Selling Robbie Keane Could Be a Huge Mistake for Liverpool


Having only scored five goals in the league and two in the Champions League, you might not think that letting Robbie Keane re-sign for Tottenham would be a particularly bad decision for Liverpool.

But the Anfield staff and board should ask themselves this: what happens if Fernando Torres gets injured again? Would Dirk Kuyt or David Ngog really be good enough up front? And if Kuyt was chosen to play in Torres’ position, who would fill his place on the right-hand side of midfield?

Liverpool may be picking up a healthy sum of money for Keane, and letting go a player who has never really hit the heights for them on the pitch, but the fact of the matter is that, if Torres picks up another lengthy injury, Liverpool’s season will be over.

If Keane stayed at the club, he would be able to play up-front on his own if that situation came around again. Although playing the lone striker is not the Irishman’s favourite position, he did the job well enough earlier this season when Torres was indeed injured.

Liverpool won against Chelsea away with Keane in that position, and the club’s overall title push did not suffer too much while the strike force was in that predicament.

Yes, during that time Liverpool should have beaten the likes of Stoke, Fulham and West Ham at Anfield when they only drew, and of course Torres would have provided an extra spark in those matches, but for someone who does not like playing up-front alone, Keane performed pretty well in the position.

I was at Anfield on Boxing Day when Keane fired a double against Bolton Wanderers when Liverpool won 3-0, and in that match he showed how well he can perform when plays up-front with a partner as well – in that case it was Dirk Kuyt in a 4-4-2 formation.

Everybody knows that Keane has been struggling in front of goal for a lot of this season, but Benitez’s decisions have hardly helped him. When Keane scored a brilliant goal against Arsenal at the Emirates just before Christmas, and then followed it up with another two against Bolton at Anfield on Boxing Day, Benitez dropped him for the next game at Newcastle. A great lot of good that would have done for his confidence.

Keane is a player who thrives on confidence and sharpness, so to be in and out of the team really set him back.

I am in no way saying that Keane has played well for Liverpool for the majority of the time, but just that he showed glimpses of what a good player he is when he started to gain confidence and score goals.

So if Torres picks up another length injury, which is not too unlikely after he has pulled his hamstring three times already this season, there will be no Keane to fill his place and do a professional job,  and  hold the ball up for the likes of Gerrard and Riera.

Benitez and his staff will regret the transfer then, and how horrible it would be for Liverpool if Keane ruined their hopes for the title on the last day of the season at Anfield. That’s a date for your diaries.

15 thoughts on “Selling Robbie Keane Could Be a Huge Mistake for Liverpool”

  1. True.. Liverpool made a blunder here and it could cost them the title charge.. But I think there was a lot going under the shirt at Liverpool and Keane was allowed to go only because it was an unworkable situation. If u ask me, I would have let Keane go early enough to have enough time to buy a capable replacement.

  2. The transfer is an embarrassment. Keane was given a fair chance to settle in, Liverpool are left with few striking options, and to top it, Liverpool eat an 8 million pound loss on what was effectively a 6-month loan.

    I'm hope Benitez will provide some explanation because it seems like a royal f*ck up to me.

  3. Rafa entered in a pissing contest with the board and owners. He wants control of the transfers, and by continually stiffing Keane, he showed that if a player was brought in against his wishes, he would simply not play him.

    Rafa wanted Barry as his signing. Allegedly he was told that the Keane signing would have no affect on the former. (Honestly, the Keane signing made 10 times more sense to me than the Barry signing, especially since Liverpool have Mascherano, need to spend 20mil. on a player who would be used in the rotation).

    I think Rafa's preferred system (4-2-3-1) make it difficult to really lure a top class striker to Liverpool to simply sit on the bench. Torres is top class, and there's probably less than 5 strikers in the world who would give him a serious challenge for starting time. Rafa showed an unwillingness to be flexible with his tactics, and Keane suffered for it.

  4. I'm absolutely livid! This is the most stupid move I've ever seen. You don't buy a proven premiership striker for 20 + million, play him out of position and leave him on the bench, then sell him for a 10 mil loss. How stupid is that??? Keane scored 3 goals in his last 3 starts and was just starting to adapt before he was unexpliccably dropped! Rafa is a fool – a stubborn fool – and we will never win the league with him. He did the same thing with Crouch – buys a player, destroys their confidence, then dumps them before giving them a proper chance. Keane is a liverpool fan – this was his dream move – he should have waited Rafa out. I'm bitterly disappointed! And we didn't get a replacement – we're now a striker short and if something happens to Torres we are screwed. Keane was better than Kuyt and Babel put together up front. RAFA IS AN ABSOLUTE FOOL! THIS WAS REALLY STUPID!

  5. A huge mistake for buying him before…. and now as huge mistake to let him go… then,a huge mistake for this and for that later… out from liverpool long ur guys been watching Football?

  6. keane just couldnt perform in liverpool but without him liverpool will not facing problem even if torres is injured, ngog and babel are able to play as strikers.

  7. “keane just couldnt perform in liverpool but without him liverpool will not facing problem even if torres is injured, ngog and babel are able to play as strikers.”

    Capable, yes. But proven? Hardly.

    Like I said, Liverpool's biggest problem pre Torres was the fact that they had only one real match winner, and that was Gerrard. If either Torres is out, Liverpool will have a very tough time keeping up with Man U.

    I still don't believe that Rafa ever wanted Keane in the first place.

    And I do agree, he was foolish to drop the man. Even when he wasn't scoring, he was playing pretty well. Liverpool were top of the table, etc.

  8. Benayoun is a very viable option to play on the right wing. Moving Kuyt to the middle if Torres is to get injured…..well, I'd take him there over playing him on the right. He's a helluva worker and would create some space for Gerrard playing in behind him. I still wonder how Kuyt scored so many goals in Holland….are the nets bigger?? :) Just joking!

  9. eplmatches, you have not seen Kuyt's form lately, or watched him as the lone striker in the couple matches he's had that role. We have depth in “strikers,” but we do not have depth in quality strikers. Kuyt does not have the skill, aerial ability, or pace to operate as the lone man up top. Keane at least had pace and technical ability; all Kuyt does is work hard. This hard work has created some fine opportunities in the past, but right now he's floundering. If Torres should go down or be unavailable, I think Liverpool have to switch to two strikers. Who those two strikers would be remains to be seen, but I don't think one up top is as effective without Torres. The relationship between Torres and Gerrard works because it's reciprocal, and without one of those cogs the system changes dramatically.

  10. Rafa the bin man has just waved bye bye to the title. Mike Riley was Liverpools best player on Sunday, good job only Manchester United get dodgy decisions isn't it.
    Does Steven Gerrard have to shoot someone to get sent off?

  11. Bobbins, he was magnicficent up to Xmas and then the binman drops him.

    Liverpools loss, will come home to haunt them on the last day of the season as they desperately try to win to finish 4th.

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