.

The idea of a game show is brilliant. Makes you wonder why other countries around the world aren’t trying a similar concept to capitalize on the interest of the league.

14 thoughts on “John Utaka Launches Premier League Game Show In Nigeria”

  1. I guess this is what you do when you’re not good enough to get in the team. He has speed, dribbles too much, and refuses to pass to his teammates to advance the ball. Other than that, he’s a quality player.

    Oh yeah, he also said he was moving to Turkey during the January transfer window, and that most of the team was leaving Portsmouth. I guess not.

  2. Please i’m highly interested in the John Utaka TV game quiz, i will like to know when the program will debut and how i can be a part of the program.

  3. thumbs up for utaka for bringing such game to nigeria. that will make us more enlightin in epl, how can i get into the game bcos i am an epl fan especially Man united.

  4. kudos to a good job well done.but your stage setting have lots of similarities to that of who wants to be a millionian show.though i don’t know the relationship
    between the two games show.
    for such a network TV show it require a different skill set,but demand the same level of care and perception.
    on this note i think i have to tell you our motive ,we can provide you a skill set from your initial concept through construction and installation

    thank you for reading these

  5. Beautiful thinking and I think it will fly. And from the last comment, make if differ from what we have been seeing.
    expect more and thanx for reading this.

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