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New 09/10 Arsenal Away Shirt: Design Mockups

arsenal0910awaymaincopyrs5 New 09/10 Arsenal Away Shirt: Design Mockupsarsenalaway0910mockupxw2 New 09/10 Arsenal Away Shirt: Design Mockups

Arsenal’s new away shirt for the 2009/2010 season will reportedly be hunter green, reminscent of their away shirt from the 1982-83 season. Manufactured by Nike, here are two design mockups of what the shirts may look like courtesy of Football Shirts and designer Whitey.

The design mockups show two possibilities. One, a more modern design. And the other one more contemporary.

What do you think of the new designs?

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100 Responses to New 09/10 Arsenal Away Shirt: Design Mockups

  1. yun_da_t says:

    These mock ups are boring and look simila;r to the mock ups of the white awya shirt 2 seasons ago. They colours have just been replaced that’s all. Pretty rubbish if you ask me. The 1st photo loks alot better thought with a white strips half way down the shirt. But better wait for something more concrete.

  2. joe says:

    I can guarantee you that this is not our away kit next season, it will white and blue….

  3. yun_da_t says:

    White and blue? How do you know that Joe? As in white like the away kit of last seaosn with blue trimmings?

  4. vvhitey says:

    Hi, I created these mockups based on a description I was given the first one is made from the new Indonesia Nike 09/10 shirt so the design will more than likely be the design used when it comes to production. The second is just a simple recolour and slight change on this seasons design. Thanks for posting my images as all I aimed to do was to give people a better idea of what the shirt may look like based on a description I was told.
    Thanks again
    Jason White

  5. KeviN says:

    i think Arsenal should have a completely white kit….in the style of Real Madrid hihi
    It could be great

  6. shkumbini says:

    the most beautiful away kid was a yellow one.we were too good with that kid,and we really looked good and big in that.

  7. lenny says:

    its crap looking

  8. ArthurArseGooner says:

    they wont be green, i heard theyll be yellow and blue again and a 3rd shirt will be blue.

  9. ArthurArseGooner says:

    arsenal never release theytre information this early and the site doesnt provide a source. it is all hear-say. my source is from the club. yellow with blue and a 3rd blue, remember that.

  10. 26may1989 says:

    I don’t care what the others say, this looks excellent. I loved the green kit in 1982, and I’d love it in 2009. I might even buy one, assuming something like this really does happen.

  11. goonerboy says:

    this jersey is TOO adebayor. Hopefully he’ll play better in his favourite colour?

  12. Dar says:

    I can’t imagine any of the Arsenal players…Cesc, Clichy, Rosicky, Sagna, Theo….in such crup.

  13. Ant1 Gooner says:

    Joe: White and Blue!!! don’t be a c*ckend!!!! That will never happen as it will look like Spurs kit!!!!

  14. billy says:

    The colours that we wear play a major role in our performance. Maybe green would kill the jinx that is a the emirates. We have not perfomed on this pitch. It might just exorcise the bad lack hovering around.
    I like it personally.

  15. yankee gunner says:

    these are shit. white with burgundy (2005 home kit) sleeves would be class

  16. yankee gunner says:

    * with white shorts, brugundy socks. soooo tight. just a fly ass lookin away kit

  17. ArthurArseGooner says:

    the people here must be recent fans because theyre asking for white kits. so we can look likes the spuds? yeah thanks for sticking to tradition. the classic is yellow and blue my friends. dont disgrace yourselves.

  18. martin says:

    We are red shirts white sleeves,home, away yellow /blue, fact ,stop messing around with our club

  19. AVJoe says:

    I’ve heard that it we will be going back to an all blue away kit, somewhere inbetween the 02/03 and the 04/05 kits. I think if that materialises it could be great. My fave away kits are the yellow or blue ones, and seeing as we had a predominantly yellow one this season, smart money would be on a blue one.

  20. billy_the_fish says:

    Do you remember ManYoo changing their grey away kit coz they couldn’t pick each other out on the pitch a few years ago? This kit will be a lot worse, if it ever happens. There IS a reason why clubs generally stay clear of green kits. At least it might make us harder to mark as the guys will all be invisible!

  21. joe says:

    i think its ok dont like the couler is very bad coler to use 4 a way
    good 4 home

  22. shamear says:

    i’ve seen arsenal away kit its main colour is blue and the accent colour is white and it has a massive v on it standing for victory. other teams like man u will have it aswell. to see man utd kit copy the following link

  23. gooner says:

    if the arsenal away strip is green, wil it definitely hav blue sleeves or is dat jus a guess??


  24. van arsene says:

    i always behind Arsenalclub.Go ARSENAL..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “sekali melangkah kedepan pantang tuk mundur”

  25. savio says:

    Green to me looks so smart. Personally, its my favorite color. C’mon guys Arsenal need a change in their forune. Mayb Green. So Go Arsenal. go Green. Save the Earth, destroy all others.

  26. Mike says:

    I think this mock up is the mutts, simple no dodgy trims. I think the home strip should follow the lead red body and white sleeves bea-tif-ful.

  27. gooner win CL says:

    If this is the new away shirt, I will buy it. These are my two favorite colors and I designed a shirt very similar when I created a team on FIFA.

  28. kelzz says:

    i think it kl but i hate the whitey bit

  29. TheDOB says:

    If the following link is anything to go by, the design is not far off. I found images on a China Wholesale website, and since all this stuff is made there…—Short-Kit-GZZQH303-_p48145.html

  30. czech republik dom says:

    this ist cool dresy .sorry ale neumim anglicky sem cech takze smula ale ty dresy sou sice dobre ale k e gunners se nehodijou.

  31. Rikki says:

    Whoever suggested blue and white needs to move to the crap side of North London and leave us original red and whites to savour decent football!
    As for this proposed dodgey blue and green effort, someone only needs to write carlsberg on it and buy a silly scoucer wig, if one was ever stupid enough to want to wear it!

    Gooners forever!

  32. gary says:

    looking good it is very different 4/5

    gooners :)

  33. herdsman says:

    The green and blue away strip in the early 80′s was a direct result of our then new sponsorship with JVC. For the first year of that deal Arsenal wore the colours which were the company colours of the japanese firm. There is no earthly reason why we should return to those colours, and in fact we should only ever wear yellow and blue as 2nd choice. Anybody who thinks otherwise does not understand the traditions and heritage that makes arsenal THE arsenal. Like the white kit of the other season, designed ‘to look good with jeans’ allegedly, any other colours are simply designed to milk the fans. You pays your money and you takes your choice, but red/white and yellow/blue is how it should always be. She wore a yellow ribbon and she will always wear a yellow ribbon.



  35. G says:

    Next season’s away kit is blue – a relative has just been in a meeting about it with Nike. He said it’s ghastly and is close to Chelsea’s colour in terms of shade.

  36. Jay says:

    Arsenal Should just stick with tradition…
    Home kit should always be Red and white and the Away kit should be Yellow and blue.

    Maybe different styles… but keep the same colours

  37. cesar says:

    this is out by the way in asia
    i bout it when i was in lahore (pakistan) its real nice.
    i aslo got a gold one which is the same as the yellow 08/09 away, which wont be released in uk i think.
    so on a serious note the green top will be out i think in summer and again its proper nice.

  38. cesar says:


  39. bowdy says:

    arsenal success and tradition says that we should be wearing yellow and blue as our away shirt, i welcome green as 3rd shirt as the likely hood of us wearing it on regular basis is small!!

  40. don says:

    i dnt like dis new 09/010 kit yeh dey better change it to sumtin else or jus leave da way it isz

  41. Richard says:

    Stupid Gooners.

  42. tom says:

    firstly cesar – the gold top u got is a fake, arsenal dont ‘make’ tops that arent realeased in the uk – idiot.

    joe: we aint going to wear white and blue, thats spurs colours.

    billy – what kinx do we have at ashburton grove – if i remember, we have only lost there 3 times? its an away kit so we are hardly going to wear it at home.

    well done ‘arsenal fans’

  43. jamie says:

    just to let everyone no its going to be blue

  44. Paul says:

    the new away kit will be blue with thin white stripes, go to the arsenal website and an image will come up with fabregas all in black apart from around the badge area, it shows the badge and blue shirt with white stripes, it will NOT be green.

  45. amar says:

    btw iv seen it n its gonan be black with white strips goin down it

  46. george says:

    On the arsenal website can register to exclusive pics. From i can see the kit looks blue not green there is only a small bit visible but blue is better than green

  47. goon! says:

    i reckon the next away kit is goin 2 b blue…..

  48. eme009 says:

    this is nice,i do hope for more goals from this kit.

  49. namith says:

    Hideous no other words for it just hideous

  50. guesty2009 says:

    lovevin it

  51. kev m says:

    Its still Nike rubbish. If we are going retro let’s go all the way and have a quality made kit by Adidas or Umbro. Also let get rid of the ” George at Asda” inspired home kit. Arsenal home kits are Red with White sleeves thats it.
    Oh and red socks too.

  52. lala~ says:

    i think,players from others club don’t want to change their’s jersey with this jersey.

  53. imran says:

    GREEN naa i want all black as manu liverpool n cheslea had it n it look gud if not black blue or white not green i rither hve white n look stupied like spurs do.

    i live in ipswich support arsenal n ipswich but im happy tht norwich r gone haha scum

  54. ETHERS BOI says:

    Nice shirt well done you GUNNERS!!!!!!!!!!

  55. joel says:

    rubish change it please or i will change clujb its horrible it beat no be the proper one joe

  56. Gunner says:

    The away kit is mainly navy blue with a bit of green (not sure where), and the third kit is whit with grey shorts. My girlfriend works in the arsenal shop and her manager has seen them so i know.

  57. ars fanaTic says:


  58. jimmy says:

    thiss is a shockin awayin kit we need somethin more attractive lookin kit

  59. stacy duval says:

    i think the new arsenal kit is amazing !!!! i love it a change for once thank you and its like marmite people hate it. People love it. nice one arsene wenger =) wheres the keepers kit???

  60. scouser says:

    i hate arsenal, i think they r bull crap

  61. tim says:

    there is a 50/50 chance of it being green it will be blue

  62. ChapaccinoLilywhite says:

    Wow Joel, you are a true fan aint ya? Change it or I will change clubs? What a c**k!
    I am a Spurs fan, and quite frankly I think your new kit is nice, I think it’s not marmite because I don’t love it or hate it but when I saw it I could picture your players init, no matter how scummy they are!
    By the way, anyone know anything at all about the new Spurs kits as I have heard nothing except Puma may be changed to Under Armour and Mansion to HSBC but these are just rumours, so if anyone knows anything, not stupid lies but facts, please tell me :)
    Cheers people :)

  63. mohamed says:

    nooooooooooo that is so ugly

  64. fabtastic gunners says:

    Wat??? Green?? OMG!!! No way man.. That would be the ugliest arsenal’s kit!! =’(

  65. fabtastic gunners says:

    Confirm!! the 1st picture is 09/10 arsenal’s away kit but a little bit darker than that. i would be happy with that because both Man u’s kit worst ever man. u guys should watch t. haha..

  66. Jo says:

    Looks like the arsenal marketing gurus were sitting around a plain white shirt thinking of ideas when one of them inadvertently sneezed and walah! The Arsenal 09/10 kit.

  67. hally says:

    if the new shirts green i definately wont b buying it

  68. Shakira says:

    This is one ugly kit. What the marketers were thinking I have no idea.

  69. James says:


  70. Rick says:

    Thank god its not real. The only time we’ve ever had a green shirt was 82-83 in honour of the number of irish players in the Arsenal squad at the time. Being that we have no Irish players in the first squad I doubt they will go with thia option. Next seasons away top will be blue.

  71. imran says:

    this is not arsenal away kit its blue with white thin stripes is on the arsenal web site it look 100 times beta thn this 1

    thank god we ant goin to look like idoit with green

  72. Andrei Arshavin says:

    i am currently playin for Arsenal football club and enjoyin evry moment as u kno i scored 4 goals against liverpoooo and by the man utd very luky if uask me i was cup tied agains dem luky bastards but i gurantee u lot the next years kkit is blue all BLUE ,BLUE SHIRTS AND BABY BLUE LINE GOIN THROUGH IT I LIKE IT A LOT VERY COMPORTABLE thnx to all my fans nxt season hold tight -1- ur sincerly Andrei Arshavin 23

  73. Elton says:

    blue and white? it’s chelsea now? f**k you chelsea

  74. bob says:

    It is crap !!!

  75. Rabs says:

    Apparently, the blue and white arsenal strip JOE was talking about is arsenals 3rd strip, where this green one IS arsenals new awy kit

  76. Busari Abdul-rasheed Adewale says:

    I appreciate the new Jersey

  77. xhfodib says:

    the arsenjal kit is blue with buttons (polo)

  78. Jorgen29 says:

    Man!! You where not even close off what it suposed to look like!

    I have seen the REAL new yersey and its hidious!!

  79. Polly says:

    Blue n White???
    Y would we wanna look like Spurs??

  80. Polly says:

    Ignore that last comment!
    Cos I meant White with Blue in response to Joe, Yun_da_t and Kevin’s comment

  81. Mr CED says:

    The shirt is beautiful but i don’t like the colour

  82. Alex charalambous says:

    i love the memoires but i hate green!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  83. KIRAN says:

    DUDE …the actual away kit is put up in…………..who designed this one??????colour combination is horrible

  84. life time gunner says:

    thats a wicked kit i want one now!!! that green kit looks cool!!!

  85. Fabrigas says:

    yeah i know im fabrigas
    id just like two say i love the new kit its so comfiterble and greens my fav couler.You should try it on you can buy it from my web page.

    this web page is wiked.

    i love my fans

    one last thing if theres any man u fans reading this then UR GAY!

    yours sensirly fabregas

  86. Frank lampard says:

    hi even when i am Chelsea player i say that’s one horrible shirt and thats one of the horrible work i ever saw.

  87. ivanco says:

    navivam za arsenal zatoa sto se najdobri

  88. ronaldo says:

    real madriddd is the best arsenal sucksssssssssssss

  89. one gunners says:

    what a beautiful jersey……wow…

  90. jackie wilshere says:

    i live in toronto and i found this kit in a store the other day. it was the only one i’ve ever seen, and only one in toronto ive seen. i snatched it up for $70, much less than a kit usually costs. when i was asking the guy who owns the store about it, explaining there were rumors about this green kit being the 09/10 away kit, but in the end arsenal officially announced the blue and white pinstripes for away / 3rd kit respectively, he said arsenal would wear the green kit for special occasion games. which i think is malarky.
    emirates cup maybe? anyone?….

  91. woodzy (Arsenal Fan) says:

    Dissapointed about the top but it wont stop us winning anything next season howay the Gunners!!

  92. yus_the gunnerz says:

    whatever the jersey is….we must keep our faith on arsenal!!!

  93. jermaine says:


  94. joss says:

    wow its a nice one.even man u fan will eventually buy them

  95. p 4 arsenal says:

    I think this new jersey is amazing. although it is not the real 09/10 jersey. visit this link to watch a short video on it:

    this is the real kit and it nice but, personally, i think the one pictured above is better. we ned a chane in colours!

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